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Pay Less For You Next Night On The Town!

Ever want to go out on a great date night, maybe dinner and a movie, but just didn’t have enough money to do it up big? Well here’s a few quick tips on how you can save money on your date nights and still have a great time. offers gift certificates for local restaurants at discounted prices, making meals out a little more affordable than before. Below you will see what a search result will bring up after inputing your zip code. For this example I used a local Raleigh, NC zip code so I could tell you first hand if the restaurants featured were at all worth going to.

Pay Less For You Next Night On The Town!

The restaurant listed at the bottom is one I’ve been meaning to check out so that’s a plus side that I can snag a deal. However, I do see there are restrictions like a minimum purchase, a set gratuity added and good for food only, excluding alcohol and specials.

This is when you’d need to weigh the pros and cons depending on the prices of their menu items. Always check to see the menu to see if you can meet the minimum before purchasing! lets you search a zip code and radius to find restaurants that will allow you to bring your own wine. Restaurants that allow you to bring your own wine will seriously cut down on a dinner bill for my fellow “winos” out there as glasses and bottles of wine can often be expensive and quite frankly, overpriced.

Pay Less For You Next Night On The Town!

In the picture above I did a search in DC as Raleigh restaurants did not yield any results (fiddlesticks!). You can see the name and location of the restaurant but also their wine policy on the side. You’ll see for this restaurant you’re allowed to bring your own wine but there is a corkage fee of $25 per bottle. Depending on the restaurant’s wine list prices this could either be a deal or a bust. Again, always check the menu to see what’s reasonable to pay. I see here that wine by the glass is listed at $20 – $29, so $25 for your own bottle seems like a deal if you can swing it. is a website where you can buy, sell and exchange gift gards. This is a novel idea, like one of those “why didn’t I think of it” kind of ideas. You can sell unwanted gift cards to this site where they will pay you 92% of it’s value, giving you cash in your pocket instead of an unwanted card. You can also buy gift cards here for up to a 35% savings. This site is not limited to “Date Night” or even just dining, you can find restaurants, entertainment and other gift cards available on this site. What’s great is all transactions are guaranteed by the site.

Pay Less For You Next Night On The Town! brings you huge discounts in entertainment around your area. Currently the only cities available for searching on this site include: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis – St. Paul, New York, Orange County, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Washington, D.C. The picture below features an example of found deals in New York City. You’ll see the full listing price and the amazing discounted price GoldStar is selling the tickets for. This could really cut down on a big night out if you live in or plan on visiting one of the major cities listed above.

Pay Less For You Next Night On The Town!

These are just a few sites which have the potential to yield big savings for date nights. If you know of or use any others please leave me a comment below. Also, if you have any ideas on inexpensive dates please leave a comment with those suggestions as well!

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