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Steve Rhode
Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.

Why Do You Want to Get Out of Debt? Is it for Freedom or Stress?


It’s interesting to see the many reasons why people want to get out of debt. Cast your vote now and get your opinion in the voting. Read More »

Client Kills Self Just One Payment Away From Being Debt Free


I’m not surprised that people find it necessary to kill themselves because of financial problems. They do, it’s sad and it’s needless. What makes this so shocking was that he was so close to being debt free. News in yesterday from my office in the Netherlands surprised me. I learned that a fellow that we had helped to turn his ... Read More »

Your Online Debt Collection Rights Guide


Here is a Quick Online Debt Collection Guide Most people make a big mess out of dealing with the debt collector and don’t know what their fair debt collection rights are. Dealing with a debt collector isn’t so much about learning how to beat the debt collector as it is just understanding what the debt collector can and can’t do. ... Read More »

Debit Card Concerns. Profits Hide Truth About Your Risks.


For years banks have lied and hidden the reality of debit cards from you. What I’m about to tell you is going to sound counter-intuitive from everything you’ve been taught and believe. Here it is. Don’t use a debit card. It’s not smart financial management. By now you’re probably thinking that I’ve lost my mind but before you judge me, ... Read More »

Five Inside Truths About Debt Management Plans (DMP) You Need to Know


People are often so confused or uninformed about debt management plans in the US that I wanted to share some truths with you. Here are the five biggest misconceptions people have about debt management plans, in no particular order. Debt Management Plans Are Not Designed for You to Get Out of Debt Since the DMP terms are really dictated by ... Read More »

Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend Was A Freak – Saver!


There are hundreds of savings accounts on the market now, catering for all sorts of savers. Before opening up a savings account you need to know the reason for putting the amount aside- whether it’s for a holiday, further studies, marriage, emergencies or simply for a rainy day. Once you’ve decided what your plans are your next job is to ... Read More »

Self-Help Get Out of Debt Assistance


A collection of excellent get out of random debt tools and resources. Some Self-Help Programs From Others Get Out Of Debt Fast Without Bankruptcy Or Debt Consolidation. Click Here To Learn The Amazing Secrets Of How I Got Rid Of $63,000 Of Debt In Only 4 Months Without Filing Bankruptcy Or Using Any Type Of Debt Consolidation Service! Practical Guide ... Read More »

Is Financial Education for Students Alone An Effective Solution?


As someone that deals with the aftermath of the financial mess my answer will surprise you. Yes there should be classes but it is NOT a vaccination against financial problems but it might be part of a longer term multifaceted solution. My observation is that teaching these issues in high school is a bit like requiring all students to take ... Read More »

A Decade in the Closet, About My Bankruptcy


I am still amazed when I read ignorant stuff about the reason people are going bankrupt is because there is no more stigma about bankruptcy. No, the reason people are going bankrupt is because creditors are manipulating the system for their own accounting or reporting means and not allowing people to repay their debts with as much enthusiasm as the ... Read More »

I Wonder Where My Sister is and Who She is Today


The last time I talked to my sister was probably in 2002. The irony is that the very thing that I do, help people with money problems, caused a rift between us that seems too big to repair, although I’d like to. Mary and her husband were having money issues and my parents wanted to find a way to help ... Read More »

The Difference Between Living and Dreaming is Doing


I awoke this morning thinking about the line “The Difference Between Dreaming and Living is Doing”. It occurred to me how real that statement is. So many people dream great dreams and have fabulous ideas but never take action. Others live full and complete lives, without much looking back or regret. The only difference is just doing it. The moments ... Read More »

An Observation of Why a Lot of Internet Sites Get It Wrong


So I was just on the Income Hero blog and I found it to be yet another example of why a lot of Internet sites seem to get the basics wrong. On the net since 1994 I’ve learned that communication and the ability to easily connect is critical. Now there are times when you want to shield yourself from the ... Read More »

UK Bank Northern Rock In Trouble But Not Sincere


As a person that communicates through words, it is hard to sometimes find the right words to use to transfer what you are feeling into a medium that others will read. Words are more than letters in a group, in my head the words as I know them contain extra meaning trapped in emotions or relative experiences that make them ... Read More »

Hasta la Vista Northern Rock


Word on the street today is picking Northern Rock (LON:NRK) for a fall. Despite the UK government’s vote of confidence and the Bank of England’s quick assurances that they would step in with an emergency loan to help the bank, consumers are still rattled. Over the weekend huge lines were seen at numerous Northern Rock branches in a scene that ... Read More »

Money Does Not Always Bring Happiness


Over the years I’ve worked with several big lottery winners to help them overcome their subsequent money issues, all you had a similar story, winning millions changed their lives but not always for the better. One client summed it up when she said, “”Steve this money will be gone in twenty years and I’ll just be someone that sat out ... Read More »

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