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I’m Not Sure if Ocwen Will Modify My Mortgage. They Won’t Respond. – Rush


“Dear Steve,

I am in Dallas, Texas and have been unable to find full time work since 9/2007 and am 6 months behind on my mortgage. I submitted a modification package to Ocwen in April but have received no response other than “Your request is still under review.” Meanwhile, I have received a bunch of foreclosure documents from some law firm in Houston.

I have recently begun working part time and my common-law husband (who is not named on the mortgage loan) is working full time so we are now able to make payments again. However, Ocwen is now saying I owe almost $11,000 instead of the $6,600 it should be from accumulated late payments, and will not accept any payments less than that amount. I sent in one check a few months ago and they sent it back uncashed.

The house is no longer worth what I owe, and cannot pay any large lump sum, but could start making payments again. I do not know how to get through to someone who can help me work this out, and I very much do not want to lose my home.

How do I get my loan modification worked out?


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The Answer


Dear Rush,

I think all you can do is bug them daily to get a status update. Try this contact information:

Loan Resolution Dept.
Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
12650 Ingenuity Dr.
Orlando, Florida, 32826

FAX – (407) 737-5693

Ocwen has a reputation of being really slow or just not calling back. You will have to chase them.

I’m not sure what modification program you may be eligible for since you are so delinquent with them. If they are moving ahead with foreclosure your only way to stop that would be with a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Texas has both judicial and non-judicial foreclosures so you may not be called to appear in court for a foreclosure hearing at which you could make your case to the judge.

I am concerned that you do have foreclosure correspondence from a law office. That tells me that Ocwen may have just coded your account as in foreclosure and is not moving ahead with a modification. Don’t sit back and wait for them. Start calling Ocwen now and get some answers.

Big Hug!

Im Not Sure if Ocwen Will Modify My Mortgage. They Wont Respond.   Rush
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