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Student Loans

I Could Not Afford Law School But Have Loans. What Now? – Ron

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“Dear Steve, Well here it goes…I went to an expensive undergrad school and took out a good amount of student loans. My parents told me it was fine and was actually a good thing to help my credit after I got out. The plan was that they were going to pay for most of the loans, at that time they ... Read More »

I’m a Retired Disabled Veteran And Student Loan Collectors Are Coming After Me. – Francis

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“Dear Steve, I am 67 years old and disabiled. I went back to college and graduated 1991. Because of various problems and surgeries, I was put on permanent disability, and was unable to pay back student loan. After a LOT of correspondense back and forth between the collection agencies and the Veteran’s Administration, I was told the loan was discharged ... Read More »

Am I Collection Proof From My Student Loan Debt? – Tony

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“Dear Steve, I filed Bankruptcy about a year and a half ago, unfortunately, my student loans didn’t get discharged. I knew going in they probably wouldn’t. I’m still not making a lot of money and am currently unemployed. I have 3 different student loans I’m attempting to pay off. I’m making small payments on 2 of them, however the third ... Read More »

I Am Disabled and Unable to Afford My Student Loans. – William

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“Dear Steve, Went to school and recieved my bachelors degree in graphic design. When i was looking for a job, i couldnt find one that payed more then $13 an hour so i stayed working in my trade. Several years after graduating i was diagnosed wit stage 3 cancer and as result of the surgery, my right foot is paralyzed ... Read More »

I Am the Victim of a Student Loan Consolidation Clerical Error. – Angel

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“Dear Steve, About 10 years ago my ex husband and I consolidated our individual student loans together, in 2006 his name dropped off the debt. I have all of the original paperwork showing the loans he incurred along with my loans and the paperwork we signed showing each of us as signers once the loans were merged. It is also ... Read More »

Private Student Loan Lender Says They Are Going to Garnish My Social Security Check. – Kitty

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“Dear Steve, Husband died, co-signed final “private loan” for daughter. She graduated as a teacher 12-2008, lost my job, she got a part time tutoring job…….. 100,000.00 in students loans and hates me for pushing her to finish college. she can not find a teaching job anywhere! so student I co-signed wants me to pay now. I am an unemployed ... Read More »

I’m a Nurse Practitioner in Ohio and Looking for Student Loan Forgiveness. – Miranda

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“Dear Steve, Accumulated federal and private loans through nursing and graduate school. Haven’t entered repayment yet, didn’t know if there is a way to settle my debt for less or if there are repayment/loan forgiveness programs. I am currently a nurse practitioner in the state of Ohio. Through nursing school and graduate school loans, I have accumulated about $87,000 in ... Read More »

Should Colleges and Universities Be Held Accountable for Private Student Loans They Pushed?

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“Dear Steve, I’m 28 and graduated from a private college in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. Im about 80k in debt and making $9.25 an hour as a daycare teacher. I am married; my husband makes $11.00 an hour. We have a two year old, rent a house, in the hood, for $600 a month, make too much ... Read More »

I Cosigned for My Son’s Student Loans and I Can’t Afford Them. – Christy

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“Dear Steve, My son has his BA and we have paid off all the student loans for that degree. He went to graduate school for Architecture. He needed money so he took out student loans. The building industry “tanked” and he is working independently but is making next to nothing. The bank is taking his house and he is working ... Read More »

Should I Put All My Money Into Paying Off My Student Loan? – Chester

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“Dear Steve, I am a recent graduate with 43,000 in student loan debt. I make about 30,000 a year. All my student loans are federal with interest rates ranging from 6% to 2%. My current monthly payments are $141/month. I have no credit card debt, no mortgage, and no car payments. Should I be in a rush to pay off ... Read More »

I Work at the Welfare Office and I’m Struggling With My College Loans. – Chantel

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“Dear Steve, Graduated from college 1996. started working for dept.of job&family service; A.K.A. welfare office 1996. student loans principle $12,000 and now owe $37,000. have been garnished since 2006. I’m broke. I make less money than when I started working. I have kids and bills. I’m drowning in debt. I live in Ohio. how can I access some of these ... Read More »

Georgetown University With Old Student Loan Debt

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“Dear Steve, Georgetown University professor with $11,000 balance with Sallae Mae dating back to 1993–so I am beyond the 20 year period. Do I qualify for debt forgiveness for the balance? Daniel” Dear Daniel, Am I safe in assuming these are private student loans and not government backed student loans? Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on ... Read More »

I’ll Pay 36 Years on My Student Loan Debt. Will the Obama Student Loan Program Help? – Sandra

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“Dear Steve, I’m 47 years old and have been paying back my student loan for 24 years. At some point, I consolidated my loans with Sallie Mae. It’s categorized as UNSUB; however, I’m pretty sure some of the loans were, in fact, subsidized… but I guess that’s irrelevant. There have been times I’ve gone into forebearance but generally speaking, I’ve ... Read More »

My Sons Went to College and Have Six Loans I Can Barely Afford. – Marcia

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“Dear Steve, What is a smart way to be able to get debt free. I have two boys who went to college and we have 6 loans out there now all wanting there money, i am doing my best to catch up and pay on them , but it leaves us has parents and my sons with NO money to ... Read More »

How to I Get Obama Student Loan Help for My Sallie Mae Student Loans? – Jo

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“Dear Steve, I took out a student loan–a federal loan–in 1991 for $6000 at 8%. Due to a long series of financial setbacks, unemployment, a divorce, yada, yada–I now owe over 13K and it’s 20 years later. My loan now belongs to Sallie Mae. I am a single woman, 51 years old, no kids in CA with an income of ... Read More »

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