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MB Consulting Unlimited – Consumer Complaint – January 29, 2014

Consumer Statement:

I connected with Doug Johnson (Debt Relief Advocate) operating out of Brentwood, TN to discuss his strategy for getting control of private student loans. Doug connected me with Michael Biancone (MB Consulting Unlimited) operating out of Surfside Beach, SC.

After multiple conference call conversations with Michael and Doug, I signed on for 2-promrams. First, a debt relief program with MB Consulting’s team and authorized MB Consulting to automatically deduct an amount from my account to be put aside in a “trust” account(managed by MB Consulting via National Consumer Avocates, Inc).

The monthly fixed amount needed to accumulate to the targeted amount MB Consulting’s team needed to begin negotiation with the creditor(40% of the debt). The 40% cost included the projected amount needed to settle the debt and MB Consulting’s fees.

Michael copied Doug Johnson and a Dennis Murkey on my signed documents. When asked, Michael and Doug stated that Dennis is the trust manager. I have NEVER spoken or had any direct communications with Dennis except I copied him via “Reply All” on a response to Michael via [email protected]

Michael’s team was going to inform the creditor of the program I entered in and this would help to prevent suits while in the program. The second program was with Doug Johnson to use the federal violations incurred by collection callers. Because each call comes with a monetary value based on the violation, Doug said he would use the accumulated $$$ violation potential to help negotiate the debt with proposed suits from this team of attorneys he works with.

Doug also provided written statements to tell the creditors to position them for this violation. Well, after reading the statement to the collectors, the phone calls immediately stopped and within 60 days we have received a letter from an attorney representing the creditors, The letters were immediately emailed to Michael and Doug. Doug called and we were informed that a suit was more than likely inevitable.

Michael NEVER to discuss the letters. Because the situation was escalating quickly out of control, I contacted an attorney, who help develop a different strategy which does not include Chapter 7 or 13 or trying to legally discharge the debt. However the plan does include immediate discontinuing the program with MB Consulting Unlimited. He suggested while Doug Johnson’s program has merits, collectors are aware of this strategy and this is most likely not effective and could escalate legal proceedings on the part of the creditor.

Consumer Action Taken:

On January 21, 2014 at 1:45 PM CST, I sent an email to Michael Biancone (MB Consulting Unlimited and Dennis Murkey (the Trust manager according to Michael Biancone); instructing them to cancel the program and to send any amount due to me.

I requested an itemized cost statement if the amount being refunded was less than the total amount collected; I copied Doug Johnson, my daughter (actual debtor) and my husband.

On January 22 at 9:02am, I sent an email to Michael, Doug and Dennis asking for acknowledgment receipt of the day prior’s email. I spoke with Doug briefly who shared he would connect with Michael. Michael emailed me on January 22 at 10:55 AM CST basically stating “Any cancellation of auto initialized paperwork utilizing the program through NCAI is to be processed through NCAI’s office as shown on the first page of the documents. With your email coping Dennis and NCAI, it is in their hands to proceed with your request as according to their agreement and terms thereof. All activities through this request are finalized through NCAI.” “As to MB Consulting Unlimited and myself, our efforts to assist you in your search for answers and options to the above loans account was to advocate direction.”

I discussed Michael’s email with Doug who reiterated that it has nothing to do with Michael but it’s up to Dennis to write the check. I asked Doug for contact information other than the gmail account for Dennis. Doug stated he would be in contact with Dennis to ensure he sends me the itemized statement requested and a copy of the letter that he supposedly sent to creditors.

To date, I have not had ANY direct communications from Dennis. No other communications with Michael other than the email reference above. And phone conversations with Doug more or less stating “good luck.

So my connections with Doug Johnson a “consumer debt Advocate” HAS ONLY ADDED TO MY DEBT PROBLEMS. I FEEL THAT THIS WAS A SCAM DESIGNED BY DOUG JOHNSON and EXECUTED BY MICHAEL BIANCONE OF MB CONSULTING UNLIMITED. I paid my bank to stop payment. I will file a complaint shortly with the BBB and the attorney general offices in my state and the state of their office addresses. Thanks for reading. Any help to prevent from happening to someone else is appreciated.

Date This Problem Happened: January 21, 2014

State You Live in: Texas

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $775

Company Name: MB Consulting Unlimited

Company Address:

2504 Hwy 17 business south
Garden City, SC 29576

Company Telephone Number: 866-446-5096

Website of Company:

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