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Dubious Loan Offer Concerns Me – Watch List

The following information appears only because this entity has hit my radar and has raised a concern and I do not want to lose this information. I’m keeping it handy in case issues appear in the future.

Steve Notes

The following loan offer is being promoted and it has raised some serious warning bells and questions. It feels like an unfortunate setup for an advanced fee loan. The loan offer is targeted at people with poor credit.

This loan was offered on Linkedin to members of at least one group and was posted online as “100% LTV / ANY ASSET, ANYWHERE, IN 7 DAYS.” – Source

The Pitch

1. NO CREDIT OR FICO SCORE REQUIRED (we will, however, look for tax or other liens that could impact our collateral interest!)

2. VERIFIABLE OWNERSHIP INTEREST (No seasoning required)


REAL ESTATE: Raw Land, Commercial, Mobile Home Parks, Mixed Use, Residential, Multi-Family, Manufactured Homes on Owned Land, Farms, Condos, Co-Ops, Condotels, Hotels, Motels (Typical LTVs 50-70%,but as high as 100% – Lender’s Discretion Based on Ability to Repay and Collateral Type/Cashflow etc…) – Source

The loan application was lacking even the most basic of information. – Source

And the formula used to determine the alleged loan has some very odd method of calculating the loan and makes odd statements about factoring the loan and forgiving part of it. – Source


There is no website for this loan. The loan broker say:

A. No. Given the desire for the lender to remain anonymous (until a real deal is in place at least), and the ever prying eyes and ears of people who want to poke and prod, but never actually close any REAL business, we’re holding off on developing a website. – Source

Company Information

The alleged loan broker, Anthony E. Fierro, identifies himself as a member of Christ Centered Real Estate Solutions (CCRES) LLC in the greater Los Angeles area. – Source

Unfortunately there is no California registered company with that name. There is a Nevada registered company with that name and lists it’s members as only Steven A. LaBella and Thomas Duck. – Source

Anthony Fierro does not currently hold a Department of Financial Institutions license in California.

Dubious Loan Offer Concerns Me   Watch List

I also checked with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry and there was no listing as well for Fierro or Christ Centered Real Estate Solutions. A search of the California Financial Services Division could not locate a licenses under Christ Centered Real Estate Solutions or CCRES.

I attempted to reach Anthony Fierro at the email address listed but as of the time of the publication of this article I had not heard back. It might even be plausible that someone is using the name of Anthony Fierro and setting him up for this questionable offer.

All I’m saying at this point is it does not appear to add up and has my ears perked.

If you have had any experience with this program, please post your comments and feedback in the comments below.

Dubious Loan Offer Concerns Me - Watch List by

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About Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode
Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.
  • Info

    Mr. Rhodes,
    As we have asked many times previously, please remove your alleged claims from this blog posting.  We understand that even though you may not control the comments, you do have the responsibility to procure the truthfulness of any post that is here.  Inflammatory comments can be detrimental not only about the person being written about but also the person who controls such blogs or websites reporting erroneous information.

    • Steve Rhode

      What specifically in the original post are you objecting to and who is “we”?

      • David ector

        I entered a contract with Steve La Bella / CCRES this past January and paid $895 up front for a “do-over refinance” to my investment property which is underwater. I have sent numerous emails requesting status updates and have received none. I call Steve La Bella and do not get my phone calls returned. This appears to be a scam and legal action will follow.

      • Drhlth

        I to have left numerous messg for the elusive Steve La Bella, I have been on the hook for $1000 for almost a year, nothing , it is time to take this to the proper authority, Atty Gen. etc. to many people are getting hurt, I intend to contact a few of the TV stations to have them find this guy as it is time to either give everybody their money back or produce, make a comment with contact I will be happy to share with you my contacts, I also heard this story about the REMAX office, all bull, I got involved by a guy in SD

      • info

        The loan listed in this post has nothing to do with Steven La Bella

      • info

        The loan listed here has nothing to do with Steven La Bella

      • info

        The We in the post references all concerned in regards to your incredibly biased original post. Mr. La Bella was not promoting such a “pie in the sky” loan.

  • Info

    Mr. Steven La Bella has not been involved with this loan in any way other than asking if there was interest in this type of product.  Any information disseminated to anyone making a claim of any sort did so without full understanding of the product initially presented.  We do apologize for any confusion and we await many responses to your concerns as the promoter of this product will begin shortly with full details.

    • Steve Rhode

      Who is “we” in your statement?

      • info

        The We in the post references all concerned in regards to your incredibly biased original post. Mr. La Bella was not promoting such a “pie in the sky” loan.

