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I Can’t Afford My UK University Tuition. Do I Really Have to Pay It? – Kata

“Dear Jon,

I have joined uk university in jan 2010 and the university fees is 10333£. i paid the minimum fees 3000£. to get an admission. i started the university. and i have written my first semester exams. then i have to pay the remaining fees 7333£. i was expecting a educational loan from india. but it have been cancelled because the person who have to give surety for my loan has expired by heart attack and indian bank have cancelled my education loan. in that situation i was unable to pay my remaining fees. so university have withdrawn me on the grounds of non payment of fees. i thought as i have been withdrawn so i am not supposed to pay the remaining fees. so i joined the other college to continue my education whose fees is 2000£ per anum. so its not a big deal for me to pay the fees by doing part time job. and suddenly in september 2012 i have received a letter to my home address from debt collection agency saying that i need to pay the 7333£ which i owe to the university if i dont pay in whole they will take this matter to the court. frankly speaking i dont have any money to pay. i dont even have any financial support from any one.

1) do i really owe the whole amount 10333£ to the university even though i have been withdrawn on the grounds of non payment of fees??
2) if they take the matter to the court. do i have any chances to win. and if the matter is in uk court can i leave the uk??
3) if i leave to my home country from uk . do the debt collection agency can file a case against me in the indian court??
4) can indian court accepts the uk agreements or contracts??

I am really in a worst situation in the first instance i havnt completed my masters and secondly.. i have to pay the money to the university with out any use.


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The Answer


You mentioned you are working part-time, can you afford to pay anything each month, even if it is just £5 or £10 a month?

Do you have any other debts whatsoever?

You could look at making token payments and showing a full income and expenditure form to document that this is all you can afford for now. The collection firm has to accept the payments, and if they were to take you to court, you can show you are paying/doing the best you can.

Will your situation change soon and will you be working full-time soon? Complete your education?

In answer to your questions:

1) Yes, you probably do owe the full amount of the loan even if you did not complete the course work. Was the entire amount of the loan given to you or the school, or was only a part of the loan paid out to you or the school?

2) If it goes to court, by making the token payments and showing a detailed income and expenditure form will help this go in your favour. It doesn’t mean the collection firm may not obtain a CCJ or County Court Judgment, but they will have to accept the payments you send and a judge should in all fairness not allow an enforcement order on the CCJ.

If it goes to court, you can still leave the UK.

3) You can leave the UK, and unless the debt is sold to a collection agency in your home country, there is little the UK collection agency can do.

4) Again, only if the debt is sold to a collection agency in your home country can they attempt to collect the debt in accord to the laws there. It is doubtful the UK collection firm has or would apply for such authorities there.

I hope this helps.



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I Can't Afford My UK University Tuition. Do I Really Have to Pay It? - Kata by

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