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Will I Be Arrested at Heathrow for My Old UK Debts? – Richard

“Dear Jon,

I used to live in england for three years and while i was there I had a bank account with an overdraft, 2xcredid cards, and mobile bill. I left the country and left my debt behind as I could not affort to pay them back. I left england 4 years ago ans now live in an other eu country. my debt was 1200 overdraft, 2000 credit cards and 400 mobile, so in total around 4000 pounds. They have not been in direct contact with me but one of the 6 address while living there was a friend house and he told me that I have recieved letters regard this debt, he has even had baylaevs on this issue.

I have booked a flight to america from europe for my brothers wedding and relised that a have a flight transfer in heathrow airport (i’ll be there for 6 hours), so i will be passing through the uk so I’m a bit worried about my debt

will i be arrested once i enter heathrow on my flight tranfer? also worried my debt could effect my friend as his address is listed in my credit report. some extra info I have a biometric passport now and it has a different number to the passport I had while i was in the uk.


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The Answer


Thanks for outlining your situation as well as you did, it does make advising you much easier.

No worries when you transfer/land at Heathrow, unless you are at Terminal 5, and then the waits will seem like a lifetime. A little joke, but you will not be stopped or have any issues just because you left some debts behind in the UK. So again, no worries.

Also, no issues or worries with the new Passport as well.

The concern about Bailiffs being sent to your friend’s house and their credit at that address is a valid one. Your friend may have to show/prove you no longer live there and if the Bailiffs force the issue and get inside, they may need to show what items belong to them and that nothing there is yours. This can be in extreme cases.

If a creditor was to make you bankrupt, the address could show this and also cause someone living there a problem. They can simply have a notice of disassociation placed on their credit history, but it is a bit of a pain to have to do this.

Since you are living in the EU, there is the chance of collectors in the EU buying the debt(s) and chasing you for it there. As this hasn’t happened for the past four (4) years, who is to say if it will happen at all.



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Will I Be Arrested at Heathrow for My Old UK Debts? - Richard by

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