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Why Can My College Keep My Transcript Hostage? – Kimberly


“Dear Steve, I seen a question that a guy asked you about owing a college and them holding his transcripts. I am in the same boat. I owe a private college in nyc a little less than 7,000 and I got my Associates Degree, I want to go get my Bachelors but its holding me back because I can not ... Read More »

    Can I Really Get My Co-Signer ReleasedFrom My Sallie Mae Loan? – Robert

    Moving Up

    “Dear Steve, I have about $25K in private student loan debt from Sallie Mae, I have been making payments since 2008, always on time. My mother is the co-signer, she is retiring soon and would like her name removed from being the co-signer or for me to pay it off….unfortunately I do not have the money to pay it off, ... Read More »

      Can I Be Sued For My Debt If I’m Disabled? – Remonica

      Smiling Disabled Senior Woman In Wheelchair

      “Dear Steve, I was working pay my credit card bill then I got sick and wasn’t able to go back to work now I get disability and now they have taken me to court. I was wondering if they could garnish my check. Remonica” Don’t miss our free Get Out of Debt – “How To” Guide Series on a number ... Read More »

        Coyle White Devine Solicitors is Trying to Collect My Dubai Debt in the UK. – Robbi

        Uk Law

        “Hi Jon. Debt in Dubai I am sure you have heard many. I am in a situation that for 2 years I have had to fight all the collection agencies, banks abusing me and threatening me here in the UK whilst trying to pay my debt off. I owe nearly £80,000 a lot and I do not think I will ... Read More »

          Can They Garnish My Wages in Pennsylvania for Student Loans? – Inez

          Student Loans Concept

          “Dear Steve, My private student loan from Chase went into default. I worked part-time just above minimum wage while in school. When I tried to get further deferrment they told me I did not make enough payments to qualify. I continued to make payments, though under the minimum. I never received a call from the new department concerning this 3rd ... Read More »

            Debt Got You Down? Read This and Get Back Up.

            Better Days, Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Copy Room Over The

            Dealing with debt worries and stress can make you feel like your life is dark, hopeless and not worth facing another day. And while you feel that way, it’s not reality. I wish I had a magic wand to make you see the way forward but for some reason people feel compelled to make all sorts of the same mistakes ... Read More »

              Legal Help Group Advisors – Consumer Complaint – August 19, 2014

              customer service feedback

              Consumer Statement: Received a postcard int the mail from Legal Group Help Advisors and we too paid a fee to a legal trust for help with a modification for our mortgage. From the initial call I made they would call almost daily to get information documents, etc. This all began in February of 2014 and since receiving the money they ... Read More »

                Legal Help Group – Consumer Complaint – August 19, 2014

                customer service feedback

                Consumer Statement: We were pretty excited when we first talked to Sabrina about a Home Mod. They could help us, this was in Aug 2013. They wanted $3900.00 to help us we told them we did not have the money but were up to date on our current morg. They encouraged us to miss three payments then we could afford ... Read More »

                  TransUnion Won’t Report My Accounts Correctly That Were in My Bankruptcy

                  credit good

                  “Dear Steve, I filed bankruptcy and my creditors are still reporting delinquent debts. Chapter 7 bk filed on 9/18/2010. Trans Union are reporting all of these account w/ delinquency after my filing. Its very frustrating I have disputing this for over 5 years! I have never been w/ any of my accounts before my filing date. Trans Union even put ... Read More »

                    Will My Social Security Be Garnished for My Student Loans? – Ruth

                    Sagging Economy

                    “Dear Steve, After graduating from college with approximately $150,000 in student loan debt I worked in my field for 9 years all the while faithfully paying about 50% of my income to repay my student loan debt. After 9 years I found myself unemployed and then underemployed. I am currently repaying on an income-based plan. This monthly payment does not ... Read More »