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I Used the Credit Card of a UK Friend and Now the Creditor is Calling Them. – Arnold


“Dear Jon, i used the credit card of my friend,and im not abble to pay the monthly bill because of my salary situations,and right now the bank is always calling my friend for the payment,the payment that i am the one who’s responsible for that my question is possible to transfer in my name the responsibility for the payment ... Read More »

Living in Apartment With Bills. Getting Married Soon and Just Got Big Inheritance. – Keith


“Dear Jon, I’m 31 years old, living in a rental apartment. I’m single but thinking about proposing in next 6 months. I just got my auto loan in August $20K with no money down and a low interest rate from my credit union. Had a bankruptcy in 2001(Medical Bills) Potential engagement coming How do I use this inheritance to improve ... Read More »

I Am Now a Pensioner. Should I Close Down My IVA – Individual Voluntary Arrangement? – Carl


“Dear Jon, IVA since july 2008.£50000 owing I am now a pensioner still trying to work hard What realy will happen at the end of 5yrs.My friends over xmas said its a con and said i should close it down Carl” Don’t miss our free Get Out of Debt – “How To” Guide Series on a number of topics, for ... Read More »

How Can I Get Out of Debt in Ireland? – Andrew


“Dear Jon, No assets, rented room, €100k debt, no work, income. Dealing with childhood issues at last – no energy .Can you advise on getting out of debt in ireland? Thank you for your caring Can you advise on getting out of debt in ireland? Andrew” Don’t miss our free Get Out of Debt – “How To” Guide Series on ... Read More »

I Am Worried Interpol Might be Looking for Me Because of My Debts. – Dipak


“Dear Jon, I went to Dubai and had a great job in real estate. Then with partner had a real estate company. Due to economic climate our guaranteed cheques started to bounce. There are number of cheques which have bounced. 2 years ago I tried to leave Dubai and had 3 cases which I some how managed to clear from ... Read More »

Do I Risk Losing My Son to Go Back to the UK to Deal With My Debts? – Maria


“Dear Jon, I have tax credits overpayments of nearly 2000 pounds and credit card debts of 2600. Have left the uk with my son who is disabled. Dont have a job in South America. What are my options. Shall i go back to the Uk and risk my son taken away from me by social services because of my depression ... Read More »

Can I Move Abroad When on a Debt Relief Order DRO? – Liga


“Dear Jon, Hi! My friend applied for DRO and it has been approved 2 months ago. He is without job now and been offered job abroad. Is there any restrictions about leaving a country? Couldn’t find nothing about it, just that he must inform Official Receiver about changing adress. Thank you! Is there any restrictions about leaving a country while ... Read More »

Where Can I Find Out About Debt Owed in the UK? – Andrew


“Dear Jon, I am a 40 year old male living in the Washington, DC metro area in the U.S. I have a mother, about 68, who lives in England (Northamptonshire, UK) with my brother and stepfather. My brother is 42 and has mild mental disabilities. My mother has a history of not being able to control her spending. My father ... Read More »

I Was On a UK Debt Relief Order and Want to Get It Off My Credit Report. – Simon


“Dear Jon, Hi, I was on a debt relief order a couple of years ago, it was satisfied about a year ago. On a recent credit report the bankruptcy was on there, also there was one of the debts that I thought had been covered by the DRO. Also the bank say that I cannot close the account as it ... Read More »

Will the UK Bank Chase Me Back to My Country When I Can’t Pay?


“Dear Jon, i think i cannot pay the bank anymore. will the bank chase me if i go back to my country without telling them? Danny” Don’t miss our free Get Out of Debt – “How To” Guide Series on a number of topics, for loads of practical advice, tips, and help to beat back debt. – Click Here The ... Read More »

I’m Studying in London But Owe 10K GBP And May Have to Leave the Country. – Danny


“Dear Jon, im a foreign student studying in london and i have a bank loan of 10K GBP and my visa is goin to expire late 2012. still has 3 years to pay before my visa expires.. im having problem coz they are not renewing student visa anymore,, what shall i do then. shall i go back to my country ... Read More »

I’m in Scotland and My Debt Management Plan Isn’t Working. – Christine


“Dear Jon, debts out of control i entered into a debt management plan 19months ago. paying £175 with the company taking £35 pounds every month from this, my crditors where still adding interest and so my dedt level is now £18000. i have been advised in different ways 1 beening bankrupcy which the campany want £140 per months for the ... Read More »

We Eliminated Our UK Debt With an IVA But a Loan is Reported as Defaulted. – Katie


“Dear Jon, My husband and I were in debt (lots of reasons ie becoming parents relocating from large city etc…) so we were finally at our wits end and decided IVA was for us as Rich (husband) is a police officer so bankruptcy was not an option if he wanted to keep his job. We ended up offering the insolvency ... Read More »

I Studied at South Bank University in London And Got a Credit Card. – Nor


“Dear Jon, 1996 study in South Bank University ,London and have one credit card from one of UK bank. 1998 back to Malaysia after graduate and further study in Malaysia. 2000 moved to Brunei until now and working with Brunei’s government. When I study in UK I have one credit card. I pay some and when I graduate I can’t ... Read More »

I Was Previously Married to Someone Who Fraudulently Used My Credit. – Melissa


“Dear Jon, I was previously married to someone who was using my credit fraudlently and there is about 10,000 worth of debt to my name with no proof of what he has done. I am now married to a citizen of the UK with about 4,000 in debt in England and due to the immigration process and the expense he ... Read More »

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