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Mizner Grande Law Firm – Consumer Complaint – April 3, 2014

We received an email from a Jonathan Sabia who says he is with MLB Interactive Marketing which is doing business as Mizner Grande. Mr. Sabia denies the truthfulness of the complaint below and we’ve asked him to contribute a specific response to address whatever issues the consumer had. We’ve offered him to contribute a statement to post on the complaint and urged him to post any statement he wants to make in response in the comments below. – April 4, 2014

Statement from Jon Sabia: “I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. The so called “complaint or complaints” you have published on your web site, are not real consumers or real complaints. As I mentioned in my previous email there are no actual complaints against my company or the law firms I work with. I don’t understand why you wish to post false complaints about my company. I have asked you to verify any of these complaints and you haven’t, I will pursue every legal means necessary to rectify these fraudulent complaints you are hosting.

Also in one of your complaints this Joe hill that was mentioned, does not work for me or any of the law firms I work with. Again this is just more lies made up by the true scammers out there.

So my goal isn’t to comment and be a part of your blog, my goal is to have these false complaints removed/deleted completely from your site, I’m willing to utilize every legal means necessary in order to rectify this.” – April 7, 2014

Response: I have emailed the person who submitted the complaint and asked for additional information. The email did not bounce.

While Sabia states there are no actual complaints about Mizner Grande there is one on the FCC website that mentions Sabia, Hill and Mizner Grande. It is unclear what action was taken or he took about that complaint. Sabia did not list the law firms he works with. The BBB has no listing and thus no complaints for Mizner Grande.

To make this even more confusing, while a Jon Sabia says his company MLB Marketing Interactive is doing business as Mizner Grande, the State of Florida says the company “The Mizner Grande Law Firm” is a fictitious name that is actually for “The Law Office of Howard Feinmel.” It has been since 3-14-2013. – Source

The consumer complaint was for was for which says the company is “Mizner Grande a Law Firm.” In that case would that not be Sabia’s company?

Mizner Grande Law Firm   Consumer Complaint   April 3, 2014

There is a listing for “Mizner Grande” with the State of Florida but it does not appear to be a law firm. It is registered as a fictitious name to a non-lawyer, MLB Marketing Interactive on 3-29-2013. – Source

That registration was signed by a “John Sabia” and emails I have received come from a Jonathan Sabia. It is also unclear who all of the entities are behind MLB Marketing Interactive, LLC since it lists MLB Marketing Partners as the authorized manager but provides no listing for who is actually behind MLB Marketing Partners. There is no company in Florida or fictitious name listed for MLB Marketing Partners. – April 7, 2014

Consumer Statement:

I hope you can help me I have a crazy situation. A while back I contacted by an Attorney named Joe Hill who spoke to me about my mortgage & told me I had a great case and that his law firm could win my case and my home.

Then a few weeks ago I receive a call from “Joe Hill” the exact same guy with the exact voice and same speaking habbits, this guy is unique and odd to where you cant help but remember him. But whats so weird is he starts telling me that I need to stop using my Law Firm which is MIzner Grande Law Firm in Boca Raton. I thought he was calling to give me an update but he started rambling on about how Mizner Grande Law was actually a scam and how my Attorney of record has a bad history of arrest and how the owners of the Law Firm are tied to a big government investigation for stealing peoples homes and if I stayed with Mizner Grande they would steal my home also. So he told me that when he found out about their scam that he partnered up with this new attorney who has never lost a case (which is what he told me about Howard Feinmel when he started me with Mizner Grande Law).

I told him I needed to investigate this and to call me back next week bevause I was flustered and that is when things got really interesting and scarier for me. The next week I received another call from this attorney “Joe Hill” once again the exact same person, the exact same voice, same mannerism, same tone, but this time he starts telling me that I need to leave that other Law Firm and come back to Mizner Grande because the other place was a bunch of criminals who were taking their business and my case is almost finished and they have won already I just need to make a payment again to get caught up. I could spend hours telling all the reasons that this call was crazy but mainly for a few reasons. 1: I wasn’t with the other company he told me about and didn’t even know who they were other than him trying to put me with that other attorney the previous week. 2: I didn’t owe Mizner Grande any money they take money out of my bank every single mont h and have taken over $8000 from me so far. 3. How was case almost won but stopped bc of missed payments when Ive always paid.

