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Staying With My Parents is Shunned in My Community. – Jahmiel


“Dear Steve,

I’m 30 yrs old. I have a full time job paying at least $30,000 a year. With the student consolidated debt of $60,000. my private loan is $20,000 with 9.25% rate. My federal loan is $36,000 with a 3% rate. My credit card payments is currently $1800. I’m sending extra payments.

I’m able to pay on my loans and credit card debt ($700 a month), but I don’t have enough to live off of. Outside of the loans and expenses (living with parents) I can bring in max $700. But here in DC, $700 for an apartment puts me in sub standard neighborhood. I’m trying to think of a method or plan to start so I can be on my own. Apartments here have risen. I’m thinking about moving out the area once I can get a car. I’m getting discouraged and depressed, because I look at my peers and they have families and homes.

I’m trying to come up with a method so I can be financially stable and move. Am I doing the right thing by staying at home with my folks, (it’s shunned my community)?


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The Answer


Dear Jahmiel,

Just because your peers have families and homes does not mean they are not without complications and debt. If you didn’t have all your student loan debt you’d probably have more material stuff as well. But was the investment in your education a debt worth having?

The answer to moving out seems simple, get a room in a group house. You can find local ads on craigslist. I took a quick look at there are offerings in your price range. It’s not a perfect solution but it gets you out of the house and fits in your budget.

Big hug, (if not shunned in your community.)

Staying With My Parents is Shunned in My Community.   Jahmiel
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  • Rob

    If you can handle doing 4 years in the military, I think they will wipe out your student loans if you join. That would take care of your debt and housing requirements all at the same time. I think the Peace Corps also will do something about your loans. so for a couple of years of service you can wipe out alot of your problems.

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