  • Info

    Since March of 2012 Mr. Fierro has not been a part of any company mentioned in this blog. There are no investigations in regard to this loan product or any company listed in this blog and Steve La Bella.  Investigations have turned up no improprieties for any Steve La Bella or any company listed in this blog.

  • Anthony Fierro

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you, collectively, for taking the time to post your views, comments, and experience below. 
    First – I apologize for any impression(s) that might have been left that I am a ‘fraud’ or ‘scam artist’.  While there are many speculative comments below, let me first address an actual client’s ([email protected]) concerns.  I asked Mr. Wright to provide Conditions so that we could close his loan.  He refused.  There was nothing I could do about that. Did I get paid a fee up front – absolutely.  Did Mr. Wright sign an agreement stating that he would comply with all requests to provide conditions precedent to lending?  Absolutely.  In my defense, you will also note that ‘VonGuinness’ (below) does indicate further experience with me, but an inability to move forward ‘on his end’.  
    Second – let’s clarify the program being advertised below (100%LTV  Any Asset Anywhere).  This is not ‘my’ program – but rather that of and http://heldharmless.blogspot.c….  The assumptions below have proven correct, so far – a complete scam.  While I was, in fact, instrumental in bringing clients to this organization, I have since changed my tune and have been one of the chief (if not the chief) attacker (I can provide references if you wish).  You can also visit my Twitter account for Tweets about HeldHarmless and the Held Harmless Facebook page (… to see that I am, almost daily, working in my own personal purgatory to expose these jagaloons for the complete scam they are.
    Mr Rhodes:  thank you for your work of putting this blog together.  It is important to protect consumers from illegitimate funding sources.  
    In conclusion, I fully admit that the impetus for this article (Dubious Loan Officer) and the program advertised appears in my eyes to be a huge scam now.  While one’s credibility can certainly be questioned for selling a product that has turned sour, I do have legitimate sources for things like transactional funding, Cash Escrow/Proof of Funds Services, andBusiness Funding.
    If any of you wish to contact me, please fee free to do so at 661 810 5797 or [email protected]  Good luck and God speed!

    • Richard Wright

      Anthony, please do not use my name or any reference to our “business” together. I have been very judicious & have not said anything about you or your program. I expect the same in return. In response to your allegations above, you should have told the entire story about why I refused. The truth was that you asked for documents such as 1003, paystubs, w-2′s etc 3 weeks AFTER giving my approval. I was given an approval for a stated loan which was to close in 7-10 days. I refused because those documents should have been asked for upfront not 3 weeks AFTER an approval was given. 

      You are also completely incorrect that you do not need a license in CA. My complaint to the state should have verified that to you. It is also illegal to charge upfront fees, especially for which you did nothing for. 

      As I said, I have nothing further to say to you or about you. My suspicions about this program proved to be correct & yet even though you induced me to do business with you & charged me a fee for which you had not verified to be viable, you still refused to refund my fee. 


      • Anthony Fierro

        Richard:  I appreciate you clarifying for everyone that you did, in fact, refuse to provide conditions requested, hence mitigating our ability to fund anything for you.

      • Richard Wright

        It’s funny how you completely missed everything else that was said, including that essentially stole $500 from me & did nothing for it. By the way, how is the investigation with the state going?

      • Anthony Fierro

        Not sure what investigation you’re referring to.

  • J Sebastiano

    I know absolutely nothing about MR Anthony Fierro, SO I cannot speak to his legitimacy.  However, I have been approached by a Ms. Terri Workman Director of REO and Short-sales who works out of the Remax office in Rancho Bernardo regarding these programs.  When I met with her we did meet in the Remax office.  While this doesn’t prove anything it does give some legitimacy to this programs.   Just saying. 

  • Steve Rhode

    Consumer just filed report against Christ Centered Real Estate Solutions. See

    • Anthony Fierro

      SR – Why post “Consumer just filed report against…” when the first line reads, ”
      I’m not sure I’ve been scammed YET, but feel I’m being set up. ”  

      What, exactly, are you trying to provoke?

      • Steve Rhode


        The form the consumer fills out is called a Scam Report or Consumer Complaint.

        I guess I could have said “just submitted a report” instead of “filed a report” but how is that much different?

    • Sweetsweetspot

      I’m the “consumer” in question here. For the record, CCRES was a complete waste of my time. It probably host me 100 pts. on my credit score due to the time I spent spinning my wheels with these shady characters with no transparency to their business. I was told in January 2012 by a CCRES employee that CCRES had just purchased $30 million worth of loans, and were about to close on those deals with the owners of the properties, however, just heard earlier this week those deals never closed. So I’ll say it flat out: CCRES people are a bunch of scam artists or incompetents: you choose.

