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I lost my complete savings to Kramer & Kaslow Scam


I have been scammed from this law firm ( Kramer & Kaslow ) I had not even sign up nor had I received the retensions agreement. We were just at the point where he had received the money. The place was shut down the following week and then it was over. I get very little answers. I filed a complaint ... Read More »

    My father in-law co-signed my auto loan and now he is going for bankruptcy. How this will affect me?


    Auto loan was co-signed by my father in law. I think I’m listed as the owner but both names appear on the contract. My father in law might go for bankruptcy soon and I’m wondering if this will affect me as the owner of a car he cosigned? Thanks! David Read More »

      I am stuck in an interest only mortgage. What can I do?


      I am stuck in an interest only loan and unable to refinance due to a significant decrease in my home value. The loan was sold to a private investor and is unwilling to negotioate a loan mod since I am current on the payments. Other than for that fact I would qualify for a loan mod. The current payment, P&I ... Read More »



        I currently have a student loan acquired as the result of a company demand before being hired. I was 48 years old when I entered a state college and graduated at 50. I am now in default with the Stafford student loan managed by a state agency. I am currently 62 years old and want to know if this loan ... Read More »

          Charged off account bought by collection agency


          Hi, A credit card account was charged off almost 7 years ago and was bought by a collection agency just before the 7 year mark. I understand that although the account was bought by a collection agency, it is illegal for these accounts to appear on my credit report after 7 years. My question is, even if I dispute this ... Read More »

            Student Loan Forgiveness- How to survive the first five years?


            I am currently teaching at a low income elementary school. Between my undergraduate work and graduate work at a private school, I have over 100K in student loans. I have looked into the teacher loan forgiveness program, but it seems that it will only forgive $5000, and only after five years. There has got to be another solution- There is ... Read More »

              Are there any legitimate credit card debt relief companies?


              I owe $35,000.00 in credit card debt. I’m making the payments now but won’t be able to for long. My credit score is down to 640 due to my D/I ratio. Since my credit is already going down, I wonder if I should contact a debt relief company to at least put a term on the debt. Are there any ... Read More »

                Is Embrace Home Loans a ripoff or a good company?


                Hi I am thinking about paying off my bill and got this embrace homeloan in the mail and wonderd if it is a ripoff or a good company. Teresa Read More »

                  Payday lender says I will be put in jail by sheriff


                  My payday loan is 3 years old and set up payment arrangement so I fell behind with it being me the only one working so today jan10,2012 I received a phone call saying I need to call them by 12noon are they going to file charges so I left a messahe on mrs austin saying that they van take the ... Read More »

                    Obama forgiveness program for student loans


                    Tons of student loan debt. I have over 100,000 worth if loans. Direct loan and sallie Mae. I’m paying sallie Mae. But was able to defer the direct loan portion because I’m unemployed. 1. How do I apply to the Obama forgiveness program? 2. Am I eligible even if it’s being deferred? 3. Why does my loan balance screw up ... Read More »

                      Summons to pay and I don’t know what to do.


                      I was served a summons to appear in court by the end of this month. My question is.. should i pay the settlement fee, $6,500.00 or 6 monthly payments of $1,098.00. I do not know what to do at this point because i do not have that kind of money. What are be my best options? Patiently awaiting. Thank you. ... Read More »

                        DMI are they a good source to get out of debt ?


                        HI, I am about $20,000 in credit card debt and $1,000 in medical bills. I am trying to consolidated with a good firm DMI has been sending me letters and says they can do it for $346.00na month and in 36 months. Are they a reputable company and can it really be done in 36 months. Thank You, Heidi Read More »

                          I have spoken to three debt companies and need help figuring out who to go with.


                          I have spoken to three credit repayment companies 1. Purchase power solutions 2. Credit care one 3. Accredited Care They all said it would take 41-46 months, but Accredited said that their price is not performance based. All the companies will get my debt lowered by 50% ($34,000). Agatha Read More »

                            I was served with a summons for credit card debt!! Need help never been in this situation before


                            I live in michigan .. Going trough a real rough economic situation im unemployed and living paycheck to paycheck!! Received a summons for a debt of $9000 and have 21 days ti answer!! I have no idea what to do !! Lost my home .. My job … I have $100 in my bank account.. No assets or properties !! ... Read More »

                              What can I do about my 25 year old student loan debt?


                              My student loan is over 25 years old. I do have an inconsistent payment history. I am now having my wages garnished and have been for over 5 years. What are the laws about a loan that is over 25 years but hasn’t been payed on consistently? I have definitely paid well over the loan amount. Mark Read More »

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