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I Am Worried Interpol Might be Looking for Me Because of My Debts. – Dipak

“Dear Jon,

I went to Dubai and had a great job in real estate. Then with partner had a real estate company. Due to economic climate our guaranteed cheques started to bounce. There are number of cheques which have bounced. 2 years ago I tried to leave Dubai and had 3 cases which I some how managed to clear from being inside jail WITH HELP FROM WIFE AND FAMILY and local lawyer.

I am worried there may be more cases registered and next time I decide to travel i may have international ban or Interpol situation?

How do I check as the lawyern in Dubai says he has to check with Abu Dhabi on Interpol and will costs money too!

We are owed also from other debtors and developers but not able to recover as we are not there?

Any advise??

What advise would you give on getting police report of action against you and interpol case?


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The Answer


If you think you may still owe people, you could inquire with the local Police there to see if there are any outstanding warrants for you. If you still have family in that area, they may be able to make some inquires as well.

If you have to pay an attorney to search this for you, then that may be just what you have to do. It may be better to pay out a little bit of money and know where you stand, then to arrive and be arrested.



I Am Worried Interpol Might be Looking for Me Because of My Debts.   DipakJon Emge is an experienced UK debt advisor who has helped thousands and thousands of people in the UK to deal with problem debt. Jon specialises in finding good solutions for problem debt using a variety of UK specific techniques.

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I Am Worried Interpol Might be Looking for Me Because of My Debts. - Dipak by

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  • Sam

    I am
    Wondering what happen if I take loan from uk and leave to eu contrary do I get arrested for that? Would to khow the consequence in eu and uk please thanks

  • Djbancheng

    Dear Mr. John:

    I have several credit cards and loans at UAE which were left unpaid since 2010. I use dto work there, but during the recession period, my company is no longer paying us on time, causing me to incurred big interests and penalties for those loans and credit cards. Fear of getting jailed, i decided to resign and go back to my country. Now I have another work in another Asian country. Collecting agencies are calling me that a police case was filed against me for those unpaid loans and credit cards. some security checks also bounced. They are threatening me that an Interpol will catch me here. Is it possible or true that UAE court or police or Interpol can still catch me in other country.  Is there a way to check If I have an existing police or court case in UAE?

    Thanks Mr. John

    • Jon Emge


      You can inquire with the local police where you owed the money or in that area about any warrants that may be outstanding for you.  If there are warrants, unless you can pay the debt, there is little you can do, besides avoid going back there.  Depending on where you live now, as you did not mention this, it is doubtful they can do anything to you where you are now living. 



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