  • Richard

    Thank you Steve, would you kindly email me personally at [email protected]. I have been dealing with Anthony for about a month now, I paid the $500 which was required to be wired into an account. Almost a month later & I am no closer to getting my loan or answers to my questions. Also, after further research, you are required to have a license in the state of CA if you are soliciting mortgages. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!

    • Curious

      Have you had any luck with your request?  I am considering a loan myself and can’t figure out what this program is all about and who the “Wizard” behind the curtain is?

      • Kap’n Sanderson

         I stumbled on this thread…..and let me say!  RUN FOR THE HILLS!  I’m not sure what this guy is cooking up, but it simply doesn’t add up!  As a mortgage professional in CA I would like to give Mr. Fierro the benefit of the doubt….however….I think my time would be better spent filling out a Suspicious Activity Report with FinCen.

      • Steve Rhode

        If anyone has any doubts that a license for this activity is required or has concerns or questions, please feel free to call the California Department of Real Estate and ask them for clarification. The California DRE can be reached at or (877) 373-4542

      • Kap’n Sanderson

         Any more news from this Joker?

      • Steve Rhode

        People keep sending me emails and information on him but they don’t want to go public with it yet.

      • jh

        Is this his real last name? I have a hunch we may be overlooking something.

    • Pondering

       Has anyone closed anything?

  • Steve Rhode

    I received this message from Anthony Fierro and I am posting here.

    Good Evening:

    It has come to my attention that persons are referring to me personally as ‘dubious’ and/or a ‘fraud’. As this type of commentary can be perceived as defamation and libelous,

    I would kindly ask that that you have such content removed immediately. If this request is not honored within a timely manner (no later than April 1, 2012), I will be forced to seek legal remedies.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

  • Anthony Fierro

    Mr. Rhode:
         Your blog entry above does two things – it calls into question my character and casts doubt on a loan program.  First, in reference to my character:

         1)  dubious is defined as ‘hesitating or doubting’ or ‘not to be relied upon; suspect’.  This 
         title, on its face, is irresponsible at best and approaching libel at worst.
         2)  Your assumption that there is a connection between not being licensed and 
         dishonest conduct is a very slippery slope.

         Let’s be clear:  NMLS is a licensing system that is required by the federal government for the origination of mortgage obligations saleable to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, and the Federal Housing Authority (FHA).  The debt obligations created by the program referenced above is not salable to any of the aforementioned entities, and thus would not require said license.  Further, when I do enter into an agreement with a consumer, it is a consultancy agreement (which you have not seen).  This consultancy agreement ensures that I am paid for the time it takes to procure a specific lending source, assemble the package, and facilitate processing with said lender.  

         Now – in terms of the program (the second thrust of your blog entry) – this promissory note funding program is offered by a fiduciary to his/her specific constituency.  They are then sold to a hedge fund (which is a private investor).  Prior to sale, however, each obligation is reviewed by an SEC licensed investment adviser to ensure full compliance.

         I would ask that his blog be removed, deleted, and forever redacted from your account or any other blog, bulletin board, or any other publishing tool that you may use.  Failure to do so within a reasonable period will cause me to seek injunctive and punitive relief in the court system.  Please email me at [email protected] or [email protected] when said deletion has occurred.  

         Thank you.

    • Steve Rhode

      I stand by my doubt.

      You’ve provided no public proof of your claims.

      How about just identify the SEC licensed investment advisor for confirmation and ask people who have obtained loans to come here and share their experience.

      That should be a reasonable request to quench public concerns. As a member of Christ Centered Real Estate Solutions I would think you would welcome clarity instead of threats.

      Your threats make me dubious of the grand claims and make me want to learn more.

      I’m more than happy to stand up and clarify anything I’ve said that might be incorrect but you’ve yet to prove any results or the licensing of any entity behind the claims. Certainly that’s enough to leave anyone doubting.

      • VonGuinness

        I’ve got a deal submitted with Anthony as of 2 days ago. I paid the $500 fee and am waiting to hear. As soon as I get more info, good or bad, I’ll be in touch.

      • Steve Rhode

        Please do.

      • Steve Rhode

        Please do.

      • Canbuyit

        did you get an answer on your loan application yet?

      • Jh-vong

        no yet…but its actually on my end, I’ve been very busy with other things, I do plan to get my docs submitted this weekend.

      • Curious

        Have you had any more luck with your loan request?  How much was it for?

