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International Debt

I Have a Loan in Dubai I Can’t Pay. – Helpme


“Dear Steve, -Please advise me… I have a loan with Emirates NBD, 3 years to pay AED 180k (this is just the principal and mentioning aside interest) and supposed to finish by July 2011. -Lost my job in Dec 2008 and found a job in Nov 2009. My monthly installment is almost AED 6k as I used to have a ... Read More »

I lost My Job in Dubai and I’m Now in South Africa With Debt. – Vaalseun


“Dear Steve, In 2008 I moved to Dubai to work in the advertising industry. My company applied for a credit card on my behalf. Shortly after my arrival the recession hit, and I had to rely on my credit card more and more. In the beginning I could manage the repayments just fine. However, after some period of time, may ... Read More »

Creditors Are Calling Me for My Son’s Money. – Alexis


“Dear Steve, My son was working in Dubai. He had a bank debt (credit card and personal loan). He paid back some of the money. On health ground he had to leave Dubai without paying back the debt fully. Now he is in India. But some people makes calls to our home phone and mobile phone and asking us to ... Read More »

Can the Banks Send Faxes to My Work About My Debt? – Lito


“Dear Steve, I have indebted myself with credit cards and bank loan due to the education of my children here in Abu Dhabi, UAE. My obligations with the banks were in control in the beginning until some tragedies in the family forced me to set aside regular banks payments and now I become a default client and the banks are ... Read More »

Will I Be Arrested on My Flight to China Through Abu Dhabi? – Robert


“Dear Steve, After loosing my job in UAE, I left the country to be back in my HOME country. After 6 months, I received many SMS or email taht a police case was open against me. Finally I find a job in China and will fly to Beijing but with connection flight in Abu Dhabi. Do you think that is ... Read More »

I Want to Know If I’m Blacklisted and Can’t Get Back In the UAE. – Ahmed


“Dear Steve, i have been working in Abudhabi ( Al ain ) for almost 2 years , i left on september 2010 , cause i got an offer in ksa , i had a credit card from rak bank , and i have to pay about 42000 dhs, but my company cancelled my iqama , n i go to egypt ... Read More »

A Bank in Norway Got a Judgment Against Me and Now Wants to Come After Me in the U.S. – Donna


“Dear Steve, I lived in Norway for 13 years, took out a personal unsecured loan in the amount of $25,000. I took the loan out in 2001 in Trondheim, Norway. I became ill and moved back to the States in August 2002. I quit paying the monthly payment in Nov. 2001. In March 2010 I received notice that the bank ... Read More »

I’m in Canada But Have Bad Debt in Bahrain. – Peter


“Dear Steve, im a permanent resident in canada, right now. i have unpaid loan in bahrain and agency is chasing me. they said i’ll be hunted down by interpol, ban in any travel and blacklist in any immigration. and put me in jail. can they do that? what will be the problem if i’m not going to pay it? (i ... Read More »

I’m Returning to Australia From the UK to be a Reiki Healer and I Have a Lot of Debt. – Jill


“Dear Steve, gday, i wanted a credit card so that i could holiday in the uk this was easily approved as i was working at the time i was then offered a personal loan for 14,900 which i also accepted i would only be charged intrest on any amount i transfered or used this was great as i only needed ... Read More »

Dubai Police Blacklisted My Friend Because of My Debt. – Nett


“Dear Steve, My friend is in dubai court because of processing my police certificate I am presently in Canada under a temporary visa and right now I will be applying for my permanent residence. So I sent my fingerprints to a friend in dubai to process my police certificate. I was able to get a PCC before I left dubai, ... Read More »

I’m in Dubai and Was in Jail For My Debts. Who Can Help Me? – Marnie


“Dear Steve, A single mom with kids. Started life in dubai since 1999, met the father of my kids and misplaced him for almost five years now. Did try to live normally here with the help of my salary and bank credit cards. I was jailed,a guarantee cheque I issued for a friend who leave the country bounced and a ... Read More »

In Debt in Greece and Need to Move to Canada. – Confused


“Dear Steve, Have a mortgage in Greece that no longer can be paid. Been out of work for 6 months. Have a wife and 3 kids and family in North America, that is willing to get us back on our feet. If we moved to Canada ( have citizenship), can Greece come after us for the mortagage we still owe ... Read More »

Citibank in Dubai Lied to Me About Settling My Debt


“Dear Steve, I had a Citibank Credit Card. Last year in december, I went to their collections office in Dubai and told them that I wanted to pay off my dues and close the card for good. After taking their time, a woman came out of her cabin and told me to pay 4207 Dirhams and my card will be ... Read More »

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