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Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Claims – What Happens when they Co-Exist

Ryan Hackett

Summary: Two areas of the law that can cross paths are bankruptcy and personal injury. In bankruptcy ALL assets, even potential future assets must be disclosed.  This article applies to personal injuries that occurred prior to the client filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you had an injury after your chapter 13 plan was approved and while you are still ... Read More »

How Can We Hide Our Money From Our Creditors? – Charlotte

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“Dear Steve, Always had great credit, but know can’t make the credit card payments. We have 45,000.00 in credit card debt. I was layed off my the company I worked for 30 years. It took me a year and a half to find another job, not make much less than before (1,588.00 bring home a month). Now my husband lost ... Read More »

All About Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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Article I, Section 8, of the United States Constitution authorizes Congress to enact “uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies.” Under this grant of authority, Congress enacted the “Bankruptcy Code” in 1978. The Bankruptcy Code, which is codified as title 11 of the United States Code, has been amended several times since its enactment. It is the uniform federal law ... Read More »

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Debtors

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In a case before the Supreme Court the Court today issued their opinion favoring the debtor in this case. In HAMILTON, CHAPTER 13 TRUSTEE v. LANNING the bankruptcy trustee, Hamilton, a private trustee objected to the monthly payment the debtor, Stephanie Kay Lanning, stated she could reasonably afford to pay. The trustee had followed a mechanical calculation to determine the ... Read More »

How to Find a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer or Bankruptcy Attorney

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So the time has come that you feel as if you need to explore bankruptcy. At least you want to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer about what bankruptcy would mean for you. People often can’t see that finding a bankruptcy attorney does not mean you are going to file bankruptcy, it means you are going to talk to a professional ... Read More »

I Went Bankrupt. Our Bankruptcy Story About What It Was Like to Go Bankrupt.

Our bankruptcy story

We lived through bankruptcy, we’ve felt the pain, the shame and the embarrassment. We know what it feels like to walk in your shoes to the court house and deal with the emotional aftermath. Sometimes bankruptcy is necessary and the best solution for your situation. You can’t let that knowledge hold you back from what must be done, if bankruptcy ... Read More »

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