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Is Rescue One Financial Hiring People to Lie to Google?

A tipster (send in your tips here) alerted me to a job posting that pays people to fraudulently report this post, Alleged Former Employee Speaks Out About Rescue One Financial Loan Offers to Google as spam.

The job posting, pays people $0.50 to submit a fraudulent spam report about the post about Rescue One in what can be assumed an effort to bury it or get it removed.

You would think the honorable thing to do for Rescue One would be to respond and deal with the allegations contained in the story rather than either directly or indirectly try to bury the story and lie to consumers.

If Rescue One wants to engage in such behavior, as in the mailer, and is proud of it, then own it.

Is Rescue One Financial Hiring People to Lie to Google?

So let’s run through the logical scenarios:

  1. Rescue One Financial posted this job directly.
  2. Rescue One Financial hired a contractor to post this job.
  3. Rescue One Financial hired a company to bury posts they didn’t like.
  4. Rescue One Financial hired a reputation management company to fraudulently manipulate Google in order to hide information from consumers.
  5. Some totally random dude posted the job out of the blue.

Which option do you think is true, post your vote in the comments section below.

Way to be classy Rescue One, way to be classy.

Big Hug!

Is Rescue One Financial Hiring People to Lie to Google?
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  • Damon Day


  • Jamie t

    rescue one financial wow you guys are really desperate…why would you pay people to destroy the truth…obviously scam artists who are taking advantage of consumer facing tough times…

  • JamesHolt

    It is really sad that Brad Smith has no comments on how he runs his company Rescue One Financial.. Partners with Freedom Debt Relief & still sending out deceptive marketing mailers which is nothing but bait and switch.. Now has really hit the bottom by having people lie and bury the first story about the bait and switch tactics used by RESCUE ONE FINANCIAL. People are submitting marketing mailers from his company still using the same tactics of deception…Andrew Houser his partner still no comments on this practice..well as long as they are getting rich by lining their pockets from the backs of consumers hardships…obviously does not bother with owner…Again FTC should start cracking down or close these operations down for ethical & consumer protection..

  • Chris

    No they are not a licensed lender… Rescue one financial is a front for a debt settlement program.. They are not a licensed lender in the state of california.. Again I have talked to various people who used to work for this organization.. BAIT AND SWITCH & hiding under cloak of FREEDOM DEBT RELIEF.. Continue to send out deceptive mailers.. and need to be shutdown by the FTC.,.. You have had many people present mailers & correspondence from this company.. again RESCUE ONE FINANCIAL has tried in vain to bury these comments & plenty of evidence of their disgusting deceptive mailers.. RESCUE ONE FINANCIAL Continues to prey on people hardships and all we have requested is to be honest… People who used to work there did not want to be involved in deceptive advertising & have FTC come in to office and close them down.. That is why they left… Not to mention they have integrity & do not want to involved in a deceptive company……

  • Firm Offer of Credit

    When a Company markets an offer of credit utilizing data obtained from one of the three credit bureaus, whether they are brokering loans or they are originating them directly, they must be licensed in those states where they are targeting consumers. Does Rescue One Financal have any lending licenses in any states at all, particularly in California where they are located? If not, a simple alert to the credit bureaus might be able to resolve this fraudulent activity.

    It is not only bait and switch marketing, it is downright deceitful.
    Operators like this will continue to stain the reputation of the industry.

    • Steve Rhode

      Last time I checked they were not a licensed lender in California.

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