Debt Settlement

Debt Services in New York Says They Can Settle My Debt for Less


Question: Dear Steve, I want to get out credit card debt,making payments but not getting ahead due to interest rates . I received notice from ‘Debt Services P.O Box 4672 New York NY 10163. claims to settle my bills for less then what I owe. I’m not familiar with this type of payment plans,what happens with my credit score?how does ... Read More »

Is National Debt Relief Not the Number One Debt Relief Company?

Business Quality Customer Survey Feedback Keys

Question: Dear Steve, I’m looking to consolidate debt but have too many bills. I just signed up with National Debt Relief, I read that they were one of the number one debt relief companies.. is that not the case? Angela Answer: Dear Angela, I am always perplexed when someone asks me this sort of question. It is so subjective. I ... Read More »

Whatever Happened With My Money From Allegro Law, Americorp, and Tim McCallan?

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Question: Dear Steve, I was a victim of Allegro Law and have received my partial distribution. Why has Allegro Law now not permitting us to ask questions? Why have they not updated their site with information in over two years? And finally, will their be a final distribution and when? Thank you. Wayne Answer: Dear Wayne, For those who may ... Read More »

How Do I Cancel My Contract With Cockburn and Associates After Wildfires?


Question: Dear Steve, In August 2015 I signed up for some stupid debt consolidation program with Cockburn and Associates. I owe about $27,000. Due to the wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta, I am one of the people who’s jobs are up in the air because of the destruction and uncertainly. I contacted them to explain the situation. My request was ... Read More »

Destination Debt Solutions Has Vanished and I Need Help

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Question: Dear Steve, I was in a financial bind and needed immediate help. I went online and signed up with several payday loans hoping that I could pay them once I took care of everything else. Well to make a long story short I fell deeper into the hole. I then had pressing bills due and these loans so I ... Read More »

I’m Now Disabled. Should I Settle My Debt With Macy’s and PayPal?

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Question: Dear Steve, I do have Macy’s and PayPal account which I am thinking of trying to settle. I did settlement back in 2010. Everything went well as far as my finances is concern from 2012-2015. Unfortunately, I got disabled and now on permanent disability. I am still current on my payments, though I am just paying minimum payment but ... Read More »

Will I Get Any Money Back from Morgan Drexen?

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Question: Dear Steve, I was a client of Morgan Drexan for over 5 years, I too paid up front fees prior to any services being rendered. Plus a lot of fees along the way. I read in your column that the court gave a verdict and found Morgan Drexan guilty and ordered them to pay damages. My question is that ... Read More »

I’m On a Fixed Income. What is the Best Way to Deal With My Debt?


Question: Dear Steve, I am an 80 yr old retired man on a fixed income. Previously I owed credit debt of about 17000 but took some savings and reduced it to about 11500. My credit score is about 780.I am getting letters from settlement companies and wonder if I should settle this debt with chase for a lesser amount.One negative ... Read More »

Success Link Processing Won’t Give Me My Money Back

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Question: Dear Steve, I was enrolled in a program Success Link Processing through a company I saw in the Filipino Channel. The company I saw was Financial Rescue LLC owned by Rod Mercado. He promised us that our problems will go away if we enroll in his program, the said company Success Link Processing LLC. We did not know he ... Read More »

Persels and Associates Closed and I’m Being Chased for a Debt They Settled

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Question: Dear Steve, About 4 yrs ago, my husband and I were completely in credit card debt. We went through Persels and associates. I know what you’re thinking, NO DEBT CONSOLIDATION LOL! Anyway we were well on our way to being debt free. This past June, we paid off our last creditor. It felt so good! Well, I am now ... Read More »

My Bank Won’t Work With Me So I Can Pay My Debt

Inside view of an antique combination lock of bank Mandiri in Jakarta, Indonesia

Question: Dear Steve, The bank called me and told me that I must pay 12600 first before I can apply for account restructuring with an interest rate of 1%. I was not able to pay it as of now because I am jobless. What should I do or how should I respond to the threats of a law firm that ... Read More »

My Mom is Dealing With US Legal Services Group. – Jillian


Question: Dear Steve, My mom needs help with this she has been paying U.S. Legal Services Group for more then 3 years now. Now they are switching to Global Client Solutions and sent her a check and told her the accounts haven’t been paid for 3 months. She has been paying them $500 a month all this time. What should ... Read More »

Reader Says Debt Relief Company PCG Swore At Her

PCG Debt Relief Mailer Letter

Question: Dear Steve, I received a letter stating that “:Their records indicated that my total bank card balance renegotiation has not been verified. Our underwriting department has pre-qualified me for this re-negotiation due to these specific qualifications……. They state I owe $22,500.00. This is false. I don’t owe anyone that much money on any of my credit cards. I feel ... Read More »

Morgan Drexen Lied to Me. What Can I Do? How Do I Get My Money Back?

Credit Card Financial Relief Planed Flag

Question: Dear Steve, I entered into an agreement with Morgan Drexen for debt settlement. I paid them in excess of $3000. and they did nothing to help me. They lied to me several times regarding where my money went. What recourse do I have? Thank you. Answer: Normally I’d suggest you follow my guide How to Try to Get a ... Read More »

When To Do Nothing About Overwhelming Credit Card Bills


I answer many reader submitted debt and credit questions that are submitted to my site using the “Ask Michael” feature. From time to time I receive enough information of someone’s current hardship, as well as a clear picture of monthly cash flow and bills, to be direct with my feedback, rather than offering generalities with my own follow up questions ... Read More »

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