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I’m Looking to Get a Debt Relief Order to Deal with My UK Debt. Will I Qualify for a DRO?

“Dear Jon,

I am looking to get a DRO.

Currently I have 3 credit cards, Overdraft, loan and Hire purchase agreement on a car.

Credit card debt totals £3200

Loan £1250

Overdraft £1500

Outstanding amount on HP £5000

Total £10950

I have had a major cutback in hours at work, so no longer able to service my debts. I am only making the minimum payments to my cards, and my overdraft usage keeps increasing.

Please Note: at this current time I am not yet in arrears with any payments.

I meet all of the qualifying criteria for a DRO.

I was wanting to Move abroad to be with my partner in November to Austria. Whilst I have not obtained any formal employment contracts, I have plenty of opportunities to start a career when I am out there.

If I have a DRO, will I be allowed to relocate abroad?

Like bankrupcy, does a DRO involve the official receiver obtaining all of my wages each month (direct) and then the Official Receiver then pay me an amount deemed appropriate to live on?

After a DRO has been put in place, can I pay off all the debts in a lump sum i.e. if I inherit money from a will etc etc? and would it be for the full £10950, or a reduced figure?

Thank you for your help.”

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The Answer

Just as the same as bankruptcy, there are no travel or relocation restrictions whilst in a DRO. You will need to notify the supervisor of the DRO of your whereabouts and keep them updated until the DRO is discharged, but you can move if you want.

Now the supervisor of your DRO may ask you about any future employment opportunities and what you feel you may earn, what the potential is for future earnings. If you were to have a job offer that was of substantial wages, they could possibly deny you the DRO based on this. But as of now you don’t have any job offers or prospects you should be fine.

In order to qualify for a DRO you cannot have any surplus of income after your living expenses that exceeds £50, so you would not be given an allowance to live on or be expected to pay into the DRO. You only do this if you go bankrupt and have a surplus of income.

If you were to inherit money during the period of the DRO, you would be obligated to disclose this and they could then take the inheritance and not just pay off your debts, but also any fees that may be involved. Usually people about to declare themselves insolvent are not expecting any windfalls such as an inheritance; and just being mentioned in a Will does not need to be disclosed at the time of the DRO or a bankruptcy.

I hope this helps.



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