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Why is TASC Saying Consumers Pay Really High Interest Rates in Credit Counseling?

A tipster (send in your tips here) just brought this video to my attention. It features Dave Leuthold the executive director of TASC, until recently. I’m not sure what happened over at TASC but it looks like they cleaned house. In fact as of today they are down to 58 members and I can’t find a mention of Leuthold there ... Read More »

Debt Restructure Market Sends Out Affiliate Pitch

Debt Restructure Market

A super tispter sent in the following email being sent out by Debt Restructure Market to find affiliates. A couple of points really caught my eye. I know that NoteWorld is taking great exception to the phrase NoteWorld Approved. NoteWorld does not approve the company model and issues no public statement of approval. The pitch is that affiliates will earn ... Read More »

Consumer Debt Assistance Deceptive Mailer – Credit Card Balance Reduction Opportunity 2011

Consumer Debt Assistance TASC

One of the AACC members forwarded me a deceptive mailer a consumer had received. The number on the mailer, 888-354-8913, goes to Consumer Debt Assistance. The Consumer Debt Assistance site boldly displays the TASC logo but guess what, that appears to be deceptive as well. According to TASC membership records, Consumer Debt Assistance is not a member. – Source The ... Read More »

Peter Popoff Debt Relief Scammer? Erase Your Debt With Supernatural Massive Intervention Using Miracle Spring Water.

Peter Popoff Header

I’m not sure what to say about this. I know if I come across as cynical I’m going to be attacked by some since this involves religion. I am not attacking religion. If anything I’m attacking a caught scammer who is manipulating people using religion to eliminate their debt problems. A fantastic tipster (send in your tips here) sent in ... Read More »

IRS Wants More Than a Million Dollars Back from Ossenfort of Pioneer Credit Counseling

Ossenfort 990

Back in the middle of December I got a tip that Todd Ossenfort of Pioneer Credit Counseling had received a notice from the IRS that he had to repay over a million dollars from an issue surrounding private benefit transaction. At the time I looked at their 990 return and noticed two areas. One was the internal family relationships I ... Read More »

ReadyForZero Launches. Self Directed Debt Elimination.


My friends over at ReadyForZero.com have officially launched their free online service to help people get out of debt with an automated plan. I had the pleasure of seeing the early demos on this product and wrote about them previously. See “Co-Founder of ReadyForZero.com Shares Details How They Could Revolutionize the Need for Credit Counseling.” I was excited by their ... Read More »

United Settlement Group Makes Me Laugh

United Settlement Group

I spend a lot of time on the internet looking at web sites. I’ve seen thousands in fact. But I had to share this little gem that made me bust out laughing. Apparently privacy is not a concern at United Settlement Group because they didn’t even notice that their privacy policy is just placeholder text. Classic. How in the world ... Read More »

Consumer & Business Debt Counseling (CBDC). What is Going On? On the Radar.

CBDC Browsing

A tipster (send in your tips here) contacted me and said that Legal Helpers Debt Resolution is sending their debt management leads to Consumer & Business Debt Counseling Services (CBDC) in Florida. It only took a moment for me to become very concerned after visiting their site at CBDC.us. Not only is their site distributing malicious software to unsuspecting surfers ... Read More »

Legal Helpers Apparently Getting into Credit Counseling and Tax Settlement

LH Drehwing

Yet another Legal Helpers Debt Resolutions business development manager has come forward. How many business development managers does the company have. This one is associated with a different URL so is each URL a different business unit? Confusing to say the least. The business development manager for Legal Helpers in this email is listed as mdrehwing@lhdrhelp.com. The one the other ... Read More »

Dear Credit Counseling, Times Only to Get Tougher.

The Current Debt Relief Reality

Now that the last storm in debt relief is quieting, namely hurricane ‘debt settlement’ that was quelled by the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rules, it has given me an opportunity to poke my head up and take a wide look at the debt relief horizon. And what I’m seeing is concerning. My roots in the debt relief world began with my ... Read More »

Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust and Global Client Solutions Part Ways

Ready to Collapse

Apparently Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust has parted company with Global Client Solutions. Howard Smith of Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust told this site, “I thought you might be interested to know that Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust no longer has a relationship with Global Client Solutions or any of their associated debt service companies.” Who knows, maybe the increasing ... Read More »

Citibank Closes Credit Counseling Call to Action Program

Ready to Collapse

A notice just out to credit counseling groups was sent in by a great tipster (send in your tips here). Apparently Citibank, an initial supporter of the NFCC and Consumer Credit Counseling Service program called Call to Action, is terminating their participation. An email sent out to AICCCA members says: Due to resource limitations and required compliance with policy, February ... Read More »

Legal Services Speaks Out About Non-Profit Credit Counseling

Ready to Collapse

There has been a lot of attention focused on rogue debt settlement companies over the past year. And now that battle is mostly over with the introduction of the FTC telemarketing sales rules, as I have predicted, more attention will now turn towards non-profit debt relief services. The non-profit market will become polluted with companies that will attempt to evade ... Read More »

Problems Just Keep Piling on for GHS Solutions CEO Anthony Shea

You can never underestimate the skills of a tipster (send in your tips here). In this case, this morning arrives more bad news for Anthony Shea of GHS Solutions. GHS Solutions was in the news yesterday when I wrote about the court in Kentucky tossing out their arbitration agreement. Well it looks like January of 2011 just isn’t the month ... Read More »

Global Client Solutions, GHS Solutions, Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust Get Shutdown on Arbitration. Judge Says No.

Back in May of 2010, Brett and Linda Davis filed a class action suit against Global Client Solutions, GHS Solutions, and Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust. The suit said: “Defendants are engaged in a continuing class-wide predatory business scheme to financially enrich themselves and defraud Kentucky Class members by violating Kentucky’s Debt Adjusting statute, Chapter 380; by the commission of ... Read More »

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