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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

I’m a Resident of Dubai, Unemployed and Worried About Getting a Police Case Against Me. – Via


“Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I am a resident of Dubai and have been here for around 2 years. I used to work for one airline where I took out a loan for 60,000 aed and a credit card of 12,000 aed. I since moved airlines and was sacked from this job as I was sick in my probation. Since then ... Read More »

We’ve Got Some Debt and Can’t Afford to Buy a House. – Ross


“Dear Steve, 10,000–sallie mae, 12,000–car (pentagon federal) we cant afford a house…still renting with large family. Uh, I’ll be honest…I thought I had a question, but after looking at many of your other reader questions, I see that I actually have it pretty good. Your website has made me feel better, although I feel bad for the others. All the ... Read More »

My Retired Parents Had Their Account Levied by the IRS and Their Debts Are Getting Larger. – Sara


“Dear Steve, My parents are 70 and 73 years old, and they are retired now. They have 250K of debt in the form of a home mortgage and an equity line. They have an additional ~40K of credit card debt. Between the two of them, they have 420K in traditional IRAs. They have about 5K (after taxes) per month coming ... Read More »

My Debt Comes From My Shopping Choices. I Want to Pay Family and Everyone Off. – Lisa


“Dear Steve, Have a lot of debt that I need advice on! I have a lot of debt, including owing Family members money, other little loans with very high interest. I have a great job, but I want to consolidate all my bills and the money, I owe Family and pay everyone off, having only 1 payment. I cannot sleep ... Read More »

I Can’t Get Out of Debt With What I Make. What Can I Do Without Hurting My Credit? – Michelle


“Dear Steve, I took all the debt from my previous marriage plus a mortgage. I have been able to pay at least the minimum for the last 3 years but have been unable to pay down anything. I have asked for rate reductions, etc. One card offered me a temporary rate reduction but the others have not. My credit was ... Read More »

I Want to File a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Texas Without an Attorney


“Dear Steve, Been out of work for years, working temp opps as much as possible. Am very frugal! I have a mountain of debt on charged-off credit cards, moved in the last year from CA to TX. Will definitely be filing for C7 bankruptcy. Currently no income, and no ability to pay an attorney… Is there a way to do ... Read More »

How Do I Get My Disputed Debt Removed From My Credit Report? – Cyndi


“Dear Steve, Requested validation, and when received , I disputed the documents sent to me. In response to a dispute with a debt collector, I received a letter from them that stated they have discontinued any further collection activity and cancelled the debt. Can I get this removed from credit reports, and if so, how do I go about doing ... Read More »

I’m Very Unhappy With American Web Loan. – Wendy


“Dear Jon, In was approved for a loan with American Web loan and I must admit now that I think about I remember hearing “Buyer beware”. I didn’t research or look at the terms. It was a difficult time I had to pay the taxes on my parents home. Well five payments later. I’m trying to get out of this. ... Read More »

Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition Says They Are Non-Profit But Want to Charge Fees.


“Dear Steve, I have been attempting to get a home modification for the past 2 years and I was scammed once before. I contacted a “non-profit” company called Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition and I have been offered a chance to go in and have a meeting with one of the lead attorney’s. Before I set an appointment, I asked them ... Read More »

One Main Financial CitiFinancial Said They’d Give Me a Consolidation Loan. – David


“Dear Steve, i was thinking of taking a loan from a company that mailed me an approval… one main financial inc…they have a local office and say i am pre-selected for a $5,000 loan.. i imagine you have much experience with these types of questions…. would you take a loan with this company?… ? sincerely, david” Don’t miss our ... Read More »

Chase Bank Says They Won’t Settle Our Debt And Want Us to Go Bankrupt. – Sarah


“Dear Steve, My husnabd and I are in the process of trying to settle $25,000 (just under) of debt with Chase (Visa credit card) for $10,000 (it would be a ‘one time’ payment – to come from my wonderful brother). We are now 5 months without making a payment to Chase. We have offered them the $10,000 and explained the ... Read More »

We Filed Bankruptcy And Saved Our Home and Car. How Do We Rebuild Our Credit? – Annie


“Dear Steve, We wrote in earlier about debt settlement. We were saved from paying money to a scam operation, thank you. We did end up filing bankruptcy. My question is about our home payment and whether it is getting reported to credit agencies. Thank you for your help on this forum! I declared bankruptcy but chose to keep the house ... Read More »

How Do I File Bankruptcy On My Private Student Loans? – Janita


I have about 67,000 of private student loans to sallie mae. My mom is a cosigner on several loans and Im trying hard to keep them from garnshing her wages. I am currently unemployed. I can make some type of payment but cannot afford what sallie mae is asking for. I was wondering can I filed bankruptcy on my private ... Read More »

Meracord / Noteworld is Offering Me a Loan Modification for a Fee. – Noreen


“Dear Steve, Received a call from a Mr. Chapman from Meracord offering to get us a loan modification for less than what we pay on two mortgages now. Claims that there is no charge for this they get paid by the company they work for? He just asked for $1,060. in escrow and told us not to pay next months ... Read More »

I Can’t File Bankruptcy and My Student Loans Are Killing Me. – Roxanne


“Dear Steve, I have over 200,000 in federal guaranteed student loans. I live in Bensalem, PA. I make about 1500.00 take home every two weeks. I own a house and owe about 70,000 on it. The house is located in a working class neighborhood. it is cheaper to own then rent so I have not sold the house. I could ... Read More »

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