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Freedom Debt Relief Sent My Account to Century Negotiations Inc. I’m Confused. – Adam

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I recently contacted Freedom Debt Relief to try and get out of around 8000.00 in debt. I felt comfortable talking to them because they didn’t ask for any fees right away and seemed like they were better than a lot of the stories out there made them seem. I have been struggling with this debt for 7 years and it ... Read More »

Is The Real Estate Law Center Legit? – Bill

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I owe more than they say the house is wirth so I have been trying to geta re finance to a lower rate since I pay 6-1/8 interest rate now interest only loan and will rollover to interest and principal payment next year. I was contacted by the real estate law center Pc and right now I am at the ... Read More »

I Have a Judgment Against Me for a Car Loan. What Are They Statute of Limitations?

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I have a judgement for a car loan against me in Virginia for $12,980 that was awarded to the finance company in August 2009. It is now March 2012. The judgement is on my credit report. I live in North Carolina and have been here since 2009. If I’m not mistaken I was also supposed to pay interest in the ... Read More »

Can We Do a Short Sale If There Are Four of Us on the Note? – Haydie

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My daughter owns a property. She owes $450.00 There are 4 of us in the deed. Only my daughter & my husband are in the mortgage. However, my daughter changed to a new job taking a drastic cut. My husband is laidoff. My daughter’s husband is also laidoff. I have been on permanent disability since 1996. We would like to ... Read More »

Can My Wages Get Garnished Before I Answer the Wage Garnishment Summons? – Jean

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I had a credit card debt that I went to court on The judge did not care that the dollar amount was wrong and that i had proof he said I had to pay 145 a month. I couldnt pay the whole 145 because of my house in foreclosure and I was trying to save it. So the firm my ... Read More »

I Got a 1099C Should I File Bankruptcy?

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I’m under debt program already 4 years, and still 2 credit cards ($ 20,000.00) are not settle. But I got 1099C and have to pay IRS and State around $8,509.00. I don’t have money to pay. Should I file bankruptcy? Ivonne Bankruptcy Articles and Posts You Must Read Click Here to Find a Bankruptcy Attorney in Your Area To get ... Read More »

Will Sam’s Club Settle My Past Due Account?

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I have a Sam’s Club Credit Account for about 5 years. I also had a Capital One Credit that I made a settlement and was able to get out of debt. Does Sam’s Club overturn there accounts to a collection agency and if so can they do a settlement? Sabrina This is your chance to be a hero and help ... Read More »

I Can’t Reach Nationwide Card Monitor

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Hello I just dont where to start,, or is this a right place to contact, I lived here in Canada , im trying to contact nationwide card monitor but unfortunately the stories that i’ve read is as the same as mine, i want to get my money back that i’ve paid to them 390 canadian dollars ,they told me that ... Read More »

Can the Delta Law Firm and Attorney Howard Feinmel Really Make My Debt Go Away?

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I have read several articles on your site. I am currently on month 7 of an 18 month contract with the Delta Law Firm of Boca Raton, FL. Attorney is Howard Feinmel. I was referred to Howard Feinmel by the August Belmont Group. He is stating he can accomplish debt dismissal on unsecured accounts suing creditors for reporting violations under ... Read More »

How Can I Keep My Car After My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Was Dismissed? – Tara

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My chapter 13 is being dismissed because I could not afford no longer to make payments because of my divorce situation. I want to keep my vehicle and wanted to know if there are any options I can use regarding keeping my vehicle with the chapter 13 being dismissed, for instance my attorney making some agreement with the bank that ... Read More »

How Am I Supposed to Repay My Student Loan Debt, Tax Debt and Social Security Debt?

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I am 47. I have both Student Loan Debt, Tax Debt and Social Security Debt which amouts to almost 200k. I only make 39k a year after being out of work for over 2 years. I am at the end of my rope. I don’t see any way out because my boss just told me that because of the “perception ... Read More »

How Can I Settle My Debts With My Banks in Dubai – UAE? – Tanya

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I have few credit cards from different banks and a loan from another bank, now my salary is AED 12000 almost and not enough to cover the loan amount plus the min monthly dues for my cards, from another side I could consolidate the debt with Abu Dhabi Islamic bank lets say, however my company is not listed with them, ... Read More »

What is the Reputation of American Brokers Conduit for Loan Modifications?

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I have been solicited by the prudent law group to represent me for a residential loan modification with American Brokers Conduit the lender for my primary home loan. What is the reputation of the prudent law group for residential loan modifications? Read More »

Newlywed Full Time Student and Can’t Make Ends Meet. – Leah

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I just got married and am a full time student. I have scholarships to pay for schooling and a part time job. But my husband hasn’t found any work in this small college town and doesn’t seem motivated to find one even though I’m stressed out about it and I have been trying to help him find a job and ... Read More »

Do you know anything about Consumer Defense Attorneys?

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I was unfairly fired in July 2008, which ended my 36 year career as an xray tech, since I could not get reemployed in my profession, or be hired into any job at all, for that matter. I have been struggling to keep my house ever since. HSBC is my mortgage holder, unfortunately. I got a loan mod from HSBC ... Read More »

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