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Student Loans

I Went Back to School, Got Student Loans, But No Job. – Edith


“Dear Steve, I am a single mother of two. I filed bankruptcy back in 2003 after I had lost my job and was unable to pay my credit card bills. I was unable to find a job after that so I went back to school to get my bachelor’s degree. I got my degree in 2008 and during those 4 ... Read More »

How to Be Financially Successful When You Graduate

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Congratulations! You’ve made it through the starving student years and now you’re ready to start a job and earn some real money. You’re probably thinking about all the things you’ll be able to buy, places you’ll go and things you’ll be able to do when those paychecks start rolling in. Not so fast. If you’re like all the people who ... Read More »

I Suffered From Multiple Nervous Breakdowns and Attempted Suicide. I Just Want to Be Happy. – Kanda


“Dear Steve, I graduated from high school in 2005. My parents wanted me to go to college so I did. I suffered from multiple nervous breakdowns and attempted suicide I hated school so much and I was close to dropping out but my parents really wanted me to get the degree so I kept at it. Truthfully I have just ... Read More »

What Can You Tell Me About Forgiving My Student Loans? I’m a Social Worker. – Patricia


“Dear Steve, I read one of your blogs in January concerning Obama’s social work loan forgiveness plan. I am curious to know if any movement has been made on this. I am a social work working in a public servcie-non profit agency and wonder if I qualify? Many thanks, Patricia” Don’t miss our free Get Out of Debt – “How ... Read More »

My Son Has Asperger’s and Student Loans. – Michele


“Dear Steve, My son graduated College in 1998 with a BS is Computer Science. His father and I paid of $40.000 in parent loans leaving our son with a $20,000 loan. He has tried for years to get a job, but unfortunalty we discovered he has Aspergus. After going the disabilty qualifications he now receives disability payments per month. Unfortunatly ... Read More »

Full Time Student, Out of Cash, Wages Being Garnished by AES/PHEAA. Help! – Keith


“Dear Steve, I have a family of four and spouse who is an fulltime student. Income cut in half because of economy. Sinking fast and have exhausted all savings and 401k trying to stay afloat My wages are being garnished by AES/PHEAA for defaulted student loan. I requested an economic hardship hearing in writing at the end of February. It ... Read More »

Are There Any Loan Programs That Can Get Me Back in Good Graces With Sallie Mae? – J


“Dear Steve, Hello. I am an IT professional who has been out of work for two years now. At first, I was getting low level jobs which were adequate enough to pay bills. Then, in 2007, I was in a contract that ended abruptly, causing me to go into default on my Stafford loan (Sallie Mae). I found another contract ... Read More »

I’m Behind on Debts and Want My Credit Card Companies to Reduce Interest Rates. – Bonnie


“Dear Steve, Self made from lots of work and real estate investment…now with a commercial investment gone to foreclosure I have lots of credit card debt but only minimum income and I have started college to get a degree and so I am with limited cash…with other property but no sales in the near future. Besides my heart and soul ... Read More »

I Work in a Title I School. Can I Get My Student Loans Forgiven? – Susan


“Dear Steve, I have a bacholars degree and a Masters, M.Ed. and I am a high school counselor. I passed the state tests and could teach psychology and sociology. However, I am a high school counselor and have been for 8 years. I have worked in two different high schools both of which are title 1 schools (84% of our ... Read More »

I’d Like to Settle My SallieMae Student Loan. But How? – Jody


“Dear Steve, I’m currently in a chapter 13 bankruptcy that I will make my final payment on in June and will be discharged soon after. I have a Wells Fargo student loan that originated as $25000 in 2004 and was about $35000 with interest in 2007 when I filed. I’m being told that there’s no way it can be discharged, ... Read More »

I Enrolled Into Westwood College Online for a Career in Criminal Justice. – Matthew


“Dear Steve, In 2007 I enrolled into Westwood College Online for a career in Criminal Justice. I got approved for like $6000 through the school $150/ month while attending the school, plus a Sallie Mae loan for like $7000 which I believe its a loan I must pay back after I graduate. Due to the economy I decided to stop ... Read More »

Should My Daughter Work With the IRS or CCCS on Her Student Loan Debt?


“Dear Steve, Need to see if you can help with this question. My 21yr old daughter just found out via having her income tax refund offset due to past due obligation, that she has an outstanding school loan from 2006. Apparently when she was 18, her stepmother had her sign loan documents along with her enrollment documents to a trade ... Read More »

Can I Payoff My Student Loans With My Credit Cards and Then File Bankruptcy? – Brian


“Dear Steve, I have about $100k in private student loans, and about $50k in stafford loans. I have no other debt besides the revolving balance about $1000~$1500 that I pay off every month. My unsecured debt available for use is about $20k (credit cards, unsecured line of credit, etc.) My credit is good (700 ~750 range) and have no delinquencies. ... Read More »

Can My Social Security Check be Garnished for Student Loan Payments? – Sherry


“Dear Steve, I am 70 years old and live on Social Security. I have a small student loan that is very difficult if even possible to make. Can my Social Security Check be attached for the payments? Sherry” Don’t miss our free Get Out of Debt – “How To” Guide Series on a number of topics, for loads of practical ... Read More »

I Think Sallie Mae is Violating My Collection Rights. – Robyn


Robyn “Dear Steve, I have a private student loan with Sallie Mae. I got this loan to go to a computer training school in Massachusetts. I now live in California. They are threatening to default if I do not pay $842 by August 8th. I am not refusing to pay them, I am just not able to make the entire ... Read More »

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