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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

My Son Was an Authorized User on My Credit Cards and I Filed Bankruptcy. – Betty

credit good

“Dear Steve, I am a Mother with a recent Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I put my sons name on 2 of my credit cards as an authorized user in case of an emergency and actually forgot about it …. he never used either card. Now he has those 2 cards listed as Bankruptcy on his “very clean” credit report. He could ... Read More »

I’m Drowning in Student Loans Over My Head. – Thomas

Drowning swimmer

“Dear Steve, I have a huge student loan debt that I can’t seem to make head way on. I have a $100,000 is federal loans that have been consolidated with Direct loans and are now with Sallie Mae and $15,000 in private loans. My private loans i can handle making $124 a month payments. My federal is what is killing ... Read More »

We Would Love to Get a Debt Consolidation Loan to Pay Off Credit Card Debt. – Laura


“Dear Steve, We have a lot of credit card debt due to losing almost a year in income to care for an ill family member. We own our home. We have zero late(s) on anything – all debts current and paid on time. We short saled a home in 2009 and do not owe a balance. We’re both employed and ... Read More »

I Want to Charge Dominic DeSandro of Freedom Financial With Theft. – Phil

White Collar Criminal

“Dear Steve, I too am a client of Freedom Financial ( . I made monthly payments via bank draft for about 3 years to a “savings” account that Freedom Financial set up for paying settlements. Freedom Financial initially paid 2 of my accounts just as they said they would, then they haven’t paid anything since. I am no longer sending ... Read More »

Will I Have a UK Police Record for Not Paying My Mobile Phone Bill? – Salman


“Dear Jon, I owe a particular phone company around 1600 and haven’t paid anything to them in a year . I am wondering that would an unpaid phone bill of £1600 would result into a UK police record if not paid over a period of 1 year ? Or its just civil law ? Salman” Don’t miss our free Get ... Read More »

What is the Best Way to Settle My Student Loans With National Enterprise Collections? – Tina

Drive Carefully

“Dear Steve, I have many loans from school but one that was originally 9,000 that has had an unafforable payment for me of 208 dollars for over a year i have sent them a paymeny of 50 dollars in good faith. Of course that didnt help and i went into default and have recently been sent to national enterprise collections. ... Read More »

My Parents Are Draining Their Retirement to Pay Their Bills. – Nora

black-hole narrow

“Dear Steve, My parents have some financial difficulties and I am not sure how to advise them regarding how to get out of debt and stop spending so much from their retirement account. I am living with them but I have credit card debt of about $15,000. We need to know next step overall- if we should move. and if ... Read More »

Our Local Banks Won’t Refinance Our Country Property. – Jeff

Friesian Dairy cows in a green pasture.

“Dear Steve, Our mortgage was paid off in 2000. We refinanced in 2003 at 5.37% we owe 130,000.00. Went back to same lender to refinance for a lower rate (2.95 at the time) and everything was perfect as far as income/debt/credit, etc….however, they could not find enough comps for the appraisal. The work-up appraisal was 200,000.00….however the comps they found ... Read More »

Will Insurance Cover My Credit Card Debt in the UAE? – AJ


“Dear Jon, Hi, I am also sailing in the same both as all other here. I started my join in (Dubai) UAE in Late 2010 and as usual I also got into credit card World and I owe following 1 Car Loan – 40000 AED (can be sorted out by selling the car) 5 Credit Card – 60000 AED (aprox) ... Read More »

How Can I Feel Good About Resolution Law Group? – Randy

old man headache

“Dear Steve, I have read many of your articles about mortgage debt reduction. I am a little confused here. Is there not one “boutique” law firm in your opinion that really is trying to do something for us? I have read your postings about Resolution Law Group and am actually dealing with them now. I believe my mortgage was definitley ... Read More »

My Ex-Husband Isn’t Paying the Mortgage Like He’s Supposed to. – Lisa


“Dear Steve, I was married for 25 yrs to my ex spouse, and prior to our divorce the plan was to sell our home in California & move to Texas. In the meantime after purchasing a home in Texas, he decided to divorce me. I live in Texas and he remained in California living in our former home. Since that ... Read More »

Our Attorney David Rogers Took Cash to Modify Our Mortgage and Then Dropped Us. – James

End of stress.

“Dear Steve, I need to schedule a call with someone as this issue cannot begin to be covered in 6 pages. Chase has neglected any and all communication with us, they never helped us with any loan modifications to reduce the monthly amount, no one ever kept files or records. We hired an attorney by the name of David Rogers ... Read More »

Should I Use GreenPath Debt Solutions and Sell My Timeshare? – Briana

Old rundown building.

“Dear Steve, I have $20,000 of credit card debt and I own a timeshare that I can use every other year. I am interested in looking for a path to be debt free and possibly sell my timeshare. I don’t know where to start, and I have heard that timeshares are difficult to sell. I have been researching my options, ... Read More »

How Do I Get My Master Promissory Note From American Education Services? – Rosey

Student Loan Corkboard Concept

“Dear Steve, Cannot obtain my Master Promissory Note from my consolidated private student loans. The private student loan consolidation was done through Xpress Student Loans. Xpress Student Loans has become American Education Services. They say they do not have the promissory note for the private student loans that I consolidated with Xpress Student Loans. They told me to contact the ... Read More »

I Used a Online High School Diploma to Enroll in Hair School. – Jessica


“Dear Steve, In 2009 I took out a student loan for hair school. The requirements were to have a high school diploma. I used a highschool diploma I got online to enroll. Everything seemed ok fine and went peachy I was approved for pell grant, subsidize , and unsubsidize loan. The lady that enrolled me and did my fafsa there ... Read More »

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