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Prudential Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 11-4-2011

Date This Problem Happened: November 3, 2011

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Prudential Law Group

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number: 800-836-6850

Website of Company: prudential-lawgroup.com/

Consumer Statement:

I was contacted by this bogus Mortgage brokering ‘advocate’ via a very official looking US Mailing that listed my loan mortgage company and the potential ‘Modification Program’ I had been looking into… too coincidental. In following up with a phone call, they identified themselves as the ‘Prudential Law Group’ with a ‘certifying’ company of NDSB (itself a bogus consumer protection agency). Although I was careful not to release my SSN or credit card etc. .. the communication over the phone sounded legitimate enough (they knew that I had Chase as my lender, and that I had been interested in the ‘modification program’, and some other information) .. that I offered my cell and email for further correspondence. Now I will be receiving other scam blitzes over these channels. If I had given out my SSN, then all hell would have broken loose.. and could have sunk me completely with identity theft and God knows what else. !!!! Report this company as soon as you here from them. !!!

Documentation Provided:

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Message body
Here is the list of key documents that are needed for the HAMP pre-qualification process:
Mortgage Statement(s)
(Most current statement for all loans, and all properties owned)
Homeowners Insurance (If not included in payment)
(The declaration page w/annual premium)
Homeowners Association
(Monthly statement)
Property Tax Bill (If not included in payment)
(Current property tax statement)
Pay stubs
(Most current 2 pay stubs for borrower/co-borrower)
Self Employed
(4 months bank statement, and current profit & loss)
SSI, Pension, Military pension, or disability
(2010 benefit letter w/amount)
Bank Statements
(Current 2 months of checking account statements, all pages even if blank)
Tax Returns
(W2 – 2009 & 2010 W2 and 1040 forms sign page 2, Self Employed – 2009, 2010 tax returns
Credit Card Statements
(All credit cards)
Utility Bill
(In borrower or co-borrowers name)
Client information
(Fill out attachment)


Claudia Arzola | Case Manager| Prudential Law Group
HAMP-HARP Home Affordable Government Programs 
Toll free: 1.800.836-6850 |Fax: 1. 888.238.2443         
If you like our legal services please recommend us to someone you know. We are always looking for referrals of this type. I am always looking for new ways to get our services out.  If you would like to learn more, please email me or Better yet  call me. I am always just a phone call away! Claudia Arzola- Case Manager

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This is information that was submitted by a third party and not generated by GetOutOfDebt.org or Steve Rhode.
  • romelia posada

    le ago un yamado a Andi Montero quien me combencio demodificar mi prestamo y cuando no le abia pagado los 2500 el me contestaba todo el tiempo aora que no se dio lo de la modificacion no me comtesta no se si ya perdi mi dinero y si es haci esta compania es un fraude

  • Michelle

    I too received a letter from this company. The person I have been speaking to there has been knowledgable and helpful.
    I am a bit skeptical only because I hear of these scams all of the time.
    Everything sounds legitimate, however, I am very scared to make a committment and pay up front in the hopes of a lower mortgage payment.
    I have been looking online to see if there are any negative comments in regards to this company and all the HAMP program consists of.
    I have been very torn on what to do because the offer is very enticing.

    • Evans1588

       Michelle, I received one of those letters also.  I am extremely skeptical also.  Just seems to be moving really fast.  I was given 48 hrs to get my info. in. I qualified within 1 day.  My feee is $5,000.  I could use a credit card or my 401K to pay.
      You know what they say if it sounds to good to be true… it probably is. 
      I’m just tired of being scammed and want someone to be honest in this world

  • Dan Spelling

    Here is a couple facts for you Steve,  Prudential Law Group Does not do business in the State of California, nor do they take credit cards for payment as this fool has so eagerly stated- So obviously you need to do some fact checking prior to slandering people. You do claim to be a journalist right? I do not see how this person got scammed by calling a free phone number? They clearly did not pay for anything so where is the scam?

    • That’s awesome but I think you fail to understand I did not write this report. A consumer submitted it.

