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Credit Counseling

I’ve Got Payday Loans While in My Debt Management Program. – Jim


“Dear Steve, I’ve been in a debt management program for about 2 years. During the last couple years I have also got over my head in e-pay day loans. My wife has gone from a $17/hr full time job to $7.75 part time job. Best way to get out from under about $5000 in pay day loans. Jim” Don’t miss ... Read More »

I Cosigned on My Son’s Car Loan. Now They Want Me to Pay. – Ellen


“Dear Steve, I got behond on my cerit cards and signed up for careone. its been going great till now. I am in a credit counsiling program with careone which is going great till recently ive got a call that my son lost his car I co-signed for and they are now wanting to put a lien on my home ... Read More »

I Can’t Afford My Money Management International Payment Anymore. – Paul


“Dear Steve, Signed up with MMI (MoneyManagement Intl) about 1 year ago. Now my wife is not working full time which is about 2000 hit to our monthly income. It’s possible that in the next 6 to 12 months she’ll have a better paying job than she had – in the mean time were are about $1,000 short per month. ... Read More »

Is NovaDebt Legitimate? – Steven


“Dear Steve, In 2008 I had a successful internet service company with a 600,000 line of credit from SunTrust. When the financial crisis came in Fall 2008, SunTrust deemed themselves insecure on my outstanding balance and demanded full payment in 7 days. I was current on the line and in fact on all my business and personal debt and at ... Read More »

Which Credit Counseling Company Will Negotiate for Me? – Lynn


“Dear Steve, I’m about 50k in unsecured credit card debt. No home ownership. Own 1 car. Husband and I still have 1 teen in high school. (needs braces) Moved into elderly parents (89/90 yrs) home to help care for them (2 years and counting) No missed payments 30 mos + but hanging on by skin of my teeth. My Credit ... Read More »

Citi Customers First Sends Me to Consumers Alliance Processing Corp.


“Dear Steve, I’ve been getting a bunch of calls from “Citi Customers First Messaging”. They sound very much like Citi Cards (same voice on automated system). The person who comes on starts asking for personal info “to verify your identity”, then goes into a schpiel about lowering interest rates, reducing balances, etc, and asks for a Credit Card number. When ... Read More »

Chase Bank Won’t Let Me Into Their Internal Hardship Program. – Jim


“Dear Steve, I was initially turned down for the CHASE CC in house hardship program on my $ 11,000.00 amount owed. My situation with the card is: Making monthly payments that are close but do not meet the minimum amount due. This results in varying 30 day lates upt to 60 day lates. However the payments are still made monthly. ... Read More »

ClearPoint is Suggesting a Payment Plan That Does Not Tackle My Student Loan Debt. – Teri


“Dear Steve, I am 26 and a single mom living with my parents. Im not receiving child support but might be soon. I graduated from college but not before a huge mix up had me owing my school 5000 dollars. This money was due a year ago and I’ve been trying to make small payments when I can but its ... Read More »

I Racked Up Debt And Struggling With the Minimum Payment. – Peter


“Dear Damon, Racked up Credit Card debt (50K). Haven’t missed any payments (yet), but struggling to be able to pay down debt more than the minimum payments (about 1300 a month). Barely making minimum payments, do not foresee any significant income increases. Looking to buy-down debt quickly, and free up monthly income for savings, etc. I have settled debt before ... Read More »

Progressive Debt Relief Says They Can Help Me With Payday Loans. – Jean


“Dear Steve, I have taken out too many payday loans. Consumer Credit Services is not able to help me and their advice is bankruptcy. I really do not want to go this route. I contacted a company called “Progressive Debt Relief” who claims they can help me with consolidation of these loans. Is this a legitimate company or is there ... Read More » Suggested Money Management International to Us. – Jenn


“Dear Damon, I am 54,000 of unsecured- CREDIT CARD debt– ranging from American Express, USAA, Chase , Citibank, and store credit (Walmart, Kohl’s,JCPenney, LOWE’s, Home Depot, etc)– I do not even use them anymore– the interest rates are so high( 23%,21%, etc) My husband and I both work, own a house, pay our bills on time– but never have enough ... Read More »

Should We Go With MMI Since We Can’t Find a Debt Consolidation Loan? – Tony


“Dear Steve, Over the years due to some large emergency expenses, not having an emergency fund, overspending on our part and a decrease in my income my husband and I have accumulated a large amount of credit card debt. We have always valued our good credit and have always kept a handle on it, but credit card APR and limit ... Read More »

We Can’t Afford to Pay DebtWave Anymore. What Do We Do? – Janet


“Dear Steve, We have a question about Debtwave, have been paying Johnson Law Firm, but apparently they have lost their license…. Because of our income i can’t pay them anymore, but we can’t file bankruptcy we did that in 2007….What do we do…..The calls wil start to come, I do know that debtwave has paid our creditors… Can that take ... Read More »

I Have Questions About Entering a Debt Management Plan With MMI. – Jennicka


“Dear Steve, Thank you for your site. I’m at a precipice and need your help. I am employed making $130,000 a year with $76,000 in debt, with mortgage and school tuition monthly payments of $3200 a month not including utilities, car/home maintenance etc. My husband has been laid off since May and with the credit card rate increases it is ... Read More »

Is Bankruptcy After Divorce and Option? – Mandy

Mandy Worksheet

“Dear Steve, Lots and lots of credit card debt……..I have enrolled myself in a Debt Management Plan to help me eliminate most of my debt… $35,000 of credit card debt…… I have some cards that were rejected in the plan so I need to tackle them on my own. Some of my accounts are current; some are WAY behind – ... Read More »

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