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Bankruptcy Related

I’m Moving Back With My Stepmother. Should I File Bankruptcy or Go With Credit Counseling? – Maya


“Dear Steve, I currently bring home $2500.00 per month and I have been fully employed in outside sales for the last year. I have credit card debt of $45,000.00. I am trying to bring in more income and cut my rent costs by moving in with my stepmother if she agrees. Barring a new position or job, I’m afraid that ... Read More »

I’m an E5 in the Army. Should I Go With Wites & Kapten Instead of Bankruptcy? – Vic


“Dear Steve, Well i’m about 40k in debt. I’m and E5 in the army. I have a security clearance. I got a letter from wites and kapetan. Its sounds decent. Has anyone heard of them. should i go with them. I can not file bankrupcy because of my clearance. if i did that, my clearance would be gone. Vic” Don’t ... Read More »

Is ZMT Processing and a Scam?


“Dear Steve, I have a lot of credit card debt and no way to pay them. I also have no money for a lawyer. I have been unemployed for almost a year, and my payment is due on Friday. I have 300.00 to my name. I am trying to do a bankrupcy on my own. (chapter 7) I found a ... Read More »

How Do I Begin to Look into Bankruptcy? – Steve


“Dear Steve, I had a full time and part time job up to about a year ago. My full time job was in a hospital which ended up going into bankruptcy and closing. I remained at my part time job the entire time, ended up getting a couple of PER DIEM jobs to try to make ends meet. I managed ... Read More »

How Can I File Bankruptcy When I Can’t Afford It? – Cheryl


“Dear Lewis, Tapped out by a conman. More than 18,000 in credit card debts. No money left. Legal aide offices in my state have closed due to budget cuts. Need to file chapter 7. I have my session for credit counseling, and may be possible to get the court filing fees waived. Would like to find a low cost attorney ... Read More »

My Husband’s Business is Starting to Recover But We are So Overloaded in Debt. – Lisa


“Dear Steve, In 2001 my husband, an engineer, left his company and started a business with 2 partners. The company was doing well and they were giving themselves about $7,000/month in take home pay each. In 2007 we moved to a slightly larger house, increasing our mortgage by about $1,000/month. Long story short – large customers stopped paying my husband’s ... Read More »

Do I Have to Include My Wife in My Bankruptcy? – Joe


“Dear Lewis, Hi, I am in NC and had “perfect credit” until I borrowed 180K on credit cards and put it in a business that has failed. Now I am unemployed (0 income) and have no other assets (live in an apt and have 12K in scattered in 7 different bank accounts along with some “cash cash”). I have three ... Read More »

I’ve Thought About Bankruptcy But it Scares Me. – Angela


“Dear Damon, My husband and I started our relationship in debt. He had a child and was fighting for custody. We purchased a house and got married and have never truly been out of debt since. We have had waves of good and bad times, as most people do. I have always beleived that things will work out, and now ... Read More »

Why Do I Have to Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney? Can I Just Use the Blank Forms Myself? – Ave


“Dear Lewis, $25K in debt, not behind in credit card payments $314K mortgage, not behind in payments Outstanding medical in collections $3,000 Filing for S.S.I. disability Currently unemployed due to disability Can’t afford credit card payments any longer Daughter rents home & pays half the mortgage Why do I have to hire a bankruptcy attorney, can’t I use those forms ... Read More »

What Rights Do I Have When My Debt Settlement Company Allegro Law Went Bankrupt? – Deborah


“Dear Lewis, I was paying thru Allegro Law for my debts and they filed bankruptcy in 2010. I filed a claim for my $ in November 2010. They said on their website about paying back it will determine if I paid the $ before or after they filed bankruptcy. I paid before they filed bankruptcy. Does that mean I should ... Read More »

It’s Been 25 Years and I Want the Old Student Loans Discharged. – Jennie


“Dear Lewis, Husband filed bankruptcy in 1985, released in early 1986 with two bank student loans of 2500.00 each. judge signed the final decree. my husband was 100% disabled at the 25 years later ecmc is trying to collect 23,000.00 for those loans which they didn’t even possess until 2007.sued them the same judge who signed off then now ... Read More »

I Got Credit When I Turned 18 And Now I’m Considering Bankruptcy. – Melissa

“Dear Damon, I was completely clueless when I was younger. The second I turned eighteen, I got a credit card. And then another. And then another. And another. And now, with over 10k in debt, just out of a year of unemployment, I’m still floundering. The job I have now is barely above minimum wage, and I’m lucky if I ... Read More »

Do I Have to Pay My Second Mortgage Home Equity Loan After My Bankruptcy? – Julie


“Dear Lewis, I filed Ch. 7 bankruptcy last year. I did not file on my 1st home mortgage or my 2nd mortgage – home equity loan and chose to continue paying them. I never signed any reaffirmation statements after the bankruptcy. Recently my loan officer pulled my credit and saw that my reports show I have zero balances on both ... Read More »

My Fiance Agreed to Pay Half of Everything. It Didn’t Work Out Like That. – Kimberly


“Dear Lewis, About three years ago I was living in a house with my fiancee and his grandparents. They had agreed to pay half of everything but to no avail they never paid a penny. I had to let me credit cards fall by the wayside so I could make sure I had a roof over my head, my car ... Read More »

I Feel Like Putting My Head in the Sand. What Kind of Trouble Am I In? – Steven


“Dear Steve, I am a general contractor,about 7-10 years back, was doing well, had 150 k in cash, about 100k in investments ( ira,stocks mutual,annuit), couple cars, work van, motorcyle(veichiles owened out right) , divorced, but doing well & no debt. Got really busy with work, bought a house, started using cc for business was always paying, , trying to ... Read More »

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