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Can I be sued after paying a debt settlement amount? – Luis


This actually happened to a friend of a friend, but I need to know the answer as I intend to settle accountes in the future. What happened was that person A had an old debt of $10,000 with a collection agency. Person A agreed with the collection agency to pay $4,000.00 to pay off the account. Person A paid the ... Read More »

Unauthorized access to bank account. – Miranda


My account was debited by my then bank from my savings account to cover charges for my checking account that they closed after we had resolved the issue of overdraft fees and charges, well so it was communicated to me but they were planning another trap. My account went into overdraft on a Friday for the whole weekend until the ... Read More »

Should we file a chapter 13 bankruptcy? Legal Helpers got us a wage garnishment. – TLRP


We have decent income and then lost 1 income 100% – churned up 45k in debt with 20k to irs some of that irs debt is 5k due form last year and 16k due from 2009 just discovered. We were working with Legal Helpers and they helped us get a wage garnishment – we did not have enough $$ in ... Read More »

Spouse suffers from severe depression. Should I cash out IRA funds to get mortgage to a manageable amount? – Sue


My husband suffers from severe depression and has lost 2 jobs in the last 2 years leaving me financially vulnerable. I need to plan my finances as if I were the only one bringing in an income. I have 2 children…1 in college with tuition costing me $25,000/year. I currently own a home worth $330,000 with an outstanding mortgage of ... Read More »

What is the statue of limitations in Iowa on revolving credit or debt. – David


i bought a motorcycle with what the called a revolving credit card. the salesman told me i would get cash back and three months no payments. i didnt read the fine print. :( the money back was for the first three months payments. i didnt get a past due notice till after the third month then a week later i ... Read More »

Where to turn for mortgage modification help? – Larry


3 1/2 years ago I switched jobs. My wife and i were high on our credit and mortgage, and i took a 12k pay cut (also lost medical insurance from company prior). The slowed economy has slowed my catching up on income. I was soon maxed on credit cards. I turned to CuraDebt for debt settlement help back in May ... Read More »

Should I trade in my vehicle or keep it and add extended warranty? – Janice


Hi, I am currently financing a 2004 BMW X3 and will be out of warranty in February 2012. I still owe $11,300 with interest rate of 12.95% and monthly payments of $360. I’ve tried to refinance with my credit union and I was told the vehicle is too old. I even begged the lender (Chase Auto Finance) to lower my ... Read More »

Can I deal with the original creditor instead of the collection agencies? – Theresa


I have 3-4 collectin accounts, however, my undfestanding is according to fair credit act, i am not required to negotiate with them but can send a cease and desist letter and work directly with original creditor , but all the debt management companies i talk to tell me it isn’ t possible. That if the original creditor has turned over ... Read More »

Thomas Stefanszky with Principal Financial Partners – Consumer Complaint – 12-30-2011


Date This Problem Happened: November 11, 2010 State You Live in: Arizona Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 36-50 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,495 Company Name: Thomas Stefanszky with Principal Financial Partners Company Address: P.O. Box 543 7150 East Camelback Rd Castle Rock, CO 80104 Company Telephone Number: 303-621-8059 Website of Company: Consumer Statement: I gave $3495.00 to get a ... Read More »

Can Credability Help Before We Run Out of Money? – Jim


Most of my debt is 90k in a HELOC, and $10k in our home equity loan at the same bank, 27k in 3 PLUS loans for my older daughter, $12k for one auto loan and $13k for the other. Real estate tax is $5k/year, condo/community fee about $2600. We purposely used the line of credit instead of running up credit ... Read More »

Got a Call From Barnes Givenski & Associates About Check Fraud


Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed and discharged in 2009; we did use an attorney and we did list every single debt we were aware of at the time. We live in Colorado. Today I received a call from Mr. Washington with Barnes Givenski & Associates. The caller-id number that came up is 678-819-4985. Mr Washington left me a message stating he ... Read More »

Who Can Sallie Mae Get Away With Not Following Direct Loan Rules?


I am confused on how Sallie Mae gets away with this. My Sallie Mae loans is considered a private loan, so why am I unable to declare bankrupt on it? If they are a true school loan then won’t they allow me to have income based payback option? Why don’t they have to follow the same rules as Direct Loans? ... Read More »

Can World Law Service Settle Our Debts? – Jeff


My wife and I are $32,000 in credit card debt, plus $3000 line of credit, plus $13,000 with student loans and a mortgage of $171,000. My wife makes about $55,000/yr. I make $8/hr at a seasonal job and not sure what my next job will be. I am an unemployed social worker not wanting to return to this field but ... Read More »

I asked a collection agency for proof that they own my debt? – Jane


In large amount of debt due to underemployment and then unemployment. Used retirement to pay off one debt; still have 2 others; have paid very small amount on each to original creditor. I missed one payment and the collection agency called. Bankruptcy is not an option since my house payment is very reasonable. I asked a collection agency to provide ... Read More »

Our Financial Situation is Out of Control. What Should We Do? – Tashia


Family of 4, Husband ownes a business & works at another job. I work p/t for a non-profit out of our home. We have 2 children under the age of 12. We reside in an area that has been hard hit with the poor economy. We are struggling everyday. There are 2 loans that are particularly hard….$23,000 personal line of ... Read More »

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