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Bankruptcy Related

I Filed Bankruptcy Myself But Not Clear if My Student Loans Were Discharged? – Michael


I was discharged through chapter 7 in Oct. 2011. I have two loans in question. One from Wells Fargo and one with the University of California, Davis. I want to know if either were discharged. The loan from UC Davis was issued from the University. They deposited money into my account after I submitted an application for a short term ... Read More »

Can I Accept Responsibility and Pay Off My Debts Without My Husband’s Assistance? – Debt


I am 47 years old with credit card debts totally about 15K and Student Loans in excess of 30K. I married my husband 2 years ago in order to provide health insurance for him and his son due to employment changes. Shortly after our marriage, my employer decided to close the doors where I was working – leaving me with ... Read More »

Should I File Bankruptcy After My Divorce? – Marie


I was married for 11 years. My credit was always in good standing and I paid my bills on time. My now ex-husband and I kept all of our banking and credit card accounts separate. Reason being is that his credit was really bad. Due to helping bail him out of financial disasters over the years and having to use ... Read More »

I Can’t Afford My Chapter 13 Payments And Worried About Foreclosure Deficiency. – Lars


I am recently divorced and due to hardship filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy. After 5 months of negotiations with the trustee; it has now become questionable if I am able to do the chapter 13 and still make monthly ends meet. Based on the latest proposal from the trustee; I would need to pay approximately 1000 per month to the ... Read More »

Should We File Bankruptcy? – Rosi


Currently, my husband and I are down to 1 income after I was laid off 3 years ago. We live in Southern california…where cost of living is high. Our annual salary is approx $45K. Due to my lack of work, and some bad spending choices over the years, we have accrued 50K in unsecured credit card debt. We at this ... Read More »

How Can I Find a Pro Bono Bankruptcy Lawyer in Massachusetts? – Fran


I had a high credit rating(785) and then hardship hit, wife lost job then eventually benefits, medical issues in the family, I had only savings left and had 1 big credit card bill for about 20k, I called the company (BoA) and told them my situation and was willing to pay 50% settelment and they refused, asked for better rates ... Read More »

Will Their Chapter 13 Payment Go Up? – Mike


“Dear Steve, My personal “definition” of bankruptcy goes something like this: you have fewer assets than liabilities and you contract with an attorney to negotiate payment/payoff options with your debtors, the plan is then presented to a judge for concurrence, and you begin making monthly payments to someone to satisfy your obligation. I thought, perhaps erroneously, that the bankruptcy decree ... Read More »

Can I Keep Discharge My Mortgage in Bankruptcy but Stay in My House? – Sage


“Dear Steve, I purchased my house during the bubble. The morgage is severely upside down. I was able to secure a loan modification and it has made monthly payments manageable. I have some major debt problems and am looking at filing for bankruptcy. I know that I would be allowed to keep my home if I reaffirm the loan. Because ... Read More »

I’m on SSDI. Can you guess what 99.999% of my bills are from? – B


Male: 54 yrs. old Health: Poor Bill Collectors: Yes, yes, and more yes. In 1994 I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Now before everybody jumps the gun and immediatly, even some doctors do, I did not experiment with intraveinous drugs coming up the ranks. I will admit that like a high percentage of people my age (54) I did smoke ... Read More »

Can I bankrupt the judgement on my student loan that was obtained prior to the 2005 student law changes?


I got a student loan in 1996. I failed out of my school shortly thereafter, but quickly transferred to a new school and continued my education. I was then re-accepted back into the first school and failed out again, finishing my degree in the second school. So, I got my degree, and it was a fight. I made some payments ... Read More »

What happens to your U.S. debt if you were to move to another country? – Jazz


I’m am 30 years old, and became very ill back in 2008, right during my senior year in college. Ended up defaulting on my student loans and credit cards because I was in the hospital for so long. However, I am also engaged to marry a New Zealand citizen, and was wondering if I were to move to NZ, what ... Read More »

How do I keep track of our credit along the process of bankruptcy. – Rosi


In the past I was a total slave to our credit scores, checking daily and subscribing to different ‘watcher’ programs. 2 years of unemployment and filing for bankruptcy has cured that, but I am wondering what if anything you would suggest for keeping track of our credit during and after the bankruptcy process. If there is one thing I am ... Read More »

To go bankrupt or not? – Chris


Hi, I’ve got about $35,000.00 in credit card debt, primarily work expenses from my last job. I was laid off six months ago and have been unable to make any payments on the credit cards since. I’ve also had a car repossessed and after auction owe about $16,000.00 on it still. I don’t think the company I worked for will ... Read More »

Single income family with tax lein and joint charged-off debt


I have approximately $18k in a tax lein, I owe $12k to Oregon State in taxes, my wife and I also have joint charged-off debt to the tune of $55k. I make $75k a year and my wife is a stay at home mom. We have two kids and another on the way. I can’t go bankrupt because of my ... Read More »

I’m currently in year 4 of Chapter 13 bankruptcy but getting divorced. – Stephanie


I’m currently starting month 48 of a 60 month plan for chapter 13 in Ohio. I filed by myself due to medical bills that were solely in my name. My husband just filed for divorce. I lost my job back in June due to disability and am currently awaiting my Social Security Disability hearing. I’ve been payment my monthly payment. ... Read More »

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