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Law Offices Of Frank Barilla – Consumer Complaint – 1-13-2012

Do to some communications behind the scenes there is some doubt if this complaint is real. Attorney Barilla is attempting to pursue the person(s) he believes may be responsible for this allegedly false consumer complaint.

Date This Problem Happened: November 9, 2011

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $2,000

Company Name: Law Offices Of Frank Barilla

Company Address:

2861 Pullmen St
Santa Ana, Ca 92705

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company: barillalaw.com

Consumer Statement:

i was sent a mailer about 2 months ago fromThe Law Office of Frank Barilla after weeks of back and forth calls with our sales rep we decided to buy a loan modification preporation program. We sent our finances in and all the paper work needed after 2 weeks they sent us a package and it was mostly incorrect and looked very low budget. I sent all my paper work in Indymac Bank and they denied my file saying it was improperly packaged and we were denied now i cant get a call back but finally we did. The “ATTORNEY” Miss Kaminski was rude and told us we can not get a refund because they did the job and would gladly charge me another 750.00 to do it over. This is not right and we need to get them to wake up and refund oour money 2000.00 and our file to please.

Consumer Action Taken:

We called and left message with the accountant Annelle she will not return a call
my sales agent ignored me and now i have to do all this work myself again. I may be filing a complaint with the attorney general and the police here in Riverside if they won’t help us.I have seen your articales on there other firm Fieldstone Law and now they are Law offices of frank barilla? What is this about.


The Myvesta Foundation sent a letter to the company at the address given or found and asked them to publicly respond to this complaint.

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About Consumer

This is information that was submitted by a third party and not generated by GetOutOfDebt.org or Steve Rhode.
  • Happy2Help

    Frank Barilla, Denny Lake, Barry Gabster, Paul Brown, Ron Berg, Jon Zajec , Anel Bohorqiz are all liars this firm has scammed people all over the united states they solicit home owners based on data they by from marketing firms. They seek to find people who are so far behind because they are easy to trick into buying mortgage relief programs since they are searching for people who are not well educated or will believe some off the wall story about the forms success rate.

  • Vivahair

    I too was mislead by Frank, Anelle and the infamous Kaminski. Don’t waste your time trying to make this wrong a right. The Attorney Generals Office along with the California State Bar did an investigation and concluded Minor damages to me and suggested I hire an Attorney ( like I would trust another) to sue for my monies. Michael D. sacks and Frank are in this together. They will promise everything and produce absolutely NOTHING ! Mr Sacks was disbarred and I have requested a refund thru the Bar for $ 8,500.00

    • Eresky54

      My wife and I were scammed for well over 15000.00 dollars by this outfit Frank Barilla is a true piece of shit who hides behind his closed doors and we were tricked by there whole staff.
      These crooks never showed up to court on our hearing dates and sent a substitute lawyer in place of who we hired which was Frank Barilla we to have files a bar complaint and have gone to the attorney general to file a report. I have read so many bad reviews about Frank Barilla and his staff I believe there must be dozens more like myself out thier.
      Please feel free to call me 818-465-3099 Eric Reshkie

  • Perry Reeves

    is indeed a pleasure doing business with your law firm.   Thanks to you personally, and your
    outstanding staff, Alexandria Kaminski, Barry Gabster, Chris Gunaratna, and Tayna
    Grimmer and your administrative staff. 
    You have all been involved with our ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution
    with our lender, Chase Bank.  We are
    truly grateful for the successful results.


    the beginning offer everything has been professional and up front. We
    appreciate the installment phases for each stage of the process whereby we only
    pay for what is accomplished; plus the fact that we received copies of all the
    results being billed.


    entire staff really did and outstanding job especially with the legal details
    of our case summary and legal complaint sent to the legal department of Chase
    Bank.  Within 5 days we received a call
    from a Chase representative from the office of the President of the Home
    Lending office in Jacksonville, Florida. He stated that he had been assigned as
    our Chase Executive Specialist dedicated specifically to this issue. At least
    once a week he kept us and Chris Gunaratna update of the important details of
    the Chase underwriters.


    are thrilled with the results; we get to keep our home. I am 72 and
    retired.  My wife is 69 and retiring in
    June from 28 years of teaching.  Chase
    has approved a $1300.00 monthly decrease on our 1st mortgage.  Our monthly payments were $5233.00 a month
    interest only and now they are $3932.00 a month including principal, taxes and
    insurance.  When this is finalized we
    will have a 40 year loan, 2% interest for 5 years and not to exceed 4.75%for
    the balance of the loan.This will result in nearly  $300,000 
    principal reduction on our 1st mortgage. We
    expect this modification to be final in August, 2012.  At that time our Chase Executive Specialist
    has encouraged us to submit a loan modification for our second mortgage.


