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My Bankruptcy Case Has Been Filed and I’m Scared. – Traci

“Dear Steve,

My bankruptcy case has been filed and I will be going to the meeting the the trustees in a couple of weeks. I did alot of cash advances and alot of withdraws out of my account. I am afraid they will think I am being fraudulent and not discharge anything. I am very scared!

What is going to happen to me? I made a lot of mistakes and let people take advantage of me and my money. I let it happen to myself it is my fault.


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The Answer


Dear Traci,

Your bankruptcy attorney would not put forward a case that he or she did not think would be accepted.

So let’s deal with this head on. By your own admission you made some bad choices and screwed up. The best thing you can do now is to learn from their mistakes. As I always say, “There is no sense wasting a perfectly good mistake.” Learn from it and don’t make those same mistakes again.

The fears you have are real in your head and scare you. But what you should do is call your attorney, discuss your specific worries and let your attorney calm you nerves based on his or her experience with the trustee.

It will all work out. It always does.

Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you.

Big Hug!

My Bankruptcy Case Has Been Filed and Im Scared.   Traci
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My Bankruptcy Case Has Been Filed and I'm Scared. - Traci by

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  • Julie

    I am terrified of the trustee. My husband lost his job 18 months ago as a construction manager. All of our investments were in real estate. We used credit cards to stay afloat. We are losing our home and the I am afraid the trustee does not believe us. We have provided a 4 inch thick binder of finacial records dating back 6 years. I had an inheretance from my parents that involved a settlement, she thinks i gifted them money. I have the court documents that prove that is not true. Additionally, I am afraid that my estimates are too low on my exemptions. We are over 12-15 thousand under the amount allowed, but I am afaid that my estimate is too low, she will not allow the bankruptcy, and I will go to jail. I am a 64 year grandmother. I am suicidal. I cannot go to jail.

    • Steve Rhode


      You are not going to jail.

      If the trustee acts unfairly and you want to file a complaint against the trustee you can do so here.


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