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Had a bad divorce. How do i pay off a student loan with no money? – Heather

I have been out of school for almost 3 years, I lost everything I had and I have been going through a bad divorce so I have no money coming in,

I’m living off of my sons ssi so how do I pay off my student loan with no money or get help with it. I would eventually like to go back to school to further my education but they say I have to have my student loan paid off first and I don’t know how to do it can you please give me some advice


Had a bad divorce. How do i pay off a student loan with no money? - Heather by

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  • peggy

    Istarted to go to the school and about half way thro they calsel me caause my grads wasnt to good. and i was paying the $49.00 while i was   on line and when they calseled me thay still want me to pay the49.00 a mounth and wthe all the bill goning up I dont have the extra
    money to pay, I tryed to get a lone at the bank but my credit score was too low and every I
    try for a grant it says about goning back to school and all I want to do is get the school I have now paid off and get them off my back about payment every mounts I owe them1,114.00dollarsand I would like to pay then off if I could some how I need help but I dont know where to get it, 

  • Michael

    Hi Heather,

    You may only need to bring loans current or rehab them before qualifying for additional student loan programs, as opposed to paying them off completely.

    Here is a link to a good amount of information about repayment plans that may fit your current situation:

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