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I Can’t Afford My Home Anymore. Was Thinking of Using Curadebt. – Brenna

“Dear Steve,

I am a home owner in NJ. I am head of household and have had my house for 8 years. I took my whole family in and was doing just fine as my mother was helping with the mortgage as were my brother-in-law and sister.

However, times have changed and I am no longer receiving the financial help that they provided to keep the house afloat and as a result I am in major credit card debt. I tried to pay everything on my own but it is taking its toll and I am trying to get out of debt while still keeping my house.

I have already gone through loan remodification for my mortgage and was approved but my credit card debt is over $45,000. I was going to go with the curadebt system and found out that they set up a 3rd party account through WorldGroup and wanted to check them out which is how I came across your website.

I have read all of the negative comments and now do not know what to do. I have a good job but I am unable to keep up with the payments and tho ught that the debt settlement company would be the way to go. However, after reading the negative comments, I will not sign the document that was sent to me to start the process. I was trying to avoid bankruptcy because i wanted to keep my house but I just don’t think I can avoid it much longer.

What steps do you recommend I take in order to remedy my situation? I do not want to lose my house but I can’t keep up with the credit card payments. Are there reputable companies out there to settle debt or is bankruptcy my only option? I am only about 1-2 months behind in the payments of the credit cards but it is getting increasingly harder to continue. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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The Answer

Dear Brenna,

You can review all of your major debt relief options if you use the free How to Get Out of Debt Calculator.

I think it’s a smart idea to at least meet with a local bankruptcy attorney and discuss what bankruptcy would mean for you. It certainly does not mean you lose your home. There are options for dealing with that.

At the very least you’ll be better informed about your legal options and have more information to make a decision that is right for you.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

Big Hug!

I Cant Afford My Home Anymore. Was Thinking of Using Curadebt.   Brenna
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I Can't Afford My Home Anymore. Was Thinking of Using Curadebt. - Brenna by

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