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U.S. Debt Cure Center – Watch List

The following information appears only because this entity has hit my radar and has raised a concern and I do not want to lose this information. I’m keeping it handy in case issues appear in the future. Steve Notes A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in an email they received. See below. The email contained links that went ... Read More »

    Debt With Dignity


    In all sorts of corners of life we now assume that it is wrong to not treat others well. For example, in the U.S. we no longer have separate entrances based on the color of your skin. Buildings make allowances for physical limitations and a recent news story said that more people have developed a tolerance for the religion of ... Read More »

      This Weeks Favorite Personal Finance Stories from Others


      Here is this weeks roundup of great personal finance articles around the web I wanted to share with you. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Getting Out of Debt Does Credit Counseling Hurt Your Credit There seems to be quite a bit of confusion in the marketplace about whether or not a Credit Counseling program will hurt ... Read More »

        Consumer Car Loan at Looks Like a Scam

        Screen Shot 2011-07-26 at 10.54.17 AM

        A consumer recently asked if Consumer Car Loan at consumer car is a scam. Specifically they said, “Has anyone experience with the online company Consumer Car Loans. com? Is this a scam. I am looking for a car loan, for low credit rating.” So I took a quick look and here is what I found. Domain The ... Read More »

          Money Personality Quiz


          What’s Your Money Personality? Are you a balanced spender/investor or are you a Binge Spender? A Big Spender or a Micromanager? Take this fun quiz to find out which money personality best describes your style of money management. You may find that two or more answers to some questions seem correct in describing you. In that case, select the answer ... Read More »

            Women Are Smarter Than Men When it Comes to How to Get Out of Debt


            Ever since I first started helping people with money troubles in 1994 I’ve noticed one common thread, women are typically more engaged in the entire process of getting out of debt. Guys, let’s face it, we are lazy at times. I’ll admit it. I’ll also admit that I have no patience for dealing with all those calls to work out ... Read More »

              Consumer Alliance Processing Corporation – Watch List


              The following information appears only because this entity has hit my radar and has raised a concern and I do not want to lose this information. I’m keeping it handy in case issues appear in the future. Steve Notes This surfaced as part of a client comment on Scam Report: Nationwide Financial Center Charges Consumer to Join DMP The Pitch ... Read More »

                Ramba Law Group Named in Article the Warns Consumers About Mass Joinder Suits Against Mortgage Lenders


                For quite some time now I’ve been warning people about the wave of mass joinder suits that are being marketed to consumers. The pitch is simply, you’re bank screwed you and now we are going to make them pay. All you have to do is fork over $5,000 to participate, of which the marketers, who are not lawyers, get the ... Read More »

                  Nobody Ever Escaped Debt by Just Thinking Constantly About It


                  The following guest post was contributed by Greg Pesetsky. The article provides information on different approaches to debt relief. Its provides the truth and has tips on how to prevent becoming vulnerable to debt. President Greg Pesetsky founded Practical Debt Relief in 2008. Pesetsky has been in the debt industry since 2001 and ran a large BBB Accredited Debt Consolidation ... Read More »

                    Clear Blue Debt Solutions and Synergy Debt Group Look Like a Scam. They Are Not Making Friends in Canada.

                    I received information from a tipster (send in your tips here) in Canada that wanted to share new information about these companies. The tipster (send in your tips here) said: “I was amazed at how frequently I was lied to when I spoke with employees from these companies. I can’t remember anyone lying to me that much in one conversation ... Read More »

                      Magnificent Products For Less: Making Couponing A Business

                      profile.jpg src=

                      Read More »

                        Breaking the Credit Card Codes. Here is the Hacker Cipher.


                        I’m always surprised when I give people my credit card number and then they ask me if it’s a Visa or MasterCard. These thing have some logic behind them but everybody doesn’t know the secrets to the codes. If you reach into your wallet you’ll find that all your Visa cards will begin with a 4. All your MasterCards will ... Read More »

                          CFPB Praised for Openness and Transparency Trying to Be Gutted on Capitol Hill


                          Will Innovative New Financial Regulator Be Hobbled Before It Even Starts? by Lois Beckett ProPublica, July 20, 2011, 4:26 p.m. Want to know what people find most confusing about mortgage disclosure documents? Then check out these heat maps created by a new government regulatory agency. The heat maps show two model mortgage forms that the agency posted on its website ... Read More »

                            Do You Want a Free Google+ Invite? I’ll Send One to You.


                            Google+ is a brand new tool that allows people to connect and share, much like Facebook. Right now it’s hard for me to connect with all of my friends through my website during this transition to bring Google+ online so I’m offering a free invitation to join me online. If you are already on Google+ and would like to ... Read More »

                              Morgan Drexen Skewered by The Center for Public Integrity


                              Shirley Gao from The Center for Public Integrity just posted a look at the activities of Morgan Drexen in the case of retired schoolteacher Mary Linville from West Virginia. Linville had engaged Morgan Drexen to provide her with debt settlement services and wound up sued by one of her creditors. The West Virigina Attorney General later filed suit against Morgan ... Read More »

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