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Student Loans

I Work at the Welfare Office and I’m Struggling With My College Loans. – Chantel


“Dear Steve, Graduated from college 1996. started working for dept.of job&family service; A.K.A. welfare office 1996. student loans principle $12,000 and now owe $37,000. have been garnished since 2006. I’m broke. I make less money than when I started working. I have kids and bills. I’m drowning in debt. I live in Ohio. how can I access some of these ... Read More »

Georgetown University With Old Student Loan Debt


“Dear Steve, Georgetown University professor with $11,000 balance with Sallae Mae dating back to 1993–so I am beyond the 20 year period. Do I qualify for debt forgiveness for the balance? Daniel” Don’t miss our free Get Out of Debt – “How To” Guide Series on a number of topics, for loads of practical advice, tips, and help to beat ... Read More »

I’ll Pay 36 Years on My Student Loan Debt. Will the Obama Student Loan Program Help? – Sandra


“Dear Steve, I’m 47 years old and have been paying back my student loan for 24 years. At some point, I consolidated my loans with Sallie Mae. It’s categorized as UNSUB; however, I’m pretty sure some of the loans were, in fact, subsidized… but I guess that’s irrelevant. There have been times I’ve gone into forebearance but generally speaking, I’ve ... Read More »

My Sons Went to College and Have Six Loans I Can Barely Afford. – Marcia


“Dear Steve, What is a smart way to be able to get debt free. I have two boys who went to college and we have 6 loans out there now all wanting there money, i am doing my best to catch up and pay on them , but it leaves us has parents and my sons with NO money to ... Read More »

How to I Get Obama Student Loan Help for My Sallie Mae Student Loans? – Jo


“Dear Steve, I took out a student loan–a federal loan–in 1991 for $6000 at 8%. Due to a long series of financial setbacks, unemployment, a divorce, yada, yada–I now owe over 13K and it’s 20 years later. My loan now belongs to Sallie Mae. I am a single woman, 51 years old, no kids in CA with an income of ... Read More »

Can My Student Loans be Forgiven Because I Work With a Disabled Woman? – Sheri


“Dear Steve, i went to school and accumulated 30,000 in student loans for a degree in medical assisting. Needless to say there aren’t any opportunies for me in the area I live. I now do home health care for a paralyzed woman. Can my student loans be forgiven due to the fact I now work with a disabled individual? I ... Read More »

Private Business Should Do More to Pay for Student Loan Debt. – Anthony


“Dear Steve, I am a father that had a lot of debt and health issues, but have found away to downsize and hopefully will be able to be ready for retirement someday. I have a daughter that has somewhere in the $30,000-$40,000 range of student loan debt. We her parents both have parent-student loans also. The good news she is ... Read More »

Matthew Lesko Talks About Free Money for School. Where Do I Get It? – Jessica


“Dear Steve, I have my BS in marketing and my MAT in early childhood education. I never could get a job in marketing so I went back to school for my master’s. I have accrued quite the student loan debt. We’re probably looking at around 60-80,000. Well, I got married and became a stay-at-home mom. Well, now my husband wants ... Read More »

Does My Daughter Qualify for the Obama Student Loan Program? – Bonnie


“Dear Steve, Student loan question. My daughter is a 2011 graduate with a degree in school psychology. This particular profession requires a 4 year bachelor’s degree and three years of graduate school. She is currently employed in SC, and makes 45, 00 before taxes. She has 40,00 in grad school loans (federally funded) Two questions: Does she qualify for Obama’s ... Read More »

I’m a College Student With a Loan From SunTrust. – Kami


“Dear Steve, HELP! As you can see, I am in need of dire help regarding student loan debt. I just recently got out of the rehabilitation program and the lendor who now manages the loan is SunTrust. I am only 22 and still in college. At first, I owed $10,000 through the rehab program. Then, when it wento to SunTrust, ... Read More »

My Sallie Mae Co-Signers Want Out. – JoAlice


“Dear Steve, One of my student loans has a co-signer(s) – Sallie Mae (non-relatives) I haven’t pay this loans because of financial hardship so they have been paying for me. Can Sallie Mae remove these co-signers from my student loan and put another person instead? I asked before and Sallie Mae told me that there is nothing I can do ... Read More »

My Deadbeat Husband Won’t Help Me to Lower Our Sallie Mae Payments. – Deborah


“Dear Steve, I have a consoidated student loan with my ex-husband. He does not pay a cent towards that loan and is a deadbeat dad too. I am currently unemployed and the current loan payment of $166 is just too much for me right now. I’m not in default and the current balance is about $18000. I know about IBR ... Read More »

How Do I Transfer My Student Loans Into My Parent’s Name? – Erika


“Dear Steve, My Parents are not US Citizens, but have visas and bank accounts in the US, my father is a very well known business man in Mexico. He asked me to take put some student loans to help him out paying for my college and agreed to pay them off when I’m done. The deal still stands until this ... Read More »

I Had to Put Expenses on Credit Cards While in College. – John


“Dear Steve, Graduated college in 2006, have made all my student loan payments on time and in full. By doing this I have had to use credit cards to pay for other things in life. Almost all of my loans are private, because my parents made too much money for me to qualify for government loans. My student loans total ... Read More »

I’m Paralyzed With Fear Over My Student Loans. – Deni


“Dear Steve, Began 1 of 2 attempts at medical school 20 years ago. Am soon going to be 54 yo. After roughly 2-3 years of trying to make it work, I was dismissed due to poor grades. I was battling something… but didn’t know what. One Dr said depression, another said ADD. In 2004, the court in lower Manhattan, NY, ... Read More »

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