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My Business Account Was Levied by a Judgment From Six Years Ago. – Jennifer


Single mom who has been working very hard to correct and improve my credit since a divorce in 2001. I just opened a salon last year and can finally breath financially. I lived in NY until 2004 now I live in Florida. my business account was levied by a judgement in Watertown ny from 2005. I was nailed and mailed ... Read More »

I Agreed to a Stipulated Judgment But What Did I Just Agree To? – Maggie


“Dear Steve, I fell on hard times and fell really behind on my Capital one card. I was served papers and contacted the attorney who is representing capital one. I agreed to a stipulated judgment in the amount of 100.00 per month (I will be paying much more than this.) I haven’t received the papers in the mail yet but ... Read More »

We Have Judgments Against Us But Don’t Want to File Bankruptcy. – Merlene


“Dear Damon, We dreamt of someday buying a second home, so we tried to consolidate our bills to fast tract to that goal; unfortunately it led to our decline into debt country, due to the fradulent practices of Allegro Law Firm, for nine months we paid $1148.00, there were zero resolution. Afterwhich wewere was bombarded with creditors and debts collection ... Read More »

Derrick McGavic Bought My Debt, Got Judgments Against Me and The Was Disbarred. Do I Still Have to Pay? – Mary


“Dear Steve, I recently became aware of the State of Oregon’s action against McGavic & Finney, and that he has been ordered to surrender his license to practice law in Oregon and close his office in Eugene. Mr. McGavic has two judgments against me. One from August, 2006 and one from August, 2008. The original charge-offs from these were $10,215 ... Read More »

Creditors Taking My Daughters SSI Money to Satisfy My Debt. – Angella


“Dear Steve, I have two court judgments against me. I have tried to negotiate with the law firms, but am getting nowhere. One firm has taken money from my daughter’s savings account. It contains the money she gets from SSI, which I know is suppose to be exempt. What can I do? Also, what can the creditors take from me ... Read More »

My Elderly Mother Just Got Sued by Citibank. I Think She’s Judgment Proof. – Kay


“Dear Steve, I asked a question a few months ago about my elderly mother’s sitation, I am her caregiver, (see link in background info of this form). Yesterday Friday 4.8 she was served with papers by Michael J. Scott representing Citibank and has 20 days to respond. My mother is judgement proof her only income is social security and a ... Read More »

I’m Confused and Not Sure How to Pursue My Debt Owed. – Vivien


“Dear Steve, I live in Virginia, and have a judgment for a credit card debt. I am not sure if the SOL has expired, I have had the debt for over three years. I had every intention of paying the debt by paying into a debt settlment organization and lost over $4.700. They collected my money towards a servicing fee ... Read More »

I Defaulted on a Loan to HFC that Went to Rubin & Rothman. – Cathy


“Dear Steve, I defaulted on a loan from HFC for $9,000 It went to collection through Rubin & Rothman. I made a payment plan but some events occurred which made me fall behind by 2 months. They went to court and obtained a judgment and are now threatening salary garnishment unless I pay $575 per month. My original payment plan ... Read More »

What Can Toyota Do to My Parents? – Steve


“Dear Steve, question regarding my parents who are senior citizens and have not assets my parents have a car that they can no longer afford to make monthly payments on. I believe toyota motor is going to repossess the car and I assume they will sell it at auction. My parents have no money to repay the balance of what ... Read More »

The Utility Company Says They Will Garnish My Husband’s Wages. – Dawn


“Dear Steve, Back in 1996-1998 my inlaws rented a house and apparently they put the utilities in my husband’s name. Today we received a letter in the mail from the sheriff’s department saying they are going to garnish my husband’s wages from a case they started in 2003 in which we owe them almost $9000.00 dollars. Can they do this ... Read More »

I Was Told I Was Judgment Proof. – Cynthia


“Dear Steve, I have been told I am “Judgement proof”…I am trying to find information that would give me a scenario of what the process is/does. I have just recently begun non-payment to creditors.. Is this a long process? and would filing a Chp 7 make it simpler? Cynthia” Don’t miss our free Get Out of Debt – “How To” ... Read More »

I’m Being Sued by Chase. What Should I Do? – David


“Dear Steve, I am being sued for an outstanding credit card bill from Chase. The summon indicated that i have 30 days to respond. I want to make arrangement to pay this dept and avoid going to court. Should i contact the plaintiff directly to try and arrange payment and ask them to drop the complaint? And do i also ... Read More »

I Am Being Sued By Several Banks for Unpaid Balances on Seven Credit Cards. – Rick


“Dear Steve, I am being sued by several banks due to large upaid balances on seven cards, about 25K per card. I had borrowed the money on low interest rates and invested it in a start up medical company that has gone from one dollar a share to ten cents a share and I lost everything. I have decided there ... Read More »

I Used My Cash and Savings to Stay Current on My Debt. – Loui


“Dear Steve, I Was laid-off Jan of 09, used my savings and cash available to stay current on all debt. I’m recently found employment but Chase has already file a lawsuite against me. I call Chase and worked out a payment plan but they plan on submitting this as a judgement. I was told by a bankrupcy attorney that chase ... Read More »

Will Capital One Take Our 12 Year Old Car?


“Dear Steve, a judge found in favor of capital one that i had to repay 7,000 on 700 that i put on a card years ago. i have a house in both my wifes and my name, a 12 year old vehical in my name and have been unemployed for almost 2 years. today i recieved notice of deposition in ... Read More »

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