I tried to explain this to him but it barely seemed like he heard me and he told me to stop talking to other attorneys or I will lose my house and how I was going to ruin everything that they did so far.

Consumer Action Taken:

Since then I did a lot of research on the internet and I see Mizner Grande Law has multiple complaints on this site so I wanted to see how you could help me. I also found a lot more bad things about them on the internet. It says that my attorney Howard Feinmel does have legal problems and has been arrested many times. It says the company was once called Fidelity Land Trust and that the government shut them down for stealing houses. It had a lot of things on John Sabia who is another attorney that I have spoken to for updates a few times it says john was disbarred and is a criminal that is the partner of another known criminal.

I tried to call John Sabia many times after this happened and I saw all these bad things and the phone was disconnected each time I called. I tried calling Crystal the paralegal and the phone was also disconnected. Then I did a call from Crystal and from how she spoke to me she knew nothing at all about the whirlwind my life had turned into because of this and so I asked her how things were going with my lawsuit and were things almost settled and she said they they submitted for a loan modification and they are waiting for a response before moving forward with any Legal proceeding.

Why have I spent over $8000 while they are doing a loan modification? Can you please tell me what I should do? Who is Mizner Grande Law? Who is Howard Feinmel and can I trust him? WHo is this Edward Cherry criminal and does he really own Mizner Grande Law? Who is John Sabia? Who is Joe Hill?

I also saw things on the internet linked to the number I have for the attorney Joe Hill which say his real name is Joe Hilton and that he is a know criminal? Is this true? the number always calls from is 561-306-5445.

Who can I file a complaint too? Can anyone tell me more about these people? Will I lose my home too? How do I ask for a refund?

Date This Problem Happened: August 1, 2013

State You Live in:

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $8,000

Company Name: Mizner Grande

Company Address:

902 Clint Moore Rd
Suite 128
Boca Raton, FL 33437

Company Telephone Number: 561-910-5926

Website of Company:

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Mizner Grande Law Firm - Consumer Complaint - April 3, 2014 by

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About Consumer

This is information that was submitted by a third party and not generated by or Steve Rhode.
  • ed

    I came across a prior PR piece produced by the Feinmel/Diodato/Cherry scammers (see below) just a couple of years ago. This is relevant as it touted how Feinmel’s quiet title actions “worked”. Sounds great, right ? Well this decision was overturned as it was tantamount to a “forfeit” because the lender did not respond in the allotted timeframe, due to Feinmel not notifying them properly. This poor consumer just went to foreclosure auction in Februrary. Think he is referring Feinmel’s services any longer ? The good news is Feinmel is available to defend you against quiet title actions so act fast. The name on the door is sure to change shortly.

    • ed

      Here is a classic example of the stupidity of Feinmel, Sabia, Cherry and Diodato. On their facebook page they post two bullshit articles which they produced that say exactly the opposite of the other. One has a headline Mizner Grande Law Firm Protects Distressed Homeowners Using Quiet Title Action and the other Mizner Grande Law Firm Protects Distressed Homeowners Against Quiet Title Action. I guess they protect homeowners against quiet title actions they file ? Too fucking funny !!

      See for yourself

  • ed

    Mr. Feinmel. Care to comment on your dubious past ? It appears as though you were a branch manager with the now defunct LH Ross brokerage firm that sent its owner to prison for stock fraud as well as another branch manager assumed to be a Bonanno crime family associate . This is the very same firm Robert J. Vitale (find more about him on this site and google him) worked for and was charged by the SEC for a “pump and dump” scheme . If this sounds familiar to you readers you may recall Larry Diodato, a well known associate of Feinmel, also went to jail for a “pump and dump” scheme with now defunct FD Roberts. Vitale was also involved in the land trust scams that mirrored Fidelity Land Trust (owned by Larry Diodato and Ed Cherry and represented by Feinmel) and is a well known buddy of Paul Gallenbeck. Looks like Feinmel honed his scamming skills back in the mid 90′s with LH Ross before becoming a scumbag attorney whose new firm Mizner Grande Law (he cannot use Delta Law Firm any longer due to its “F” rating with the BBB) is now trying to dupe consumers yet again by claiming he wants to “protect” them from the very scam he perpetuates, quiet title actions. Looks like the entire state of Florida is one big conspiracy to commit fraud !

