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How To Get Out Of Debt

My Girlfriend and Friends Used My Credit Cards and Left Me Deep in Debt. – Sean


Well lets just start by saying I’m an idiot and probably deserve where I’m at now. With that said, a few years ago I helped a friend of mine out renting a van to take several people to disneyland for a birthday. I let them put the rental on my credit card sayin that they will pay for all the ... Read More »

Should I Pay Credit Cards Down or Create Emergency Fund With My Tax Refund?


I have $5,800 of credit card debt with a high interest rate. This year I had a medical emergency and have depleted my savings, and have no savings cushion. I usually get an approximately $2,500 tax refund every year. How do I get the most out of my return? Rebuild my emergency fund, or pay my credit card debt? TMV ... Read More »

How Should We Divide our Tax Return Towards Our Credit Cards? – Jacquie

Hello! My husband and I will be getting a good amount of money back from taxes and we are wondering what would be the best for bettering our credit, we have pretty low scores. We have 5 credit cards with balances ranging from about $130-$700. We want to know if it would be better on our credit reports if we ... Read More »

I’m Looking for Honest Answers and For Information About Horizon Debt Settlement. – Melissa


If this steve,hi i’m melissa i live in pa. i’ve been doing alot of reserch credit settlement companys i’m so afraid i’m gonna be scammed i do have credit debt of course i was wondering if you know of a true and honest company i can trust i make minnmium wage i have lost some hours doto the kind of ... Read More »

My Heart is Broken and I’m Scared of the World. – Sandrda


“Dear Steve, 3 years ago I got involved with a man who was going through a divorce. He was charming, friendly, and giving of all his energy and time. His story was that his wife had a drug problem and was a heavy drinker and that he thought she was cheating on him. I had sustained a head injury 3 ... Read More »

Debt Relief. – Jackie


“Dear Steve, I have large credit card debt don’t know where to turn for debt relief. Jackie” Don’t miss our free Get Out of Debt – “How To” Guide Series on a number of topics, for loads of practical advice, tips, and help to beat back debt. – Click Here The Answer Dear Jackie, Well the good news is debt ... Read More »

Who Do I Contact at the Credit Card Company? – Willie


“Dear Steve, I am currently in debt about $120,000.00 in unsecured debt. I am self-employed and business has not been good enough to pay the bills. I am 3+ months behind. I read your book and you asid to contact you for names of people to contact who have AUTHORITY. I need names for Bof A, Advanta, Citi Bank, Am. ... Read More »

Slammed With Child Support, Medical Bills and Other Debt. – Pet


I am sure you have heard this all before, but life went a bit out of control after lung surgery being slammed down w/ medical bills etc., needless to say, I am in over my head w/ credit cards. Already have an second mortgage (equity) loan I can barely afford and to top all off a woman came after my ... Read More »

I’m a Drowning College Student. Should I Use Money Management International? – Glenn


Hello, I am a third-year college student who, up until now, has not been good at all with money. In addition to my student loans, I am about $5,000 in credit card debt. Some of it wasn’t my fault–my mom is a single parent and when things beyond my control happen (e.g. a $250 housing deposit for my university, or ... Read More »

What to do when there is not enough money to make payments on debt.


We are currently in over our heads with debt. We have approximately 6000 in medical bills and about 12500 in CC debt. We signed up for a DMP plan and have been making payments each month until this month. My wife lost her job and went back to school. We have 5 in our household and my bring home salary ... Read More »

What is My Best Course of Action? – Patricia


Hi Steve, I closed a retail store in October 2004. I settled my debts the best I could but my credit score took a hit. These last few years I (who will be 52 in May) have been partially employed, underemployed and unemployed resulting in our personal credit card debt escalating. My husband (who will be 74 in April) has ... Read More »

Making payments but barely breathing financially. – Julie


Debt Guru, I have close to $25,000 of unsecured debt that is causing me a great deal of worry. When my husband was working fulltime and making a good living the payments weren’t a problem. As he is now disabled and suffering from leukemia, I am not sure what to do. My income is half of what it was and ... Read More »

I feel like such a loser because of my debt. – Sophia


I feel hopeless.. Don’t see a way out of this big black debt cloud I am under.. I have tried many ways to resolve my debt but nothing is working.. my last thought was to refinance my house and use the equity to pay off some bill to resolve a small portion of the debt… but the “credit counselor” told ... Read More »

How can I get out of my Canadian consumer debt? – Graham


I am almost 25 years old and with my childish behavior behind me I have a financial mess to clean up. My goals are to start a family while being debt free. I am Canadian (Not sure if that matters) I read your e-book and through the endless links between the lines I decided to check out the website too. ... Read More »

How do I get rid of credit card debt? Can Novadebt help? – Donna


I lost my job of 34 years, I am 64 yrs old. My husband had to reduce his hours because of his health. He has to continue to work so I have insurance. We have 28000.00 in credit card debt and can’t pay the monthly payments. My 401K went down the tubes just before the company closed. I couldn’t make ... Read More »

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