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Credit Card Debt is Dragging Us Down in Nevada

2 yrs ago we moved to a different state ( Nevada ) to start new employment in the hospitality indistry.

My husband and I had a good credit rating at the time and did have a few credit cards that we managed very well.

We both struggled with our careers and it affected our credit ratings as it took a drastic downfall. We were behind one month, then two, then to none at all.

My husband and I are just now being able to pay some of our very small bills and are now even able to pay rent on time. Unfortunatly I am now getting calls from different creditors including Capital One stating I am being sued and it is going to my jurisdiction.

I dont know what steps to take as many of these companies want payments in full or will not work with me in a resonable amount. What steps should we take? I have heard of filing bankruptcy but I have never done that before. I have also heard that if you do file it goes against you at your employment.

Thank you


Credit Card Debt is Dragging Us Down in Nevada by

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  • Nbgibbs

    I relate and like Cindy have all the same concerns regarding bankruptcy so while I wish I could offer help I can’t except to pray she seeks and finds the help that we are both seeking.

  • Icecoldsean

    There is always options to go through you just have to find the right ones.  Talk to multiple financial advisors and bankruptcy lawyers before moving ahead to get more information on the subject and your specific situation.  If all of them say the same thing then you know what you have to do.

  • Suzanne Coblentz

    Hi Cindy,
    What you and your husband are experiencing is unfortunately not so unusual today.  I understand that you are nervous and feel unsure of your next steps. Being on the receiving end of legal action by one of your creditors is really scary. 

    My recommendation is that you explore all of your options.  Your first step should be to find a few reputable providers, check with your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) to help identify reputable debt relief providers.  I would then go to their websites and familiarize yourself with the various services offered. 

    CareOne Debt Relief Services features a huge user community where you can see firsthand what their actual customers are saying about their services, both debt management and debt settlement.  Lastly, call and speak to somebody and ask as many questions about the plans, the payments, and how the services work with your creditors.

    I wish you and your husband the best of luck 

    • Steve Rhode

      Thank you Suzanne for taking the time to help Cindy.

  • Michael

    Hi Cindy,

    Given the set backs you have experienced and how narrow you are getting by with the basics, and the fact that you can be sued for these unpaid debts the longer they remain unpaid, speak with a bankruptcy attorney about your options with a chapter 7 discharge that will assist you and your husband with a fresh start.

    Bankruptcy may/may not affect employment. Do you or your husband work with other peoples money at your current position? If not, it is less likely to affect your current job.

    Getting sued and your wages garnished direct from the source will have a far greater impact on your ability to meet the necessities you are struggling with now. Bankruptcy will remove that concern.

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