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International Debt

How Can I Get Out of Debt in Ireland? – Andrew


“Dear Jon, No assets, rented room, €100k debt, no work, income. Dealing with childhood issues at last – no energy .Can you advise on getting out of debt in ireland? Thank you for your caring Can you advise on getting out of debt in ireland? Andrew” Don’t miss our free Get Out of Debt – “How To” Guide Series on ... Read More »

Desperate in Dubai Over Car Loan With Friend From Philippines


My friend ask me to help him loan a car from our company. we are getting some discount if we purchase car from our company. I helped my friend because he is a good person and trusted as well. He is from India and I am from Philippines. in 2008, we took a car and got good discount. we ageed ... Read More »

I Am Worried Interpol Might be Looking for Me Because of My Debts. – Dipak


“Dear Jon, I went to Dubai and had a great job in real estate. Then with partner had a real estate company. Due to economic climate our guaranteed cheques started to bounce. There are number of cheques which have bounced. 2 years ago I tried to leave Dubai and had 3 cases which I some how managed to clear from ... Read More »

Do I Risk Losing My Son to Go Back to the UK to Deal With My Debts? – Maria


“Dear Jon, I have tax credits overpayments of nearly 2000 pounds and credit card debts of 2600. Have left the uk with my son who is disabled. Dont have a job in South America. What are my options. Shall i go back to the Uk and risk my son taken away from me by social services because of my depression ... Read More »

What Can I Do if I Can’t Pay My Student Loan in Canada? – Payam


“Dear Steve, I enjoyed reading your article and I found it very useful. I owe outstanding (private and government) student loan (in Canada). I am still a student and looking for work at the same town. I am wondering what if I can not get a proper job in Canada (to pay off my loan) and have to come back ... Read More »

Will the UK Bank Chase Me Back to My Country When I Can’t Pay?


“Dear Jon, i think i cannot pay the bank anymore. will the bank chase me if i go back to my country without telling them? Danny” Don’t miss our free Get Out of Debt – “How To” Guide Series on a number of topics, for loads of practical advice, tips, and help to beat back debt. – Click Here The ... Read More »

I’m Studying in London But Owe 10K GBP And May Have to Leave the Country. – Danny


“Dear Jon, im a foreign student studying in london and i have a bank loan of 10K GBP and my visa is goin to expire late 2012. still has 3 years to pay before my visa expires.. im having problem coz they are not renewing student visa anymore,, what shall i do then. shall i go back to my country ... Read More »

We Eliminated Our UK Debt With an IVA But a Loan is Reported as Defaulted. – Katie


“Dear Jon, My husband and I were in debt (lots of reasons ie becoming parents relocating from large city etc…) so we were finally at our wits end and decided IVA was for us as Rich (husband) is a police officer so bankruptcy was not an option if he wanted to keep his job. We ended up offering the insolvency ... Read More »

I Left Dubai in Debt, Went to India and Now Live in Australia. – Iram


“Dear Steve, I am an Indian citizen presently permanent resident in Australia. I visit india every 2-3 years. i was working in Dubai UAE from March 2003 till June 2005. In 2005 i cancelled my visa and left dubai for good. before leaving dubai….. i had credit cards from RAK bank and HSBC bank i admit I made some good ... Read More »

I’m Living in Guam But Have Problems With My Mortgage in the Philippines. – Chi-Chi


“Dear Steve, i am a temporary worker here in Guam,,,, i am a non-US citizen. i have a house mortgage back in the Philippines. is it possbel for me to apply for the get out of debt program? can you please give me some suggestions. Chi-Chi” Don’t miss our free Get Out of Debt – “How To” Guide Series on ... Read More »

Will My UK Creditors Chase Me to the Philippines? – Danny


“Dear Steve, i am a student here in UK and my student visa is going to finish late next year. ive got a loan and credit card debt amounting to 13 grand. will they sue me or run after me in philippines if i go back home coz i think i cannot pay them anymore coz im only doing part ... Read More »

I’m British With UAE Debt But Living in China. – Aaron


“Dear Steve, I am a UK national and recently left the UAE after working for 18 months, due to Emitarisation, which made my position incredibly unstable and other personal matters, leaving me with the prospect of imprisonment for none payment of debt. I left the country with debt in the Region of AED 600k, to various banks. The “crackdown” on ... Read More »

I Am a Single Mother Living in India and Want to Move to Dubai. – Anna


“Dear Steve, I am a single, living wt my mum in India.My bf and I split up in dec last yr after finishing all my money. I have been tryin to find work for the last couple of months ( almost 10 months) however wasnt successful. Recently I found myself a job as a teacher in dubai and I want ... Read More »

My Debt in Egypt Has Me Depressed and My Life Falling Apart. – Islam


“Dear Steve, I am in so much debt its getting me into trouble. Im becoming depressed and always tensed. Debt collectors have been pounding me everyday at work and at home. I have 6 credit cards 1- Citibank – Out. Bal. EGP 3000 (Equ. to USD 500 Int. Rate 2.5%M). Min Pay/Month: EGP 250 2- BNP Paribas – Out. Bal. ... Read More »

CRI Debt Collections is Chasing Me in Pakistan for My Debt in the UAE. – Talat

CRI Debt Collections

“Dear Steve, Good day & God bless you for doing such a great job and helping the helpless people around the world to educating them to ” Get Out Of Debt ” and making their lives flexible. I am a Pakistani national and having a wife, a son & 4 daughters & had been working in UAE as a travel ... Read More »

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