      • Lisa

        I feel your assumption of Mr. Anthony E Fierro is correct! Per him above,
        1)  dubious is defined as ‘hesitating or doubting’ or ‘not to be relied upon; suspect’.

        I have been dealing with him in the last few weeks and HESITATING he is all the way and defiantly can not be relied upon.

        If you ask him lots of questions about his so called 100% money loan, he will not answer them or he comes up with a story that they have just changed the procedure. Very contradicting!

        In doing a little more research on him and really reading over the paperwork he sent via email, I have come to a conclusion that he is all about FRAUD.

        Before he will do anything with you, you must place monies in a Edward Jones Account.  Well I called the bank and inquired about the account number he gave me and the gentleman at the bank said, “all I can tell you is if you wire money to that account it will be returned.” RED FLAG…..


      • Steve Rhode

        Would you feel comfortable forwarding me the emails so I can review them? If so all my contact details can be found here.

      • AnthonyFierro

        The internet is a place
        where people can ejaculate their emotions, opinions, fears, and skepticism
        without regard for consequence.  It’s
        kind of your call what you’d like to do – but the above excerpt from my
        protocol is available for anyone to read.
        Once client and their broker(s) (if applicable) have completed
        steps 1-3, we can grant you access to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which explain the ‘hows’ and ‘why’s of this loan program, the name of the Lender, Lender’s Principle, etc. 

        Not too difficult if you ask me…

      • Steve Rhode

        Nice “Christian” statement. Do you use language like that as the media director of The Burning Bush Church?

        Is this also what is to be expected from Christ Centered Real Estate Solutions?

    • Back_your_claims

      you wrote….”This consultancy agreement ensures that I am paid for the time it takes to procure a specific lending source, assemble the package, and facilitate processing with said lender”

      …In other words, you email an intake form to a bunch of lenders and wait for a response. 

      How much do you charge for the 20 minutes this process takes?  Is the fee for all your hard work refundable if you are unable to secure a loan?

  • Helen


    I too, have inquired into this financing which sounds too good to be true.  The contact I have been emailing is Steven La Bella who has given his license to me as 01159851 which is registered with the Dept of Real Estate in California (I did check this out).  He does have about 5 salespeople also registered under his registration on this website (did not include Anthony Fierro).  Steven has said that this financing is not regulated by the Dept of Real Estate and that it is private financing from a equity hedge fund approved by Moodys AAA+ (however he didn’t say the name of the fund).

    I have tried to check out the LLC’s under Steven La Bella’s email signature block (paradyme equity fund LLC, CCRES LLC, Buy Direct REO LLC, Luxury Buyer LLC, American Luxury Buyer LLC) and none of these came up as registered in the state of california. CCRES did come up as a previously registered corporation (not an LLC) which was dissolved in 2008.  There is also an associated website: which appears to be a template type of website and information relating to the business and mortgages etc has not been put in.  I have emailed Steven and asked about his LLCs and where I can find verification of their registration, I am yet to hear back but I am also very dubious about this offer. I agree that it is plausible that someone is trying to use the credentials of Steven La Bella registered real estate agent. If anyone has had any experience with this program please email me at [email protected]   thank you

  • Anthony Fierro

    Performance tends to mitigate doubt.  YTD $20M in production under this program.

    Hopefully that will allow you to redefine ‘dubious’

    • Steve Rhode

      Happy to update the post with details. Let’s start with the basics. You don’t appear to hold a registration or license as a loan broker. What is your license number?

      Can you provide some backup to support the basic registration of the lender as well. If they are doing that kind of volume they need to be registered to do business in the state and hold a lending license. 

      • Anthony Fierro

        A)  Consultants don’t need a license.
        B)  Each loan is reviewed by an SEC licensed investment adviser before it is sold to the hedge fund that backs the promissory note.
        C)  Each transaction is issued a CUSIP#

        I get it – if it doesn’t say “FANNIE MAE”, “FREDDIE MAC”, or “FHA” on it, people get kind of weirded out.  I am not here to judge them.  I also, respectfully, don’t support fishing expeditions (I have been contacted by numerous people who ‘want the details’ but will never pull the trigger.  Those people that HAVE pulled the trigger get funded and are all the better for it).

        Wish you and your readers the best!

      • Sweetsweetspot

        Name one person who has been funded in state of California? Even my agent who is part of your program says the loans are “ready to close” but have not yet.

    • Guest

       Mr. Fierro has advised clients no products ever closed!

      • Sandberg8462

        Is your point that Mr. Fierro really is a crook, or that he’s not a crook?

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