  • jimzax

    So did Howie shut down the Delta Law Firm? Or rather, did Larry, Ed, Jon, or Jad shut it down?

    • ed

      Given the Delta Law Firm carries an “F” rating with the BBB I think it is safe to assume he is operating under Mizner Grande until they get shut down. Then, he will resurface under yet another name as name changing is the way these guys believe they can stay one step ahead of the law. Just ask Ed Cherry, I mean Edward Gregory Steadman.

    • ed

      Here is some good reading about Feinmel and his prior companies. No wonder he keeps changing the name of his law firm .

  • ed
    • Eva Lee

      Whats incredibly SHOCKING Ed, is that the FL Bar has him listed with NO COMPLAINTS on his profile. This is incredibly misleading to the consumer who goes far enough to even research a lawyer to see if they are hiring a reputable, upstanding, professional attorney. Thus begins the viscous cycle many of us have entered into with this scam and I will venture to say that the FL Bar is, in part, responsible for misleading the public.

      • ed

        One could make the argument that both the Florida Bar and the Florida Attorney General are responsible for allowing Feinmel, Cherry, Diodato et al to continue to perpetrate their frauds when they know full well the extent of them while consumers like yourself are harmed and will never recoup those lost funds. Inept is a word that comes to mind offhand.

      • ed

        The Florida Attorney general has failed to protect the citizens of Florida miserably with these guys. They have known about Ed Cherry since 2008, having filed charges against him for the Hess Kennedy fiasco which cost consumers and credit card companies (he was sued by Chase) millions. They knew of Cherry’s activity with The Center for Legal Justice with Larry Diodato and Howard Feinmel, how that evolved into August Belmont and Company (two more scams that ripped off millions from consumers) but failed to do anything about it. Only until these crooks starting messing around with peoples homes , or deeds, with the Fidelity Land Trust scam did the AG decide to file some charges. But those charges did not stop them as they continued merrily along scamming consumers and opening up new firms like Mizner Grande Law. The AG is like a cop who watches a criminal personally commit mugging after mugging right in front of his face but then gives the criminal a jay walking ticket, only to watch him continue to keep mugging but then makes a big announcement about issuing the jay walking ticket to justify their existence. The AG is paid to protect its citizens from criminals like this but their feeble attempts have done little to hinder these guys. The worst part is Cherry, Feinmel and Diodato know it as they don’e even bother changing their address, just the name of their new scams. There has been only one individual who has paid a price through all of this and that was Paul Rogers Kennedy, the attorney who was the predecessor to Feinmel who pled guilty to a consent judgement and was barred from practicing law for 18 months due to his involvement. As for Cherry, Feinmel and Diodato they just keep on scamming people with multiple types of fraudulent programs from debt elimination to timeshare resale to land trusts and now with this void your mortgage note scam while the AG sits idly by.

      • Timbo

        It is amazing how within this conversation there are several people that know all about Jon Sabia, Feinmel, Ed Cherry, and Joe Hill/Hilton/Yurkin scams… meanwhile, Jon Sabia is claiming that the complaints are not real and he doesn’t know who Joe Hill is? LOL. In a sick way, it is all very funny. These people spit in the face of the consumers they rob, their employees, and apparently the AG & the BAR and they get away with it too. Why?

      • ed

        Sabia learned well from Cherry and Diodato that the best form of defense is a good offense. Just read the posts on this site about Larry Diodato threatening other posters (even Steve himself) when all of the posts were 100% true and accurate. Same goes for Cherry. They all deny deny deny (except for their former attorney Paul Rogers Kennedy who came clean to the Florida Bar and took an 18 month suspension ) Read Larry Diodato’s deposition on this site or Nick Torgersons claims about not being involved with Cherry and Diodato , which he gets totally busted on. They all suffer, ultimately, from foot in mouth disease in the end because they are complete morons. The only one with half a brain is Cherry (oh, sorry Edward Steadman) as he has kept one step ahead of the feds for years and is the brainchild behind all of these scams.