      All of the statements made and information stated in the report was submitted by the consumer that filled out the report. Not me.

      If PLG had someone there that knew how to handle these things they would use this as a chance to show consumers that they value customer service and rather than be pissed at me, they’d bend over backwards to resolve the consumer complant and resolve the issue in a positive way. That would bread confidence in future readers.

      Rather than being pissed at me, tell someone at PLG to get smart about how to deal with unhappy consumers.

      • Dan Spelling

        Steve, make no mistake I am not ” pissed at you” I am however concerned that you are publishing the name of this young lady who works for this company without a shred of evidence of any wrong doing- So if I am to understand this correctly it is somehow up to PLG to somehow spin this into a positive? Come on Steve, I know you have more ethics than this! All I am stating is it is your name on this blog, you should at least do minimal research to keep ex disgruntled workers from trashing an excellent company who’s owner has an impeccable record with the California Bar Association.

      • It does need to be spun, just responded to with professional care and concern about the issue the consumer raised and a willingness to take care of it and make the consumer happy and ally their fears.

        I don’t know where the information came that the consumer submitted but it seems that the case worker named holds themselves out in public communications as a representative of the company or at least did so to the consumer that submitted the question.

        The liability for the information submitted rests with the poster, and not me or this site. I make no representation that the site has screened or verified the information. Only that consumers are able to submit a claim as they would to any reporting site or regulator.

        I understand the new government consumer watchdog, the CFPB, will be posting their reports publicly as well.

        This is not a matter of ethics and if you want to play the ethics card then you need to know that this site is not ethically responsible for user content submitted through forms or comments like yours.

        As it says elsewhere on this site:

        Complaints also are received by this site from companies that don’t like some of the comments consumers post about their use of the company. As you can imagine these companies are unhappy that someone might have some negative statement to make about their service. Rather than respond to the comment in a fair and levelheaded way, some companies instead attempt to threaten this site to have what they feel are negative comments, removed.

        Every person or company is entitled to their point of view. If a company is unhappy with a comment because it is false or inaccurate, post a rebuttal and lay out why the commenter is wrong and tell your side of the story. But when a company threatens this site with legal action to remove a comment it becomes an exercise that results only in expense to all parities.

        You see, under Section 230 of Title 47 of the United States Code (47 USC § 230) this site receives immunity from liability for any posting by any user of the site. In fact the protection extends further to protect this site from entries written by guest bloggers, tips sent by email, and information provided to this site by other entities. For additional reference, please see this amicus brief that does a good job of covering Section 230 protections.

  • Guest

    You posted an alleged scam that a disgruntled customer reported against Prudential Law Group. There was no scam, as the customer never paid any funds or attempted to complete the modification process with Prudential. You however post the alleged “scam” without any subsatnce, or verification and therefore have left a defamatory statement that is not true for any and all customers of Prudential Law Group to view. How irresponsible are you for posting said comment!! Clearly there is a need for people to become aware of “scams”, but to allow a posting without subsatnce is clearly negligent on your behalf. I strongly urge that you take said statement off the scam report immediately!

  • Gilpenhollow

    Way to go Steve I wonder how many people are reading your column and not getting help from Attorney Pamela Gerber-Gressier and Prudential Law group.  I wonder how many people have not received help because of the posts you are having people put on the internet who have never actually moved forward with Prudential Law group you are a very irresponsible person and you should be forced to remove these false comments about a very good legal organization

    • Jj77019

      I am in the process of working with prudential law group. I am excited about the possibilities but worried about the outcome that they predict will happen by July. What was you experience like?

  • Gilpenhollow

    Your an idiot these people are a legitimate law firm and they saved me 825 dollars a month on my house payment

    • Mblacksl

      how much did it cost you?

      • Gilpenhollow

        3,495 dollars

      • Mblacksl

        so a little more than 4 months and you are even. Did you have to pay upfront or was it part of the closing?

      • Gilpenhollow

        three payments over three months

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