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The Primary Card Holder Died and We Kept Using the Card as Authorized Users. – Craig


“Dear Steve, My wife’s mother died in 2006. My wife is an authorized user on one of her mother’s credit cards. We did not notify the credit card company of my wife’s mother’s death in 2006. We simply assumed the debt on the card, took over making payments on the card as agreed, and have even used the card on ... Read More »

My Son Was an Authorized User on My Credit Cards and I Filed Bankruptcy. – Betty

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“Dear Steve, I am a Mother with a recent Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I put my sons name on 2 of my credit cards as an authorized user in case of an emergency and actually forgot about it …. he never used either card. Now he has those 2 cards listed as Bankruptcy on his “very clean” credit report. He could ... Read More »

I Got Into Trouble With a Bill Me Later Account. – Anita



Credit Report Shows Me as an Authorized User on a Credit Card. – Kelly

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“Dear Steve, I have a relative that added my name to their credit card as an authorized person who can sign. The card is not in my name, no credit check was run, I am only listed as an authorized person who can sign if need be. However, I have now noticed that the credit card company has reported this ... Read More »

I Was an Authorized Credit Card User and Used It After the Cardholder Died. – Beverley


“Dear Steve, About thirteen years ago, my Dad was living with us after my Mom passed away. He added me to his Citicard as an authorized user. I have used this card ever since and owe over $30K due to medical issues and too many other unfortunate issues down through the years. I have never been able to talk with ... Read More »

My Husband Added Me as an Authorized User But I Want Off the Credit Cards. – Sandy

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“Dear Steve, I have paid off $10,000 worth of credit cards for my husband in 2010 and then he has decided he wanted different credit cards and has added me as authorized user. I want to take my name off of these credit cards (received within the last year). He has a credit score of 712 at this time. He ... Read More »

I’m Paying Off My Ex-Husbands Credit Card But Only an Authorized User. – Clarissa

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“Dear Steve, Credit card in husband name only, but I was a authorized user. On my divorce decree I am responsible for my ex-husbands credit card(that is in his name only,but I was an authorize user) I recently found out that the credit card number in the divorce decree that he gave was closed. What I think happen is my ... Read More »

If I Take My Wife Off as an Authorized User Will My Bad Credit Stop Showing on Her Credit Report? – Wade

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“Dear Steve, To much unsecured debt and have never had a ding until this year.. i am 51.. along with a first and second mortgage i would like to know if I go into a charge off state with a few of the unsecured creditors will this effect my Wife’s credit if she’s an authorized user only.. Her report does ... Read More »

I’m Not Sure if My Son is An Authorized User or Joint Account Holder. – Shawn

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“Dear Steve, When my son was in school I added him as an authorized user on my Chase Credit card he is now 32 he bought a home and the credit report said he was a cosigner on my Credit card. I have tried to have this corrected for the last two years. Chase rep orignially told me they could ... Read More »

How do I remove myself as an authorized user? – Vanessa

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My husband and I have been married for 14 years. In March 2010, he suffered at traumatic brain injury and is now severely disabled living in a nursing home. I serve as his guardian. I am an authorized user on his credit cards. To date, I have been paying them down, but I am concerned that raising two children as ... Read More »

I’m an Authorized User on a Credit Card. Do I Have a Responsibility to Repay? – Florence

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“Dear Steve, I lived with a person for 5 years and he stopped paying his bills – including mortgages, credit cards etc – probably filing for bankrupcy. The collectors are after him to the tune of $300,000. I had all my own bills and have stayed good with them. I have since moved out. There was one credit card that ... Read More »

My Father Passed Away. My Mother Was Only an Authorized User. – JB

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“Dear Steve, Recent widow as authorized user and credit card debt. My father passed away a couple weeks ago and I have been trying to help my mom with her finances. As I’m sure you know, she lost a SS check so now she is trying to work through her budget. My father and she had two credit cards which ... Read More »

Can’t Tell if the Credit Card Account is a Joint Account or Only Authorized User. – Rene

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“Dear Steve, My F-I-L passed away recently and left my M-I-L with a huge credit card debt over $30,000.00 in three credit card companies. He was the sole owner on two accounts, but the credit card companies are hounding her to pay the debt. On the third credit card it had both their names but I cannot tell if she ... Read More »

What Requires an Authorized User Account to be Removed? – Brian

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“Dear Steve, What laws allow an authorized user account to be removed? I know being that their not respondsible for the debts and haven’t signed a contract legally the account has to be removed. But what law(s) force them to remove it? Brian” Dear Brian, I assume we are talking about a credit report issue here with an authorized user. ... Read More »

I Think I Screwed Up My Husband’s Credit as an Authorized User. – Nancy

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“Dear Steve, Just had a sears card charged off this week. I had gotten a call from sears they said i had till Jan 13 to make a payment. I called yesterday, but it had already been charged off since two days ago. I take full responsiblity for the debt and plan to pay it in 4 $250 installments, but ... Read More »

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