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Bankruptcy Information

Jackson Hewitt Tax Services Sheds Overhead. Files for Bankruptcy Protection.


Bankruptcy happens to a lot of people. Corporations use it as a smart move in tough times. Today, Jackson Hewitt, the second largest tax preparation company, filed for bankruptcy protection. The largest credit, Bayside Capital, is expected to take over the company. Unsecured creditors should have no funds available for distribution but the company expects to remain in the tax ... Read More »

    We Were Referred to Consumer Debt Defense. What Do You Think? – Danielle

    Consumer Debt Defense

    “Dear Steve, We have much credit card debt- greater than 100,000- we had not defaulted but they kept raising interest rates and minimum payments and now can’t keep up and have fallen behing on taxes. We are going to have to default to save money to pay our taxes this year. We were referred to which is a law ... Read More »

      Bankruptcy Filings Slow Heading Into 2011


      The latest numbers out from the U.S. Courts shows that while 2010 was a record year for bankruptcy filings, post 2005 reform, 2011 is setting up to be a slower pace. During the last quarter of 2010, which is oddly the first quarter of 2011 for the Judiciary’s records, the number of bankruptcy filings was down by one percent from ... Read More »

        Bankruptcy Filings Way Up. 73% File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.


        The latest year-on-year bankruptcy numbers are out and nobody should be surprised that bankruptcy filings are way up. In the year ending September 30, 2010 the number of Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings was up 14% and Chapter 13 bankruptcies were up 8%. – Source Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases account for 73% of all consumer bankruptcy cases filed. Now you can ... Read More »

          Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral Megachurch Goes Bankrupt

          Crystal Cathedral

          I remember watching Robert Schuller years ago on his weekly television program, “The Hour of Power” from his California megachurch called the Crystal Cathedral. Now the church is scrambling to overcome financial problems. On October 18, 2010 the ministry filed for bankruptcy protection. It seems a whole lot ironic that the argument against bankruptcy by some is somehow that it ... Read More »

            Debtors’ Prison, Why Creditors Don’t Care if You Repay Your Debt, and Bankruptcy – The Get Out Of Debt Guy Show

            On today’s show I talk with Dr. Louis Hyman, an expert in the history of debt. Not only was it great talking with him but we chatted just as long off the air. This is one guy you’ll be hearing more from in the future on this show. We talked about the history of debt, why budgets are flawed, a ... Read More »

              Thank you For The Site And Your Help. – Lisa


              I received the following email from one of our site follower friends. Thank you Lisa for the update and sharing your opinions, experience and inisght. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook With the help and encouragement of your site, we have filed Chapter 7 and been discharged, thanks so much!! I just wanted to say thank you ... Read More »

                Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filings Up 25 Percent


                Bankruptcy filings overall rose 20 percent in the 12-month period ending June 30, 2010, according to statistics released today by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. A total of 1,572,597 bankruptcy cases were filed in federal courts in that period, compared to 1,306,315 bankruptcy cases filed in the 12-month period ending June 30, 2009. This is the highest number ... Read More »

                  Filing Bankruptcy Myself. DIY Bankruptcy Information. Pro Se Bankruptcy Videos.


                  I recently came across the following court videos for filing bankruptcy yourself and thought they were exceptionally truthful, informative, educational, and beneficial for everyone considering filing bankruptcy without an attorney or pro se. The videos apply to a bankruptcy district in North Carolina but they exemplify the potential pitfalls or problems people can face when attempting to represent themselves without ... Read More »

                    I Sit Down With a Bankruptcy Attorney and Talk About Filing Bankruptcy – Get Out of Debt Podcast

                    Here is the latest Get Out of Debt podcast. I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Jackson, a bankruptcy attorney from Ohio and talked about many different aspects of bankruptcy including: The fear of approaching a bankruptcy attorney. Common questions and concerns when people are considering bankruptcy The benefits of bankruptcy to stop debt collections, lawsuits, and wage ... Read More »

                      Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Debtors


                      In a case before the Supreme Court the Court today issued their opinion favoring the debtor in this case. In HAMILTON, CHAPTER 13 TRUSTEE v. LANNING the bankruptcy trustee, Hamilton, a private trustee objected to the monthly payment the debtor, Stephanie Kay Lanning, stated she could reasonably afford to pay. The trustee had followed a mechanical calculation to determine the ... Read More »

                        Do It Yourself Guide to Credit Reports: 10 Ways to Improve Your Credit


                        So your credit’s not so hot. A few late payments, maybe an account or two that went to collections. What’s the big deal? As you’ve probably found out, it may be a very big deal. You’ve probably already been turned down for the best credit cards and maybe you’ve had trouble getting a car loan. Perhaps you’ve even put off ... Read More »

                          Attorneys Have Debt Problems And File Bankruptcy Too


                          This article was written by my bankruptcy attorney friend Dan Nunley in Oklahoma. It brings up so very good points and Dan said he didn’t mind if I share it with you here. So far this year, I’ve been contacted by three attorneys who are considering filing bankruptcy. I’ve been a bankruptcy lawyer for fifteen years now and it seems ... Read More »

                            Copy of Fake Bankruptcy Dismissal Notice From First American Debt Solutions

                            Fake First American Debt Solutions Bankruptcy Dismissal

                            Here is a copy of the fake Chapter 13 dismissal notice that First American Debt Solutions is sending out to fool people into thinking their bankruptcy case has been dismissed. The goal, talk people into a debt settlement program. The notice is actually false, the bankruptcy has not been dismissed and it is nothing more than a deceptive ploy. Click ... Read More »

                              When Some Credit Card Debt Can’t Be Discharged in Bankruptcy


                              Excellent blog post out today by Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney, Dan Nunley, about when some type of credit card debt can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. Like most Americans, the majority of people who I help file bankruptcy have some credit card debt. And a small number have a lot of credit card debt. As a general rule, credit card debt is ... Read More »

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