    use this letter to share with your potential clients. Your have our permission
    to post it the web. Also I would welcome them to contact me at me email at perryreeves@earthlink.net or my cell phone:


    again to All for a “Job well done”






    • Rk34

      Frank Barilla is a con artist along with his business partner Robert Sacks son of disbared attorney Dennis Michael sacks they are nothing more than scam artists and Frank is a true piece of shit. They scamed my wife for 4500.00 and will not even return a call when we went to there location to seek a refund Mr.Barilla cursed my wife out and told us they were calling the police this is a outrage Frank Barilla your the dog shit off the legal world. Eat shit BARILLA

  • John

    I’m not so sure of the Law Office of Frank Barilla. He’s now doing business in the old AMERIPRIDE location. We were rip-off of $12,000.00 by the likes of Victoria Burns, Jenny Wei and last but not least Adura Wright all Ameripride insiders. When I went to the Ameripride location this week and there I was greeted by the Frank Barilla group. They seems a little nervous when i entered and inquired about Ameripride. They escorted me to some very back door and told me it was Audra Wrights office, of course she wasn’t there.
    I’ll be filing complaints against Ameripride very soon. Just thought it interesting that both theses organizations appear on this site. 

  • Timkj

    Good thing I did not hire this firm I don’t believe any of these foreclosure law firms help home owners.

  • Frank Barilla

    It has come to our attention that fictitious and slanderous complaints against the Firm have been filed with numerous websites.  It has been verified that the complaints are NOT being posted by our clients.  Therefore, a lawsuit is being filed, as the complaints are wrongfully and maliciously being posted against our Firm, which in turn are defaming the Firm and the reputation that the Firm has built.   

    Thank you.
    The Law Offices of Frank Barilla

    • Please keep us posted on what happens. We need to let readers know and to put this all into context.

      • Dan F

        After reading these posts is only equivocal to believe that this must be true all the reports online are all different in nature and tell a story of being sold a legal service called a loan modification. No one person made all this up as a matter of fact I tried to find real estate cases that attorney Barilla had won I can’t find any. I have read one positive artical on his firm out of dozens of negative one meaning 37+ bad reviews and reports I. Ontario t the California Bar and attorney Barilla does have settled disputes with consumers for loan modifications. In all 17 he refunded the money to avoid beinging disbarred or worse I would not hire him.

      • Gabe

        I also lost money to the Barilla loan modification machine they use very unethical practices by this group.

    • Geraldcgords

      Frank Barilla is trying to go after former employees by suing them or threatening them with legal action he is trying to take the blame of his incompetent staff and tell people that the posts are false. Unfortunately the post are true frank barilla and his firms yes he has 4 firms running different scams like loan modifications and ADR along with personal injury it’s all a scam. Mr.barilla has many pending complaints and investigations by the California State Bar
      The staff at mr.barillas firm are very unethical and will sell you anything to make a comission
      and take $$$$$$. Frank

  • Frank Barilla

    We want all of our clients to be satisfied, and we would be
    happy to discuss a refund with this Client.  However, we do not believe
    this complaint was filed by an actual Client, rather it was filed by a
    disgruntled former employee.  The Loan Modification Preparation Package
    Product is something that was just introduced for homeowners who have never
    attempted to negotiate with their Lender on their own, something that needs to
    occur prior to entering into any civil litigation.  To date we have signed
    up one Client for this service, and their package is not yet complete, so the
    complaint is inconsistent with the truth.  Also the complainant
    information describes a 51-65 year old Hispanic.  We do not currently have
    any LMPP Clients who fit that description.  Further we only collect fees after the work is done, never before. Although you probably can’t give us the
    contact information for the person who filed this complaint, please post on
    your site that we want all of our Clients to be satisfied, and we would be
    happy to discuss a refund with someone who ACTUALLY IS A CLIENT.

    • I think you just did.

      I would suggest you subscribe to the comments on this post so you can catch any others that might appear.

      Your responses and participation are appreciated and welcome.


    • Vivahair

      Your office will pay for your conduct thru legal avenues. You bait and switch all your clients.

    • Emilyfilters

      Dear Frank, Why would a former employee write so many different articles on so many websites? You have many different addresses and locations and all have old and new complaints so how would a former person know all of this ? Frank why don’t you just be honest and let the public know about your practice. You have 2 disbarred attorneys doing your legal work and a very incompetent staff who does not handle client complaints very well
      Maybe this is why you have refunds popping up all over. Instead of trying to threaten people you should be honest with yourself and look in the mirror you a washed up 3rd rate lawyer who chaces ambulances and desperate home owners who are at the brink of losing everything. I wonder Frank why have you not paid your mortgage in over 2 years you take a lot of money from people Frankie boy and so does Robbi Sacks your both liars.

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