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Payday Loans

My Elderly Parents Were Scammed by a Relative. Now They Are About to Lose Their Home. – Maria

“Dear Damon, My elderly parents were scammed by a relative without them knowing until the relative died. They were about to lose their home of 20 something years. I could not get a loan to help them because my credit is bad and I am in chapter 13 bankruptcy with 3 more years to go before it is discharged. So ... Read More »

I’m Looking at MyPaydayRelief.com for Help With My Payday Loans. Are They Legit? – Richard

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I am disabled and my Wife has been fired from her job. I receive a monthly check from Social Security. My Credit Score is poor and over the past year I have received several Payday loans. Now most of my income is spent on the interest. It is a vicious cycle and I am looking at a Payday ... Read More »

Is MyPaydayRelief.com a Scam? – Helen


“Dear Steve, I am in over my head with payday loans. The fees are killing me. I had some serious car repairs and that is how all of this started and of course I still have to pay my other debts. A company contacted me by the name of PaydayLoan Relief but I can’t find any info on them and ... Read More »

We Are Over Our Head in Payday Loans. Can a Debt Consolidation Company Help Me? – Laurie

“my husband and I are in over our head in unsecurred loans/pay day loans. We do not have good credit. This started when he was unemployed, and now is working but we can’t get ahead with THROWING away all this money to payday loans. Do you have any advise? I have talked with a debt consolodation company, and they can’t ... Read More »

Can The Title Loan People Keep Calling Me for Payment? – Tracee

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“Dear Steve, I have a title loan with the cash store, I have been having health problems and have been late a couple of times but always notified them. They call me on the average of 8 to 10 times aday 3 days before my loan is due. They block there calls and call my work as well. Can they ... Read More »

My Debt Settlement Company Told Me I Could Not File Bankruptcy With Payday Loans. – Stephanie

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“Dear Steve, With a debt settlement company. I have six items with them. One was just settled. Four of the five left are under $2500. Then one for over $5000. I was told that you could not file bankruptcy if you had payday loans, is this true? Stephanie” Dear Stephanie, That is not true. You can most certainly include payday ... Read More »

I Have a Payday Loan With MyCashNow.com But I Can’t Pay It. – Wayne

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“Dear Steve, I have a payday loan with mycashnow in delaware but I can not repay it on their terms. my account is severely overdrawn. i would like to pay it off but i also need to support my family week to week. I really do not want to close my account. what can i do? Do I have to ... Read More »

I’m Working With a Debt Consolidation Company But Now Have 8 Payday loans. – Favgirl

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“Dear Steve, In 2008 I began with a debt consolidation company to pay off credit card debt and that has been going very well. We were struggling to pay our bills and the rent so I took out what added up to be about 8 payday loans and 1 installment loan. They all have become past due and I don’t ... Read More »

I’m Thinking of Using Relief, LLC for my Payday Loan Problems. – Sue

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“Dear Steve, Current problem: Need $2500 to stay out of danger with house and car payments. Already have terrible credit and $1250 (plus all the fees imaginable) in payday loan debt. If I could just get out of this hole, I could start to make improvements with other bills. Have taken on a second job to keep up with everything. ... Read More »

I Got 6 Payday Loans While in a Debt Management Program. – Scott

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“Dear Steve, i entered a debt management plan about 9 months ago, however i have taken out a further 6 payday loans since, which i am struggluing to pay back, what are my options? my debt os over 15k, should i have been able to take out these loans when in a debt management plan? Scott” Dear Scott, Well the ... Read More »

The Cash Store Won’t Help Me to Break The Loan Cycle. – Cindy

CFSA Extended payment Plan EPP

“Dear Steve, I currently have an installment loan with The Cash Store and due to recent home repairs am no longer able to meet this obligation. The balance owed is $830 and I’ve been paying $369 every 2 weeks. I called them prior to my next due date to inform them that I am no longer able to pay and ... Read More »

What If I Close My Bank Accounts Because of Payday Loans? – Cameron

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“Dear Steve, I have several pay day loans. I took out the loans so I could make a mortgage payment. I had to make the payment or the mortgage company could have started foreclosure. I honestly want to repay the loans but can’t. I’ll be trapped in the cycle of renewing the loans over and over again. When I took ... Read More »

What Can I Do With the Payday Loan Vicious Cycle? – Dodie

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“Dear Steve, Payday loan overload. I am broke and getting worse every payday. I am in the vicious cycle of payday loans and i am delinquent on some and they are threatening me with garnishments and employer contact. I can not seem to get out of this debt cycle and it takes all my paycheck to pay interest that I ... Read More »

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