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  • Jurassic Carl

    Hello, I did a Phd overseas (London) where the school financial aid office allowed me to take Stafford loans out for the tuition,but made me take private student loans (ISLPs or international student loans) for living expenses. Are these private loans dischargeable?..Because my bankruptcy attorney said No, and filed my chapter 7 without these. If so, can I re-open the bankruptcy and fix this?

  • Natelee Kiefer

    I was a client of Macey and Aleman aka Legal Helpers and am currently in month 58 of 60 in a Chapter 13. All of the contact information that I had for Legal Helpers is no longer valid, do I need a lawyer for a discharge hearing? Are there classes that I need to take to be discharged and am I considered a Jacoby and Myers client now and would I have access to the law firm listed for Philadelphia? Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

  • Kiley

    so, I need your help…the article you wrote about on student loan managers..Well, I went with them.. & now I am trying to get my money back because consilidation never went through..Can you please help me with some options? Will they forever have my information? I need help !

  • olivia60

    President Obama only has two years left in his Presidency. I need to know how long is this executive order good for? Is it good for 5,10, or 20 years or can a new President cancel it out or change it? Since it takes about 8 years to get an education in this country which makes the Universities very happy, I want to know will this still be available when I finish college?

  • Some guy

    Mr. Rhode, would you be able to refer me to Massachusetts bankruptcy attorneys who know anything about dealing with private student loans. The one I spoke recently to doesn’t want to even try.

    • Damon Day

      Hello Some Guy,
      What city do you live in?

  • FinoGal

    I am currently paying $42,000 in student loans on the standard repayment plan. My monthly payment is more than a vehicle payment and I am drowning under the financial strain. What are my options? There are 13 different loans listed under my name with varying interest rates! This is not what I thought I was getting.

  • FinoGal

    I am currently paying on $42,000 of student loans and I am trying to sort out my options. I am not clear on how my loans are grouped and how the interest rates can vary so much. 13 different loans. My monthly payment is more than a vehicle payment! I am on the standard repayment plan. I am drowning with this debt.

  • Traci Singh

    I have a student loan from way back in like 1987 or 1988 that started out at like $3500 to $5000 not exactly sure how much. It got consolidated & I really tried to pay it off when I could. Life happened, way too long story. I was in a car accident in 2005 & haven’t worked since. Can’t get disability cause I can’t afford to go to the doctor to get documented papers to get loans wiped off. My loans have been sold to so many companies over the years & I recently got a letter from a collection agency stating I know owe just below $25K on this loan. There is no way I can ever pay this. It doesn’t seem to effect me as far as renting apartments, getting cellphone services, cable, etc. Is there any solution as to what I can do to make this go away? If they didn’t charge so much interest & I owed maybe a max of say $7K, I can work someway to pay that but I refuse to pay almost $25K & I never even got to finish school to get my degree.

  • Roberto

    I have a debt from 1 bank and now I have 3 different collection coming after me all with the same account number and price except they all have different last letters after the – on the accounts. I contacted all 3 and its from the same bank. What could I do to fix this problem.

  • Xiomara Lopez Bowers

    can a state agency or any government agency collect on a debt after 7 years

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