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Credit Counseling

Is Bankruptcy After Divorce and Option? – Mandy

Mandy Worksheet

“Dear Steve, Lots and lots of credit card debt……..I have enrolled myself in a Debt Management Plan to help me eliminate most of my debt… $35,000 of credit card debt…… I have some cards that were rejected in the plan so I need to tackle them on my own. Some of my accounts are current; some are WAY behind – ... Read More »

MilitaryOneSource.com Sent Me to Money Management International But I Need More Help. – Jennifer

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“Dear Steve, I have a problem with debt– My husband and I both work– and have decent incomes– we own a house– are up to date with our bills– but our past credit cards will never go away– they keep growing– the interest rates are too high (23%, 21%,etc) we keep paying the minimum–(that’s all that we can afford) we ... Read More »

I Need a Solution for My Debt. My Husband Has His Own. – Misty

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“Dear Steve, I have around 10K in credit card debt, just in my name. My husband has about 4K but he can’t risk his credit being hurt. I have looked at both debt settlement and credit counseling. We are on a limited income now and that probably won’t get any better so I need to figure out how to pay ... Read More »

I Can’t Afford My Debt Management Payment. – Geri

“Dear Damon, I was in a debt management program until April. I was spending out $700.00 a month can no longer afford this amount. I have about 10 credits cards, total of about $2200.00 In debt. However, 4 of these creditors I owe a little over a $1200. The program I was in said that it would take about 5 ... Read More »

Are Educational Services Legit to Get Out of Debt? – Carlo

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“Dear Steve, I’m hoping you are for real…. I have being in debt forever it seems, so I decided NO MORE OF THIS! I have being taking care of all my bussines as best as possible, since my divorce 4 years ago all hell broke loose, I have been lucky in the sense that I have a job, so since ... Read More »

I Have Bad Credit, NSF Fees, and Just Signed Up With CareOne. – Michelle

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“Dear Steve, My credit score is 587; due to a collections on my credit report that I forgot about; I called them and they would not take a “settlement” and want all the $$$; of course I am working about paying them off..I messed up my banking account a couple of months ago by $300.00 and had lots of NSF ... Read More »

I Want to Pay HSBC But They Won’t Take My Money. – Steven

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“Dear Steve, I have an account with hsbc I could not afford the crazy interest rates they imposed on me So I was paying what I could and they closed my Account, I want to commit to a repayment plan but They refuse to talk! What should I do? I am a government worker and I’m afraid of losing My ... Read More »

Chase Bank is Jacking Up My Payment. I Can’t Afford it on Social Security. – BJ

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“Dear Steve, I have got 8000 in debt to Chase, i am paying them 100.00 a month, but they add on so many extras it keeps getting bigger instead of it coming down. The lst letter i got from them is telling me they are going to up the interest if i dont pay more. iam on ss and i ... Read More »

Someone Recommended CredAbility, The Nonprofit Debt Counselors. – Jim

“Dear Damon, Most of my debt is 90k in a HELOC, and $10k in our home equity loan at the same bank, 27k in 3 PLUS loans for my older daughter, $12k for one auto loan and $13k for the other. We purposely used the line of credit instead of running up credit card debt, but now that we are ... Read More »

Should I Go With Take Charge America or Cambridge Credit Counseling? – Lynn

“Dear Damon, I have $60k in debt and am trying to find the best debt consolidation company to use. I have contacted Take Charge America and Debt Counseling Corporation. I saw on on the Get out of Debt Guy’s website that he recommends Cambridge Credit Counseling. Which debt consolidation company do you recommend, base on reputation? Is a $50 monthly ... Read More »

What’s The Best Way to Consolidate Our Credit Cards? – Robin

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“Dear Steve, My husband have been married for 21 years, we both have good jobs and make about 160,000 a year. Our house mortgage is 479,000 and we have approximately 89,000 in credit card debt. Most of this debt was to build a 40×60 building on our property and complete a covered porch on our house. When we started the ... Read More »

My Husband Was Unemployed. We Fell Behind on Our Bills. Should We Try CredAbility.org? – Andrea

“Dear Damon, My husband was unemployed for a year and a half and we fell behind with our bills. If we could deal with the credit card bills, we could get back on our feet. Right now, we’re behind because my husband is woring in anouther state and we have to pay for housing there as well as our personal ... Read More »

Clearpoint, Should I Signup With Them Again or Attempt to Consolidate? – Mandy

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“Dear Steve, I have been enrolled in a debt management program before with Clearpoint. I didn’t see where any real progress was being made and I also was at the point I could not make those payments after paying all my living expenses. I have cut back and we are living with the bare minimums. Our credit has sufferred, we ... Read More »

How Do I Get My Creditors to Stop Charging Me Interest So I Can Get Out of Debt? – Amelia

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“Dear Steve, Just a couple of credit cards for me and a couple for my husband. full amount $8K. I would like to pay my credit cards but I would like for them to stop charging me interests. I am not going to use them ever again. I just want to pay them. Right now they are applying just half ... Read More »

I Had a Payment Plan With Money Management International But Today My Income Was Cut in Half. – Lee

“Dear Damon, About 18 months ago I entered an agreement with Money Management. At the time I had two incomes that allowed me to faithfully make a payment of $1710.00 a month. Today I received notice that my second job with a salary of $41,000 was eliminated effective today. I still owe about $53,000 in unsecured debts from credit cards ... Read More »

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