      • Eva Lee

        Ed, may I strongly urge you, to ask CNN or 60 minutes to do a investigative report on all these guys and all the companies you have mentioned? Including the AG and FL Bar’s involvement in all of this. I think they will be interested. I would contact their offices myself but, I simply do not have all the knowledge that you have. I believe this is something that the public NEEDS to know about and I also believe nothing will be done about these criminals unless AG and FL Bar are put in the spotlight for their misgivings and enabling this fraud to rip of MILLIONS of people for MILLIONS of dollars. This is beginning to look like a “Bernie Madoff” scheme, in that these people are getting away with MILLIONS and the enforcing agencies that govern their licenses are ALLOWING it.
        Will you consider?

      • ed

        I have plenty in store for Diodato, Cherry, Feinmel et al , not to worry. What you and every other consumer harmed by them need to do is let your voice be heard by every regulatory agency (AG, CFPB, etc) as the more people who speak up about this the more they MUST pay attention and do something. Posting your complaints here is one step but this is a court of public opinion, not law. We need these scumbags tried in a court of law.

      • Eva Lee

        I have done all that. And no doubt many many others, who do not know the full extent of this, have done so also. It all seems fruitless. I feel the media is a very powerful option. it seems nothing of this magnitude ever gets done unless there is media to bring it all to the forefront, and then a snowball of public outcry.

      • ed

        You can start by calling Kimberly Miller of the Palm Beach Post at 561-820-4435. She has been shining a light on these guys for some time . However, few who have been victimized have come forward to tell their story. Be one of the victims who does.

  • Eva Lee

    I filed TWICE with FL AG, BBB & Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (who went to court against Meracord and won a judgement for $1.73 million for illegal practices whom Howard Feinmel was using to extract money from peoples acct’s)
    BTW also mentioned in the August Belmont & Co Injunction/asset freeze is Esq Litigation Support. As of three weeks ago, I was still receiving calls and emails from Don Callahan- at Esq Litigation Support on behalf of Howard Feinmel & Jon Sabia

  • Steve Rhode

    Received statement from Jon Sabia and added it to the consumer complaint submitted: “Statement from Jon Sabia: “I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. The so called “complaint or complaints” you have published on your web site, are not real consumers or real complaints. As I mentioned in my previous email there are no actual complaints against my company or the law firms I work with. I don’t understand why you wish to post false complaints about my company. I have asked you to verify any of these complaints and you haven’t, I will pursue every legal means necessary to rectify these fraudulent complaints you are hosting.

    Also in one of your complaints this Joe hill that was mentioned, does not work for me or any of the law firms I work with. Again this is just more lies made up by the true scammers out there.

    So my goal isn’t to comment and be a part of your blog, my goal is to have these false complaints removed/deleted completely from your site, I’m willing to utilize every legal means necessary in order to rectify this.” – April 7, 2014″

    • Timbo

      Jon, you didn’t read my message before making this silly response. I worked for you. Though, briefly… We know each other.

      So, Jon Sabia claims he does not know Joe Hill & Joe Hill has never worked for him?

      Meanwhile, I worked for Jon Sabia and saw him and Joe Hill together. Joe Hill is/was not only working there but he was there top Sales Scammer!

      Jon, what does this say about you and the rest of your statement? You are saying that you don’t even know who Joe is? You two are best buds? What are you trying to accomplish with that? I have the names and numbers of some people that spoke to Joe Hill and received paperwork from Joe Hill representing Mizner Grande Law. Would you like us all to get on a conference call and see if he worked for you then? Are you willing to do that to CLEAR (lol) your name and your companies name?

      Jon, is or was Edward Cherry your partner for Mizner Grande at 902 Clint Moore? Or do you deny knowing him as well?

      We can see that you read this blog so we will certainly take no response as an admission of guilt, but if you would like to defend yourself some more, the floor is yours.

