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Greenleaf Finance UK – Consumer Complaint – 6-18-2012


Consumer Statement: i was charged a fee of £39.99 by green leaf finance via my debit card. i was not aware i had applied for a loan through them. i am unemployed and pregnant with twins and this charge took nearly all my benefits. Consumer Action Taken: i have tried to contact the company with no success. Date This Problem ... Read More »

Breakout Incomes – Consumer Complaint – 6-18-2012


Consumer Statement: Signed up with break out incomes. Was promised a consulation with a director. I discovered it was a scam when a second agent called me and said the exact words the previous one did. Everything they said was scripted. Consumer Action Taken: I called the customer service line to get my money back and was told I would ... Read More »

Citizens Financial Group – Consumer Complaint – 6-18-2012


Consumer Statement: We were contacted by the Citizens Financial Group-Phoenix, AZ in November of 2011 promising that they could reduce our interest rate in half through a home loan modification. They also guaranteed our money back if we could not get a reduced interest rate. We then gave Citizens Financial Group $2500.00 to proceed. Our documentation specialist was Lucy Gutierrez. ... Read More »

I Am a College Student. What Can I Do to Get Out of Debt? – Maisie


I am a college student, and I am in debt over $1,000 to the bank. I have my own apartment with roomates, I work at Subway, and I am over whelmed with debt as of right now. What can I do to get out of this mess I have created for myself? Maisie This is your chance to be a ... Read More »

1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – 6-13-2012


Consumer Statement: I received a phone call from 1st United Consultants on 06/13/12. They offered to get me a mortgage with an interest rate between 2.2% and 3.75%. I spoke to Lee Arthur, Senior Consultant, and Christian ?, Junior Consultant, plus their telephone solicitor. They said that there was no fee for their services and that they combine thousands of ... Read More »

Mystery Shopper – Consumer Complaint – 6-13-2012


Consumer Statement: I was on the internet, responded to a Mystery Shopper e-mail , They sent me a money order for 975.00 and then a check for 1890.00, Both were bad, but did look good, So they wanted me to go to western union and evaluate their service, and wire the money minus my fee to another mystery shopper get ... Read More »

How Can I Join In the Class Action Lawsuit Against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution?


I live in nj and hired LHDR to help us pay our debts. After paying them about 7, 900.00 in almost 2 years all they settle was our smallest account for about 680.00 . One of the account which took us to court i I had to settle myself for 1600.00 . LHDR agreed to pay them, when they didn’t ... Read More »

Annlle Bojorquez, Annel Bojorquez – Consumer Complaint – 6-13-2012


Consumer Statement: I recently had a inquiry from a young lady named Ariel Bojorquez about renting one of my rental units in Costa Mesa Ca she was very nice and curtious after she signed my per rental agreement I asked for a back ground check and credit report. When I requested her information and a copy of her license and ... Read More »

I Forgot to Pay Taxes on Wages When I Was Younger. – Sherry


when i was young, i didn’t know that i was supposed to report wages earned, and not until i was about 25 did i start to report income tax. can i still collect income tax money on the wages i didn’t report with the irs? if so how do i go about doing that? Sherry This is your chance to ... Read More »

Finra Dispute Resolution – Consumer Complaint – 6-12-2012


Consumer Statement: Filled a Misconduct case against a local Financial Planner With Finra Dispute Resolution back in 10/05/2007 paid $425.00 Case # 07-02834. The claiment has not requested a formal hearing of this matter wich meant the ” Gehrking”s” On March 12,2008 a letter From Hollace Steele Case Assistant 1 of Finra stating Pursuaant to Rule 2130 the arbitrator has ... Read More »

World Law Group / Global Client Solutions – Consumer Complaint – 6-12-2012


Consumer Statement: Was I scammed? Three words: Global Client Solutions. … Or “World Law Group”, as they’ve been calling themselves as they’ve ripped me off for THOUSANDS of dollars, while at the same time operating so ineptly as to force me into bankruptcy (long story). I really just have a question for you: Do you know of any class action ... Read More »

AmeriPride Tax Group – Consumer Complaint – 6-12-2012

BBB Accredited Ameripride Tax Group (20120612)

Consumer Statement: Hired AmeriPride in 2010,For $2000 to be my POA & file a 2848 form! It was over 18 months when I finally heard from someone name Audra wright stating that she has the case loads for the company because Amerpride had gone out of business !!! Haven’t heard anything from her since which was back in May 2012!!’ ... Read More »

Greenleaf Finance UK – Consumer Complaint – 6-12-2012


Consumer Statement: I was scammed out of 39.99 by greenleaf finance,i did not give the permission to take this money out of my account, i wasnt even on there website. Consumer Action Taken: I really need my money back as they took it out of my rent i cant get a reply by phone and the dont have an email ... Read More »

How Do I File Bankruptcy On My Private Student Loans? – Janita


I have about 67,000 of private student loans to sallie mae. My mom is a cosigner on several loans and Im trying hard to keep them from garnshing her wages. I am currently unemployed. I can make some type of payment but cannot afford what sallie mae is asking for. I was wondering can I filed bankruptcy on my private ... Read More »

Universal Fidelity – Consumer Complaint – 6-11-2012


Consumer Statement: We received a letter from Universal Fidelity, LP saying we had outstanding charges for videos rented between March and June of 2009. One of the movies is even listed twice. The amount owing is $88.71. Consumer Action Taken: I contacted the company and told them that back then Hollywood video had rented to my granddaughter and let her ... Read More »

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