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We Have a Lease to Own Our House But I Credit is Terrible. – Colton


“Dear Damon, I work a salary based job at 35 k yr my wife is a stay at home mom with two children we are tied into a lease to own on our house that we are supposed to find financing for in about a year from now. I’m 25 k in medical debt do i file chapter 7 or ... Read More »

The Lender Agreed to a Short Sale But Nobody Wants to Buy It. – Hal

Decision time

“Dear Steve, We have a underwater mortgage that is approximately $100,000 in excess of the value of our home. We have been trying to get the principal reduced and now have the offer listed in the “question’s section” We have underwater mortgage that was transferred from Bank of America to SPS and they have offered a “Short Payoff” in the ... Read More »

Our House Sold in Four Days. What Do We Do Now? – Rob


“Dear Steve, I wrote to you about two months ago stating that my wife and I have a combined income of $150K, live in Long Island, New York and have two college aid kids. Our home was too small for a family of four six years ago and renovated it, spending $228K on construction. We have only been paying the ... Read More »

How Can We Go About Selling Our Timeshare Without Getting Scammed? – Lisa

money down the drain

“Hello again Steve. I have another question. My husband and I own a timeshare with Shell Vacation Club. It was paid off in January of this year. The monthly maintenance fees are $74. We don’t use the timeshare that much and we are considering selling the timeshare. I’ve heard its very difficult to sell timeshares and that there are a ... Read More »

How Can I Give Away a Property I Don’t Want Anymore? – Lior


“Dear Steve, I bought a house couple years ago for investment in a very bad area with cash money. I thought then that it will be a good deal. i have only expenses over there, hard to find a good tanent and so. i try to sale this house for a long time but no luck, i am ready to ... Read More »

My Husband Was Having an Affair and Left Me With Bad Credit. – Mary

Swimimng pool and Apartment houses

“Dear Steve, Husband sign the certified mail slip and never told me about court or judgement against me from Fath Properties, Ohio. Mother-in-law passed away of cancer. Her apartment was right next door. Our family lived in both apartments but I was the only one on lease of second apartment. Family wanted to vacate and live together but we could ... Read More »

Can a Land Trust Bring a Lawsuit Against a Mortgage Holder? – Lyndha

Real Estate Concept

“Dear Steve, Why isn’t the Land Trust a valid instrument to be used as a vehicle to quiet title and bring a lawsuit against an unscrupulous mortgage holder? Lyndha” Dear Lyndha, First off, you’d have to direct any specific legal question to a lawyer that is licensed to practice law in the state you live in or your property is ... Read More »

I Can’t Get My Mortgage Modified and I’m Behind on Credit Card Debt. – Doug


“Dear Steve, I Was Injured On The Job An Can No Longer Work .When This Happened I Worked Out My Income Over The Next 5 Years The First 2 Years My Income Droped 35% The Next Year Another 15% The 4th Year Another 15% This Is Where My Income Is At This Time. The First 2 Years I made All ... Read More »

I Am Afraid the the National Advocacy Program is a Scam? – Shelley

Screen Shot 2012-09-19 at 5.15.39 PM

“Dear Steve, I have been trying to get Bank of America to work with me for three years on a modification. I have had no luck. I came across a company that goes by the name; National Advocacy Program. They told me I qualifiy for their help at a cost of $3,500. I have tried to get som information about ... Read More »

What Do You Know About Debt Source Solutions? – Jason

Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 1.06.24 PM

“Dear Steve, I’ve been trying to help my disabled father for over a year. His mortgage loan originated with country wide, then it ended up landing with BOFA. It’s been next to impossible to get a so called *HAMP, or *HUD help since they are nothing more than credit counseling centers that corresspond with the banks if *LUCKY. I am ... Read More »

My Friend Went With Fidelity Land Trust. She’s Not Sure if it’s a Sham? – Nelsa

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I have a friend who could not afford her morgage payments and was approaching forclosure, she tried to do a modification with the mortgage company but they did not instead they sold the mortage to a nother company. This left the homeowner desperate and afraid of loosing her home, so he hired an athorney to continue fight with ... Read More »

I’m Looking for Proof of the Claims Made by AJ Narasimhan and Jose Garavito of Mortgage Eliminators

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, On July 29 2012, I listen in to a “workshop” given by AJ Narasimhan, CEO and Jose Garavito, General Manager of Mortgage Eliminators. They claimed that they had over 100 Quiet Title Wins in Bankruptcy Court via the Adversial Process, therefore the BK Court was your friend. I have made a number of attempts to speak with the ... Read More »

Chase Bank Won’t Remove a Deed in Lieu on My Credit Report. – Shannon

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I had a deed in lieu on a property in 2006 and in the process of trying to get it removed by contacting both the bank and credit bureau….the mortgage had need sold at least 3x and now Chase bank owns it. So after 2-3 letters to both the bank and credit bureaus….denying the fact …..I finally received ... Read More »

Can My Mom Lower Her Mortgage With Green Tree? – Kenetha

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, Hi, I have a question about my Mom’s mortage. She has been living in a home for the past 15 years. She purchased the home for 29 thousand with something in the range of 10% intrest rate. 15years later she stills owe around 25 thousand and is now on a fixed income of about 900 a mo. Her ... Read More »

Mr. Chapman Says He Can Drop My Mortgage Payment. – Della

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I too talked to Mr. Chapman like another reader posted. Was told he could drop my mortgage anount by 50k. And payments would drop $300.00 a month. He ask for my bank info. so $660.00? Could be taken out each month to hold. He stated it would take 4 months for him to do this for me. And ... Read More »

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