  • Steve Rhode

    We received an email from a Jonathan Sabia who says he is with MLB Interactive Marketing which is doing business as Mizner Grande. Mr. Sabia denies the truthfulness of the complaint below and we’ve asked him to contribute a specific response to address whatever issues the consumer had. We’ve offered him to contribute a statement to post on the complaint and urged him to post any statement he wants to make in response in the comments below. – April 4, 2014

    • Michael

      I do love that these guys always are willing to put their foots deeper and deeper in their mouths.

      Can Jon Sabia comment on his companies relationship to Fidelity Land Trust? Can he explain why they share or at least shared the same exact business address and office number? Can he explain why they use the same attorney Howard Feinmel? Can he explain why the phone number listed here does go to a Joe Hill who says he is with Mizner Grande? Can he explain his relationship to Ed Cherry? Can he explain his business model and success rate for his companies outrageous claims?

      John Sabia, you want to clear your name and dispute this? Here is your platform! Be a man! Answer these questions.

      Are you in business with or have you done business with Ed Cherry, Diodato, Gallenback, Fidelity Land Trust, Joe Hilton?

    • Michael

      Let me also add this:

      Jon, we all know you read all of these post and comments. Defend yourself and your company just as any company that has done nothing wrong would.

  • Michael

    Ed, you are very knowledgeable and always in the know. I appreciate your contributions.

    So, Mizner Grande is basically Fidelity Land Trust 2.0 right? I mean this is Ed Cherry’s company and these scumbags Jonathan Sabia, Howard Feinmel, & Joe Yurkin / Joe Hilton are his criminal partners right?

    What other light can you or anyone else shed on these people?

    And what can this consumer do to get some help with this?

    • Timbo

      Hey Ed/Steve,

      I have writen on here before. I worked for these guys at Mizner Grande for a few days so I can tell you about their whole scam.

      To summarize & give everyone a picture of what is really happening over there I can tell you that over at their office at 902 Clint Moore suite 128 there are 3 guys that seem to make up the power structure. Ed Cherry, Adam Forsman, & Jon Sabia. I say that because those 3 guys have large offices and the Attorney HOWARD FEINMEL is a drunk guy that they make sit at the secretaries desk. Do you want read that again? Because it shocked me for several days and I still shake my head thinking about it. The Attorney who’s business it supposedly is in incoherent raging alcoholic that sits at the secretaries desk playing minesweeper all day.

      I was hired as a salesman to offer some “very advanced legal process” that on Mizner Grande law did in which they claim to have successfully sued banks and in that process will win someone’s home free and clear for them. That is the sales pitch.

      My first day I was told I could make a fortune there, I received zero training and they put me on a phone next to “JOE HILL”. Joe Hill is a middle aged, not very bright, drug dealer (yes, he actually sells drugs as his main income), who was their star salesman (they only had a few total). Joe worked maybe 2-3 hours each day and in his time with me he told to tell everyone I spoke to that we investigated their case and they have a winning case and to send $3000 to get started. What research? There was none done, we were just supposed to tell people that. Joe Hill told me that we had a lot of leads from this company that was shut down named Fidelity Land Trust and that anyone that had them we should tell them it was a scam and tell them we could fix it for them. The next day I met EDWARD CHERRY who came out of his office to scream at all of us in a speech where he was kind enough to point out that if someone had or has Fidelity we should say that we heard they are a good company and the Gov’t is trying to screw them over but to let them do there work bc they are in good hands.

      Edward Cheery then pointed out that anyone that didn’t do that would lose their job instantly because he told us that WE ARE / WE WERE FIDELITY LAND TRUST so saying bad things about Fidelity would just screw us over and pointed out that people would recognize that we still have the same address.

      After that meeting it was explained to me that ED CHEERY was a lifetime criminal who these guys all looked at like he was a God or AL CAPONE or something. At this point I had a million red flags but there is more.

      Most of the people there are in Chaos and basically hate each other. Adam Forsman says not to listen to Jon Sabia bc he is a POS & its really his company & all his biz & Jon Sabia says not to listen to Adam Forsman bc he’s out on bail crackhead & that the biz belongs to him & Ed Cherry. All the while, the Attorney Howard Feinmel is drinking Vodka at 11am. They have paralegals (supposedly) there are clearly drug addicts who were also kind enough to tell me not to trust Jon or Adam bc they were both scum and nobodies and that ED CHERRY was the only one with any power there. Adam & Jon are constantly bickering with each other to the point that anyone that works there knows about it and talks about it.

