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I’m Living With My Ex-Boyfriend and Can’t Afford to Move Out. – Kelly


“Dear Steve, My name is Kelly and I’m in a bit of a pickle. I have a car loan with the remaining balance of $28,417.00, I make $652.59 payments every month. I’m trying to look for my own place, bec I currently live with my ex-boyfriend. But in order for me to be able to afford a place of my ... Read More »

My Husband Sexually Assaulted Our Daughter and I’m Locked in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy With Him. – Patty


“Dear Lewis, Filed for joint chapter 13 bankruptcy Found out husband was sexually assaulting 10 year old daughter moved out sought divorice his attourney is convertiing him to a chpter 7 to much leagal mumbo jumbo going through my head I have a question for you- My husband an i filed for a joint chapter 13 bankruptcy in January of ... Read More »

My Husband Had an Affair, Left My Daughter and Me and Filed for Bankruptcy. – Laura


“Dear Steve, My 22 year marriage to my husband ended in him having an affair. He left my daughter and I for this so called “younger” woman, married her 4 months after the divorce was final. He and she ran up an enormous amount of debt, and blamed our divorce and my award for his financial debt. He and she ... Read More »

My Wife and I Just Separated and Now I Can’t Afford to Make Ends Meet. – Gary


“Dear Steve, Up until about 6 months ago life was good and there wasn’t any problems, my how life can change in a heartbeat. My wife and I had alway more than adequate income for our expenses but a seperation has left me with more debt than I can handle in just a blink of an eye. Right now I ... Read More »

My Ex-Husband is Supposed to Pay The Mortgage But He’s Nowhere to Be Found. – Kayce


“Dear Steve, I have been divorced for one year now. All debts were taken care of except for the home that my ex-husband and I shared. He received the house and as noted and stated in our divorce agreement signed by him, he is to keep up with the debt of the home and get it out of my name. ... Read More »

I’m on SSDI, My Ex-Husband is Filing Bankruptcy and I Can’t Afford to Repay the Debt. – Cydney


“Dear Steve, Thank you in advance for trying to help me with my problem:) I am in the middle of a divorce. Now I know thats not a big issue but what is, is the debt issue, I am a disabled mother of two minor daughters. My soon to be ex husband had to take on the debt due to ... Read More »

Would Getting Married Affect My Fiances Credit? – Emily


“I am in debt at this time with credit cards and students loans. By getting married would this affect my fiances credit. At this point we have been able to buy a car and a home with his credit alone. By getting married I don’t want to ruin his credit just in case we wanted to buy another house in ... Read More »

My Husband Kept Running Up Debt and Asking Me to Bail Him Out. – Tonia


“Dear Steve, Married for 7 years. When my mother died she left me some money (cash) as soon as she died my husband approached me about a credit card he owed on stating he was stressed over it. Owed 6,000 on card. This was his debt. I gave him the money with agreement he would never do such a thing ... Read More »

I Haven’t Been Honest With My Wife About Our Debt. – Brad


“Dear Steve, Married 8 years Two Kids Wife was home on Maternity leave in 06. I was mortage broker. Wife does not handle money stress well at all. Money was tight. I used credit cards and HELOC to meet bill obligations. Have about 55k in debt wife does not know about. She has recently started her own business and I ... Read More »

My Ex-Husband is Supposed to Pay a Debt in Our Divorce Agreement and Won’t. – Nancy


“Dear Steve, I was divorced less than a year ago. I applyed with Rural Housing to buy a home as a single mother. I was approved but there is past credit card debt in my name on my credit report. The debt belongs to my ex husband and he was court ordered to pay it but he has no intention ... Read More »

My Husband Left Me for a Younger Woman. I Got the Debt. – Rebecca


“Dear Steve, My husband of 21 years recently left my teenage son and I for a younger woman. We also have a 20 year old daughter who no longer lives at home. We have $58K in credit card debt, plus a mortgage and car payment. My estranged husband is having no contact with us (his choice) however he did show ... Read More »

I Want to Join My Husband in the UK, But My Debts. – Frost


“Dear Steve, Typical story for this place. Just loads of cards, loans. I come to the stage when the income is lower than the money I pay every month to keep things going. I am not earning any more. I am paying the banks. Thats the background story. I have been here for about 10 years now. I got a ... Read More »

I Just Discovered My Wife Has $90,000 In Debt. – Jim


“Dear Steve, I discovered that my wife has run up $90,000 in credit card debt. The minimum payments alone are $2,300/month. I have looked at one of the links on your website and they talked about debt settlement. How does debt settlement work – is it for everyone? The site showed a $2,000 payment as settlement for a $17,000 BofA ... Read More »

I Just Want to Run Away From This Financial Mess. – Denise


“Dear Steve, My husband and I lived in a nice house with our five kids. He made six figures until his business went under in 2007. We filed for bankruptcy in 2008 thinking we could save our house and car. We ended up losing the house anyway because our trustee payment was $900 and they increased our mortgage to help ... Read More »

My New Husband Wants Me Debt Free. – Catherine


“Dear Steve, I carried several credit cards 3-4+ maybe 5 years ago with my now exhusband. The cards I want to discuss are the ones that were in my name. I helped my husband at the time get out of debt and got cards in my name to absorb a lot of the debt. I would switch over to a ... Read More »

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