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Have You Seen the USOBA Code of Ethics? You Need To.

I saw a press release sent out by Debt Shield, a Maryland based debt settlement company. In the press release they brag about just having achieved the “coveted TASC and USOBA accreditations.”

What made me laugh at first was the quote “”Accreditation sets Debt Shield even further apart from our competition by highlighting what we have always known- that Debt Shield is one of the most responsible and reputable debt settlement companies in the country,” (source) said Debt Shield Founder and CEO Phil Fewster.” How can two people be quoted saying the same thing? Was it said in unison?

So Debt Shield goes on to brag, “Accreditation involves an internal audit process certifying that Debt Shield’s business procedures adhere to the industry’s best practices as defined by TASC and USOBA. Debt Shield was determined by an independent company to be compliant with both TASC and USOBA standards and codes.” - Source

Okay, that seems clear enough. And then they link to the standards they have finally been able to uphold “highest levels of integrity at all times.”

So here are the USOBA Code of Ethics they have managed to achieve. – Source

Have You Seen the USOBA Code of Ethics? You Need To.

Seriously! The USOBA standards are you have to pledge to lobby the government, support USOBA members, promote legislation (but USOBA is fighting most legislation), uphold the USOBA logo and name, and attend conferences. That’s not a code of ethics, those are marching orders.

Now the TASC standards at least read better. Here they are. I’ve got to hand it to TASC for putting together standards that at least read well and appear to actually cover the business practices and operations of member companies.

Have You Seen the USOBA Code of Ethics? You Need To.
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Have You Seen the USOBA Code of Ethics? You Need To. by

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