      On my last day (this all happened in a few days time and I’m still leaving out plenty of stuff that happened) I wasn’t paid what I was said I would be paid and wasn’t given the opportunities that were supposed to be given (I was told more money guaranteed and told that the phone would ring off the hook with inbound calls and it didn’t ring at all) and I was told by Adam & Jon that I could become rich working there despite them not paying me what they owed, how ironic. But, on that day JOE HILL or JOE HILTON or I’m reading maybe his real name is JOE YURKIN; came to me and wanted me to meet him the next day bc he had some stuff that I could sell and make some real money. He was very serious too. He wanted me to sell drugs & acted like it was no big deal that this was or should be normal conversation.

      I now work for a respectable Law Firm again but I will never forget my few days at Mizner Grande Law / Fidelity Land Trust. The things I have read about what laws these people have broken and the lives they have ruined have been shocking to say the least and I cannot believe it takes this long to put people behind bars. But, it is very true that these people are in business and are intentionally calling people to tell them lies to solicit supposed Legal Services and Law Suits for large retainers.

      If anyone has questions I’d be happy to answer them.

      • Timbo

        Hi Ed! I actually don’t know who Larry Diodato is, meaning I didn’t see him there or if I did I didn’t know his name.

        My time was limited. But, yes, Ed Cherry was there every day as he is the Boss, he runs the whole show there.

        I think it is hilarious that this guy Sabia is using the who is “Joe Hill” defense. From what I understood Joe Hill was probably responsible for 80% of the business they brought in and that made sense to me bc he basically called people and said we have done thousands of dollars of intense Legal Research and found that you have a lawsuit that cant lose. He would then sau they just had to pay th processing fees for the lawsuit and that any money the Law Firm would make would come from suing the bank and that they would get there house clear from the bank and that they have successfully quieted 100′s of titles in their history. Somehow, people ate that stuff up. He would then take people to the Florida BAR website & somehow infer & convince people that Howard Feinmel has never lost a case. It was so egregious that I couldn’t possibly forget it.

        The place is at 902 Clint Moore Road Suite 128. You enter into a storefront like office and the front secretary welcome area was the DRUNK ATTORNEY’s office HOWARD FEINMEL. Meaning, he didn’t have any office, he was like the lease important person there, it was so strange!

        Then you enter into an open area (sales pit) where they had cubicles. They had a guy who monitored the few sales reps they had and that guy would always complain that nothing got done in the office ever and said they have lost peoples homes and bitched all the time. I cant remember his name for the life of me but I will try to remember it. That is where JOE HILL worked from a cubicle and JOE had a couple of cold callers that would get him on the phone with people.

        Then the office had executive offices, the first was Adam Forsman, from what I understand he was just at a jail, a skittish guy, seemed on drugs all the time.

        Another exec office had Jon Sabia, a high pitch nerdy type guy (not being offensive that is how you would describe him) the type of guy that you can tell was always trying really hard to sound intelligent, but if you knew anything you can recognize that the things he says are always made-up.
        Another office had secretaries/paralegals supposedly that were again druggy types, strung out, willing to bitch to me (a stranger they just met) on every smoke break about what a SCUMBAG Jon Sabia was and how they were paid peanuts and ran the whole company and the lawyer never did any work etc…

        The main office was Ed Cherry’s who was there every single day. I have to say it, out of everyone there, he was a guy that seemed cool, nice, intelligent, even professional other than one time that he yelled at everyone for trying to get FIDELITY LAND TRUST clients to cancel when as he said we were the same company. For me dealings with him, he was a nice guy. I have obviously read since then all about him and know that he has made a great living out of robbing struggling people so I’m not standing up for the guy at all.

        Any other questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

    • Eva Lee

      Please see my post just above. It mentions Jon Sabia and Howard Feinmel as well as others that Ed has mentioned.

  • ed

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