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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

I Have Cancer. Can I Declare Bankruptcy? – Bill


“Dear Steve, I have cancer and lost my job with CC debt and loans and I am married with a home in joint ownership but underwater. Is it possible for just me to declare bankruptcy? Thanks, Bill” Don’t miss our free Get Out of Debt – “How To” Guide Series on a number of topics, for loads of practical advice, ... Read More »

Will Check ‘n Go Help me Out on Repayment? – Jovan


“Dear Steve, I have 3 remaining payments to payoff my installment loan at ChecknGo. I need to suspend the July 1st payment and pay on the 15th instead. This is the first time i ned o make this request. I read horrile things about this scenario from various online forums. What is the likelihood that Check n Go will accommodate ... Read More »

I’ve Talked to Bankruptcy Attorneys About Keeping My House in Bankruptcy But I’m Not Sure. – Andy


“Dear Steve, Around $200,000 in home equity. $113,000 in debt thru 12 cards. 50,000 yearly salary. $12,000 in rental income from renting rooms in my house. $2,200 monthly mortgage. $2,500 in cc minimum payments required. I have talked to several bankruptcy attorneys about filing chapter 13. In California, the equity exemption is $100k for married couples. I could be responsible ... Read More »

I’m a Police Officer With an Underwater House And I Want to Get Out of Debt. – Jim


“Dear Steve, I am a police officer with a part time employed wife and 2 toddler children. We have about $66,000 in debt ($53,000 from HELOC that was used for home purchase and $13,000 in credit card debt). We have been slowly paying off the credit card debt by completing balance transfer offers, etc. We do not use these cards ... Read More »

My Parents Just Filed Bankruptcy But Some Guy Keeps Coming to Their Door Claiming to Be From Capital One. – Monique


“Dear Jon, I am contacting you because of my parents. They are in their 60s and late 70s. Our lawyer just filed their credit bankruptcy after a long waiting period. The issue we are having is that some guy keeps coming by our apartment looking for them claiming to be from Capital One now each time he has never shown ... Read More »

DeVry University Says I Owe an Educard Loan And I Can’t Get My Diploma. – Heather

“Dear Steve, I attended Devry university online. I finished my degree program and had no outstanding debts. I went ahead and applied for graduation and bachelor courses. The next day I had a charge over $2,000. They said it was an educard loan. They wanted it all at one time. I told them I could only make monthly payments of ... Read More »

If I File Bankruptcy Will I Be Able to Get a VA Loan or Mortgage Again? – Mike

“Dear Steve, Hello I am an unemployed male with some income whom is facing divorce with no children. I am considering a bankruptcy to sever things but I have a VA mortgage and cant get the house sold. When I move out I want to retain my VA benefits. I understand that if I have to file bankruptcy I will ... Read More »

I Don’t Want to File Bankruptcy. I Think Bankruptcy is the Last Thing to Consider. – Lester


“Dear Steve, I have been jobless for over 6 months now and have used up my savings to continually pay my credit card debts. My wife is the only one working right now. Since we have used up our savings we can no longer keep up to date with our monthly obligations from mortgage, credit cards and student loans, not ... Read More »

I Will Never Get Out of Debt, Will I? – Joni


“Dear Steve, Credit card debt totaling about $50,000. High interest rates. Payments made on time but I want to consolidate and lower interest rates. I have 2 credit cards with high interest rates (17%+). One is about 17K and the other nearly 10K. Both are not willing to lower their interest rates even though I pay regurlary every month. At ... Read More »

Should I Believe What The Resolution Law Group Tells Me? – Larraine

confused man

“Dear Steve, I received a letter from “The Resolution Law Group, P.C.” (quotations mine) at 500 West Putman Ave, Suite 400, Greenwich, CT, 06830. They claim to have filed a Complex Tort Action against Wells Fargo Bank, my mortgage lender, and have invited me to be a potential plaintiff in a suit for fraudulent lender/servicer actions. I live in Maryland. ... Read More »

A Company is Promising to Lower Our Mortgage Rate to 2 Percent. Is That True? – Emmy


“Dear Steve, Home mortgate restructure!!! Just like million people in this country, My husband lost his job last year , we couldn’t affort the mortgate. we got some mail, i call and those law firm said that they will be able to get us to some program like Restructure home loan.. and the rate only 2%. Is there really that ... Read More »

I’ve Been Told I Don’t Have Enough Debt for Bankruptcy.


“Dear Steve, I owe less than 10K in credit card, medical, and private educational loan debt. I just found out that I am being sued for one of these cards, but I have not yet been served. I was once told by a lawyer that bankruptcy would be a bad idea for someone who owes as little (comparatively) as myself, ... Read More »

How Much Will Omni Credit Services Settle For?


“Dear Steve, I went with the previous advice and chose to let the delinquent account go into a charge off status. What will Omni Credit Services generally accept as a settlement amount? I previously inquired about what to do about a debt I owe on a defaulted store card due to job loss. I decided since it had been so ... Read More »

Social Security Wants a Lot of My Disability Money Back


“Dear Steve, I was colecting a disibilty check from social securty. I think it was 700.00 a month. I lived in Ohio and when I moved to New Jersey started driving a truck for a living after years of mental depression everything was going grate. IM not sure how many years went by, but I ended up working in Iraq ... Read More »

My Car Was Repossessed. Can I Get It Back if I File for Bankruptcy? – David


“Dear Steve, I have a card which I owe $4,600 on. They garnished my bank account which had nothing back in April. I called them in April and told the collector I would be claiming bankruptcy by August as I came up with the $800-1200 for a lawyer. My car was seized today which was co-signed by my mother and ... Read More »

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