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Congress Holds Hearing on Financial Literacy

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The Honorable Dennis McKinney, Treasurer, State of Kansas U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Representative Moore, Chairman August 24, 2010 Testimony by Kansas State Treasurer Dennis McKinney Good morning Chairman. As Kansas State Treasurer, I believe financial literacy is a national priority. As a result, my office provides a variety of financial literacy ... Read More »

How to Be Financially Successful When You Graduate

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Congratulations! You’ve made it through the starving student years and now you’re ready to start a job and earn some real money. You’re probably thinking about all the things you’ll be able to buy, places you’ll go and things you’ll be able to do when those paychecks start rolling in. Not so fast. If you’re like all the people who ... Read More »

Are There Any Loan Programs That Can Get Me Back in Good Graces With Sallie Mae? – J


“Dear Steve, Hello. I am an IT professional who has been out of work for two years now. At first, I was getting low level jobs which were adequate enough to pay bills. Then, in 2007, I was in a contract that ended abruptly, causing me to go into default on my Stafford loan (Sallie Mae). I found another contract ... Read More »

I Enrolled Into Westwood College Online for a Career in Criminal Justice. – Matthew


“Dear Steve, In 2007 I enrolled into Westwood College Online for a career in Criminal Justice. I got approved for like $6000 through the school $150/ month while attending the school, plus a Sallie Mae loan for like $7000 which I believe its a loan I must pay back after I graduate. Due to the economy I decided to stop ... Read More »

I Think Sallie Mae is Violating My Collection Rights. – Robyn


Robyn “Dear Steve, I have a private student loan with Sallie Mae. I got this loan to go to a computer training school in Massachusetts. I now live in California. They are threatening to default if I do not pay $842 by August 8th. I am not refusing to pay them, I am just not able to make the entire ... Read More »

I’m a Retired Military Vet That is Tired of Battling Debt. – Gary


“Dear Steve, Hi Steve, this is the first time I ever encountered anything like this. I am a retired military Vet. I receive $1650 a month in retirement and I work civil service for the gov’t with an income 70K a year. I have approx 37K in debt. I own a home in Alaska which my wife talked me into ... Read More »

What is the Smartest Way to Get In Debt? – Joie


“Dear Steve, I am 100% debt free. No mortgage. No car payment. Nothing owed on credit cards. No student loans, even though I have a four year BFA from a reputable school. I’ve got less than $10k in savings but it’s growing. I make approximately $29k a year. I even have money in a growing 401(k). I have been extremely ... Read More »

My Husband and I Are In Over Our Heads. – Vicki


“Dear Steve, Help! My husband and I are in over our heads. We have about 20,000 in credit card debt, a school loan of 33,000 in collections, and we are short about 1500 a month in income in order to pay all our bills. We are currently not paying credit cards and school loan and are just scraping by. My ... Read More »

My Divorce Decree Says My Ex-Husband is Supposed to Pay His Student Loans. But He’s Not. – Ana


“Dear Steve, In my divorcee decree it states that my ex husband should take a full responsibility for his student loan (that I am a co-signer). 7 years later I got a call from collection agency that he wasn’t paying it. I have no idea where my ex is. What are my options? I do understand that I have no ... Read More »

So What Happens if I Did Not Use My Sallie Mae Loan to Pay for School But Used it for Other Things? – Margaret


“Dear Steve, What if you took out a sallie mae loan and the money really did not go to higher education… only for odds and ends and surgery. Is it still considered a student loan in that situation. And if not, would it be best to file bankruptcy including this loan. Margaret” Don’t miss our free Get Out of Debt ... Read More »

Is Obama Really Writing Off Student Loans? – Cristina


“Dear Steve, Thank you for your help. I think it’s great what you are doing! I received a phone call from Sallie Mae today that my student loans are due for re-payment. I always thought that I would be paying about $300.00 a month, but it’s actually $732.53. I am currently unemployed. But, private loans, the Representative said, doesn’t matter ... Read More »

Where Can I Go For a Fixed Rate Mortgage? – Stephanie


“Dear Steve, I am backwards on my mortgage and it’s a five year arm will re-set in June with a HELOC. I need to refinance! I am paying interest only on my Sallie Mae loan this year and putting all my money into paying-off the HELOC. My credit score is 740 and all of my credit cards are paid off ... Read More »

My Wife Attended a Court Reporting School Run By Alcoholics. – Chris


“Dear Steve, I am currently teaching and have about 12,000.00 left on my student loans. My wife decided, after years of paralegally to go back to school to get a “court reporting” certification and become a court reporter. There is really only 1 school in Cincinnati and upon securing the loans and beginning classes, she quickly became aware that the ... Read More »

I Can’t Pay Sallie Mae – Carlos


Carlos “Dear Steve, Sallie Mae loaned me $10,537.50 on 08/31/1994. I started making payments on it in 2003. Have been in forbearance three times. I have already paid about $7,000 on this loan. he loan is on forbearance until 03/07/2009. Because of financial hardship I wanted to settle with Sallie Mae for $4,000. Total Principal to be paid $13,989.89, estimated ... Read More »

Am I Going to Be Piled Under SallieMae Student Loan Debt For The Rest of My Life? – Mike


“Dear Steve, My father owns his own small law firm (him a secretary and a para legal) his income was about $200,000 a year when I was 17 but it included running his business (rent, paying employee salaries, health care, taxes.. etc). The government said we made to much $ for me qualify for federal loans so he was forced ... Read More »

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